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Quality Public ECE: A Vision for 2020


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This is a summary of a report presented to the Annual Meeting of NZEI in September 2007. NZEI is the union for early childhood teachers in New Zealand. This report sets out the union's vision for the future of the sector. The union is seeking a free high quality public early childhood sector. The report argues that the current situation, with around 55% of centres privately owned, is working against quality.

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Quality Public ECE: A Vision for 2020

  2. NZ’s leadership in early childhood education may be under threat from privatisation.
  3. NZEI advocates for a national network of quality public ECE services where the priority is education rather than profit.
  4. Education is a human right and a public good. Key Principle:
  5. Every child is entited to a good local early childhood education centre. Key Principle:
  6. Every child is entitled to quality learning. Key Principle:
  7. Well paid, well resourced, active teacher professionals are the key to quality early childhood education. Key Principle:
  8. We need a national network of publicly owned ECE centres
  9. 20 Hours free is a major step towards an accessible free system.
  10. NZEI’s vision is for a unified, centrally funded, unionised service with well paid, high qualified teachers.
  11. This vision will be resisted by commercial early childhood education providers.
  12. A campaign is required to build support from the community and politicians. This campaign starts with early childhood teachers and their union.