HOW-TO: Promote Your Website ...on the Cheap


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Are you looking for ways to market your small business website with a limited budget?

Whether it’s with established sites such as Google and Facebook, or newer outlets like Pinterest, there are plenty of options available to promote your site. Join us for a discussion on finding the best options for your website.

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HOW-TO: Promote Your Website ...on the Cheap

  1. 1. HOW-TO: PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE ...ON THE CHEAP A Little Elbow Grease Goes a Long Way +Chris Mohritz |
  2. 2. OUR JOURNEY ● Being measurable ● Being useful ● Being trustworthy ● Being search-friendly ● Attracting existing traffic Interupt me anytime for questions & comments
  3. 3. CONTEXT Two options for developing web traffic: ● Buy it, or ● Earn it * Two options for earning it: ● Create it from scratch, or ● Capture it from an existing source * * - today’s focus
  4. 4. BE MEASURABLE Always Follow the Data
  5. 5. WHY ITS IMPORTANT ● "What's measured improves" ~Peter Drucker ● And the entire purpose we’re here is to improve website traffic, so let’s measure it
  6. 6. GOOGLE ANALYTICS ● Every website needs a traffic analysis tool ● ○ How many visitors? ○ What pages are most popular? ○ What’s the bounce rate?
  7. 7. GOOGLE WEBMASTERS ● Gain a little more insight into how Google views your website ● ○ What problems does Google see with your site? ○ What real-life keywords/searches are you showing up for? ○ Which searches are you getting clicks for? ○ Has your site received a ranking penalty? ○ Requesting a penalty review
  8. 8. EMAIL LIST ● Every website needs a method for visitors to be proactively notified of updates ...if they wish it ● ○ How many opt-ins? (i.e. how many people find your information valuable and want more?)
  9. 9. BE USEFUL Its Just Good Business
  10. 10. WHY ITS IMPORTANT ● Most paper brochures end up in the trash ● So let's not create a brochure website
  11. 11. BECOMING A “GO-TO” RESOURCE ● Make the effort to understand your prospects (wants, needs, problems) ● Then do or create something to make your prospect's life better (what can you make easier, simpler, faster for them?) ● Put it on your website
  12. 12. THE AGE OF CONTEXT ● Content may still be king, but its useless out of context ● Focus on best possible visitor experience (give Google what they want ...this) ● Create multiple website entry points (search term-specific “home” pages)
  13. 13. BE TRUSTWORTHY Don’t Look (or Act) Like Spam
  14. 14. WHY ITS IMPORTANT ● On the Internet, you’re assumed spam until proven otherwise
  15. 15. GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP ● Its all about weeding out spam ● Show Google you are a real person (not spam) ● Show Google your content is from a real person (not spam) ● Link your Google+ Profile (rel=”author”) ● Link your business’s Google+ Page (rel=” publisher”) ● google. com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
  16. 16. GOOGLE+ LOCAL LISTING ● Verify it ● Fill it out completely (video, photos, etc.) ● Find it here:
  17. 17. BUSINESS DIRECTORY PROFILES ● Create accounts ● Fill them out completely and consistently (citations ~= backlinks) ● blog.hubspot. com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/10322/The- Ultimate-List-50-Local-Business- Directories.aspx
  18. 18. SOCIAL NETWORK PROFILES ● Create accounts ● Fill out completely (logo, photos, seed content, etc.) ● Minimum: ○ Pinterest (business account) ○ Google+ Page ○ Twitter ○ Facebook Page ○ Extra credit: Linkedin Company Page
  19. 19. PRIVACY POLICY ● Every website needs one ● q=privacy+policy+generator
  20. 20. BE SEARCH-FRIENDLY Help Them Help You
  21. 21. WHY ITS IMPORTANT ● Despite what they may think, search engines are terrible at guessing ● So don’t leave this massive source of free traffic to chance ● Very succinctly tell Google what your site is about - the other search engines will follow
  22. 22. UNIVERSAL SEARCH ● Google/Bing/Yahoo ● Global SEO ● For every page you want search engine traffic to, think of it as a discrete entry point - build it as a parallel home page
  23. 23. VIDEO SEARCH ● is #2 (1?) search engine - take advantage! ● wordstream. com/blog/ws/2014/03/13/explainer-videos
  24. 24. MAP SEARCH (LOCAL BUSINESSES) ● Google+ Local/Bing Local/Yahoo Local ● Local SEO ● Tons of tips: ● Must have a mobile-friendly site ● If responsive, don’t block Googlebot’s access to javascript & stylesheets (i.e. don’t robots.txt deny /js & /css folders)
  25. 25. KEYWORDS ● ● ● Keywords can define website page structure (category landers, subcategories, etc.) ● Keywords should define meta tags for all pages you want search traffic to (title, description, etc.) - different from actual product name
  26. 26. CONTENT STRUCTURE ● Fix what Traffic Travis says is wrong with your pages ( ● Go deeper: seo-playbook-on-page-factors-178546
  27. 27. ATTRACT EXISTING TRAFFIC Its So Much Easier
  28. 28. WHY ITS IMPORTANT ● Trying to create your own traffic (aka blogging) is too expensive and time consuming on this noisy Internet
  29. 29. GUEST BLOGGING ● A must if you’re serious about web traffic ● Find blogs related to your market and offer articles (published under your name) ● Search Google: “your niche blog” ● How can you make the blog owner look like a hero to their readership? ● Try to link Google Authorship if possible (depends on the publishing blog) ● ●
  30. 30. NICHE-SPECIFIC FORUMS ● Find them on Google: “your niche forum” ● Create a forum account ● Engage in conversation, don’t sell ● Answer questions ● Ask questions ● ● Movies related to your market? ○ ● Other products related to your market? ○ Amazon Customer Discussions
  31. 31. HELP A JOURNALIST ● Monitor ● Respond where appropriate
  32. 32. COUPON CODES ● Create a checkout coupon and submit it to: ● ● ● ● etc.
  33. 33. PRESS RELEASES ● They still work (and always will) ● Cheapo writers: ● Free distribution: ● When budget allows, have them professionally written and distributed ( ● Use with coupon codes if applicable
  34. 34. SUMMARY ● Look like a real person and a real business ● Create a website that’s really helpful to your target audience ● Help the search engines understand your web pages ● Spread the word (what your site can help them with)
  35. 35. KEEP GOING (YOU’RE A ROCKSTAR) ● 30 Free Ways (searchenginewatch. com/article/2048588/30-Free-Ways-To- Market-Your-Small-Business-Site) ● 10 Proven Ways (forbes. com/sites/ilyapozin/2012/04/11/10- proven-ways-to-market-your-website) ● Paid ads (Facebook, Bing, etc.) ● Retargeting ● Google PPC if you’re drowning in cash
  36. 36. Feedback? Questions?