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Chilli sauce creds 20130412

  1. 1. An introduction to Chilli SauceA marketing inspiration 045424
  2. 2. About Chilli SauceChilli Sauce is a marketing inspiration companyA dash of Chilli Sauce puts spice into marketing plans ANDprovides inspiration for the people that write them2.Learning/TrainingInsights in ActionInnovationBrand BuildingPresentation SkillsWorkshop design andfacilitationInsight CreationInnovationStrategic Planning1.MarketingSolutionsOur offerInsightInnovationBrand Strategy3.BlendedProgrammes
  3. 3. 1. Marketing Solutions• We solve thorny marketing, innovation, branding and strategyproblems. We focus on facilitation, especially getting diversegroups of stakeholders to share their ideas and then worktogether to solve the challenge• Some of the challenges we‟ve tackled– Innovation – to generate and craft new product conceptsbased on the idea of energy– Strategy – create and prioritise a series long term growthopportunities that will drive incremental sales– Insight Creation – to harness existing research data (andthe collective brain power of senior marketers) togenerate an insight that will unlock growth• Powerful insights/ideas/decisions and actions• Buy-in from key stakeholdersOutputA quick and easy way toexperience the Chilli Sauceapproach
  4. 4. Marketing Solutions – Case Study*BRIEF: Create a new brand strategy for one of Australia’sfavourite cereal brandsWhat we did1. Myth BustingReview of current research to get the facts2. Hypothesis Generation (Workshop)Co-create a long list of strategic opportunities for growth3. AnalysisQuantify the size of prize for each option4 Decision-time (Workshop)Prioritise the opportunities using pre-agreed criteriaResults“This brand is now back ingrowth. The project helped usidentify a completely newtarget audience and paved theway for a new product that hashelped us enter a whole newcategory”* Chilli Sauce is a new company so this case study refers to work carried out by us in a formerlife in a parallel universe
  5. 5. 2. Learning/ Training(1 day off-the-shelf modules)• Insights in Action• Innovation and Ideation• Brand Building• Presentation skills• Workshop design and facilitationOur training menuA highly efficient way of injecting new skills andideas, the training is interactive, intensive andblends theory, case studies and hands onapplication.Our menu includescore marketing skillsand broadermanagement skills
  6. 6. Training and Learning – key principles• Balance of theory, case studies andhands on exercises• Lots of pauses for questions, feedbackand discussion• Teach in small groups – 10-15attendees• Use simple tools and make sure they‟reapplied with passion• Where possible use real live businessissues as test cases or the tools• Follow up down the track to ensurethe ideas get embedded and used.Our training is hands-on, pacey and interactive!Client feedback*”What a great day! The tools areeasy to use and apply and the waythey were explained was reallyclear ”* Chilli Sauce is a new company so this case study refers to work carried out by us in a formerlife in a parallel universe”This course is one of my favouritecourses I’ve ever taken. I believethat it is designed to be verypractical and I have no doubt that Iwill be able to use the tools toincrease my strategic thinking "
  7. 7. 3. Blended Programmes(learning and doing combined)Our aim is to solve the challenge AND armclients with powerful tools to apply to similar challenges in thefuture1. Planning– Identify the „task at hand‟ and agree whichtools to use to solve it (these may be yourexisting tools or new ones)2. Training/Doing– Share the tools and techniques via trainingworkshops– Facilitated application of the theory to theagreed challenges via project teams3. Embedding– Work with project teams to refine and craft theplans and embed the trainingTypical Project FlowIt’s like a 2 for 1 deal!You get stuff you can use andtools to apply to futurechallenges.
  8. 8. Blended Programme– Case Study*BRIEF: Accelerate the transformation of our company fromcommodity supplier to brand-led manufacturer via creationof a Marketing and Innovation AcademyWhat we did1. Deep diveReview what’s working and what needs to change2. Design and developmentCreated a tailor-made set of frameworks for four keydisciplines: strategic planning insightgeneration, innovation and brand building3. DeploymentRoll out the frameworks via training, e-learning, animated videos and support for brand planwritingResults"Brilliant! The whole programmewas nicely tailored to the way wework . The new tools areparticularly helpful for helping usstructure our thinking"* Chilli Sauce is a new company so this case study refers to work carried out by us in a formerlife in a parallel universeThis programme touched over 400 people frommarketing, innovation, category management and sales
  9. 9. Lower Blood Sugar LevelsEating chillies can have a very positive impacton people that are overweight or suffer fromdiabetesImprove Heart Health,Chillies can have a dramatic impact on yourhealth by helping to boost circulation and alsoact as a thinner to help protect against strokes.Acts as a Therapeutic & RelaxantStudies now reveal that Chillies can have aTherapeutic effect on the body, allowing one torelax more easily.Help to Burn FatCapsaicin is a thermogenic compound,and increases the metabolic rate,which aids in the fatburning process.WhatChilli Saucetmdelivers*Insight Innovation and StrategyTraining and LearningBlended learning/doing programmesChilli Sauce is a new company but these are some of the clientswe’ve worked with in a previous life and in a parallel universeWhat chillipeppers deliverSummary
  10. 10. Training Course Specifics• Insights in Action• Innovation and Ideation• Workshop Design and Facilitation
  11. 11. Insights in action: did you know?• “Insight” is a word that is so widely misunderstood andmisused - it needs defining up front• Insight generation requires a clear process, supportedby simple tools (our process is called “S.N.I.B.”)• An insight is an answer to a quantified, prioritisedstrategic question• Insights are generated by teams (not individuals)• One insight is better than two• Insights are powerful single minded sentences thatinspire, direct and connect to a business need• You can‟t sell insights (they need an accompanying“big bold idea” to turn them into dollars!These principlesunderpin our “Insightsin Action” courseLearning Programme - Details
  12. 12. Innovation and Ideation: did you know?• Creativity doesn‟t deliver practical commercial outputsunless it‟s given the „freedom‟ for a tight brief!• Many of us have either forgotten or feel unable to bringout their “inner creative”. But we all have it within.• Creative behaviours such as„building‟, „signalling‟, „prototyping‟ and „connecting‟help to reveal hidden creative talents• The human brain naturally reinforces the connections itmakes. What‟s needed t build creative ideas ispunchy, provocative STIMULUS. It helps to break oldstale connections and generate new ideas• An idea isn‟t an idea unless you can draw it• Creative thinking doesn‟t mix with analytical thinking.They need to be kept in separate spaces!These principlesunderpin our“Innovation andIdeation” courseInnovation Programme - Details
  13. 13. Workshop Design and Facilitation: did you know?• Just like a formal meeting, workshops need clearstructure, planning and preparation• The facilitator‟s role is to focus on process – not output• A group „forms‟ in the first few minutes of a workshop, soit‟s vital that the facilitator sets the session up correctlyfrom the very first moment• Attending a workshop can feel threatening. Lots ofpositive feedback and encouragement gives people“permission” to say what they think• Creative workshops produce ideas and broaddirection. It‟s unlikely they‟ll deliver detailedrecommendations or decisions.These principlesunderpin our“workshop facilitation”courseProgramme Details
  14. 14. Chris Meredith+61 406 045