Marketing With Mobile Apps - A Predictive Modeling Approach


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Originally given to a book publisher to introduce a concept I call "Pixel Mints", this presentation is a very high-level introduction to using a machine learning platform to drive customer experience through mobile apps.

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Marketing With Mobile Apps - A Predictive Modeling Approach

  1. 1. Pixel Mints
  2. 2. Today, Well Talk About Apps
  3. 3. ...And Gas Stations
  4. 4. Points Why AppsThe Next Level How To
  5. 5. Warning
  6. 6. "With Great PowerComes Great Responsibility"
  7. 7. Why Apps Kick-Ass(and take names) (literally)
  8. 8. Does This Look Familiar?
  9. 9. If a company solved your screaming kids problem, would you lean towards buying their products?
  10. 10. Buying more 76 gas?
  11. 11. Mobile AppsA Marketing Ecosystem Lead GenerationIntelligence Gathering Offer Delivery
  12. 12. Lead Generation "Many a small thing has been made large by theright kind of advertising." --Mark Twain
  13. 13. Opt-In Landing PageTool to Gather Information About Prospects Mobile App Perpetual Opt-In Page (endlessly adding valueand gathering information)
  14. 14. Opt-In Page Google Submit Consume See Opt-In Connect RevenueApp Store Install Play Mobile App
  15. 15. Intelligence Gathering"The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous." --Peter Drucker
  16. 16. What Can They Learn? Where you are Do you have kids How often you driveHow stressed you are drivingHow often youre pulled over And, When
  17. 17. Offer Delivery "Always enter theconversation already taking place in the customer’s mind." --Robert Collier
  18. 18. Dont Look Like an Ad ● Texts ● Notifications ● Splash Screens ● In-App
  19. 19. Recap 360° view of prospect (where, what, when)multiple delivery options
  20. 20. The Next Level(now the fun begins)
  21. 21. Reminder
  22. 22. Respect User Privacy Always disclose anyinformation you capture
  23. 23. Get Laser-FocusedNeed a specific piece of information from your prospects?
  24. 24. Option A:Create a Option B:new app to Data Gamify angather it existing app to motivate prospects to provide the App #2 App #1 info
  25. 25. Simple gamification can helpmotivate users to complete tasks...
  26. 26. Go Big Want to instantlycustomize your app to fit current events?
  27. 27. Use a Content Management System (remotely control the app) CMS Data App
  28. 28. Think: Wordpress for Apps
  29. 29. Go Really BigWant to give each of yourusers an app experience thats uniquely ideal for them?
  30. 30. Use an AI tocontrol the AICMS CMS Data (create the perfect App buying scenario for each unique user, based on past behaviors)
  31. 31. Why This RocksImagine sending a uniquely ideal sales letter to each prospect, at the exact moment they need your product (create synchronicity)
  32. 32. Think: David Ogilvy for Apps
  33. 33. Or more accurately...a David Ogilvy for each one of your app users
  34. 34. How To Do It(its easier than you think)
  35. 35. Google Prediction API AI Google AnalyticsWeb Server CMS Data App HTML5
  36. 36. Personalized experience is on the move...
  37. 37. Recapgamfication = deep insight cms = remote control ai = ideal buy experience
  38. 38. The End