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MineralCoin - Mineral Secured Crypto


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Global crypto-currency secured by world class mineral reserves.

Mineral Investors Fund ‘MineralVest’ provides an opportunity for personal and institutional investing into the highly-profitable global mineral and mining sector through its unique MineralCoin cryptocurrency. MineralVest is a global fund with a mission to acquire mineral concessions that have the potential to hold vast mineral wealth and the ability to be developed into world class mineral reserves and mining operations.

MineralVest targets concessions containing both industrial and precious minerals that are scarce and in great demand with a focus on minerals used in industrial and technological applications, such as bauxite rich in aluminum oxide, the primary ingredient used to manufacture aluminum. Due to the growing demand of these rich minerals and resources there is less speculation and volatility.

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MineralCoin - Mineral Secured Crypto

  1. 1. MineralCoin
  2. 2. Mineral Investors Fund MISSION Acquire mineral concessions with potential to hold vast mineral wealth and ability to be developed into world class mineral reserves and mining operations TARGET Industrial and precious minerals that are limited and in high-demand
  3. 3. What sets us apart? Secured token by real assets  Diverse mineral reserves  Local community impact  Access to private investors
  4. 4. ROAD MAP 475 km2 1 Billion Metric Tons
  5. 5. Token holders can expect profits through mining and sales of minerals and increase in token valuation as more assets and concessions are added to portfolio. 50% of profits stay with company for growth. Of other half, 33% gets distributed to general token holders. BUSINESS MODEL If something went awry, general token holders get paid on sale of assets first.
  6. 6. Increase Token Holder Value Create stability by securing token with assets Diversify portfolio and global mineral reserves Acquire gold mine concessions Increase value as Ethereum grows Profit sharing with token holders Finalize mining plan and acquire additional bauxite concessions
  7. 7. $13 $133 $200 $267 $400 $10 $60 $110 $160 $210 $260 $310 $360 $410 $460 1,000 6,000 11,000 16,000 21,000 26,000 31,000 36,000 Tokensecuredvalue Million tons of bauxite Reserve Profit Valuation per Token PROJECTIONS Intrinsic value - $13 Token Market value - $4.98 *based on conservative bauxite reserves and EBITDA
  8. 8. MINERALCOIN TOKEN Purpose Access to profitable sector, regardless of investor amount Asset liquidation Based on blockchain technology Secured by world class mineral reserves Profit share to token holders 100% transparency Passive income
  9. 9. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 250,000,000 Tokens
  10. 10. Targeted Minerals Bauxite Gold Diamonds Other Aluminum ore 85% is manufactured into aluminum and applications are increasing rapidly due to its high-density corrosion free, lightweight features. Most popular investment instrument among banks and private investors due to industrial uses and jewelry. Continually growing with facts showing demand will consistently rise through time. Statistica believes global demand will go up to $26B by 2020. Copper Silica Iron ore Barite Lithium …and more!
  11. 11. To be announced soon OUR TEAM Managing Partners Javalon Team (Africa)Advisors Garrett Krause Chris Langlois, PMI-ACP, PMP
  12. 12. Interested in investing or want more information? Email –