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Only 20 miles across the range
from Aspen, Crested Butte offers
homes at way below Aspen prices

152 Evergreen Drive in Cr...
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Denver Post Features Chris Kopf of Crested Butte


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I recently spoke with Mark Samuelson, a real estate columnist for the Denver Post, about Crested Butte and some of the great real estate currently available. As I explained to Mark, Crested Butte offers some of the best value for luxury properties available, especially when compared to areas like Aspen.

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Denver Post Features Chris Kopf of Crested Butte

  1. 1. Only 20 miles across the range from Aspen, Crested Butte offers homes at way below Aspen prices 152 Evergreen Drive in Crested Butte. By Mark Samuelson Ski towns of Aspen and Crested Butte are only 25 miles apart over the jagged Elk Range, but are over 200 miles apart by road – and increasingly distant in their selling points, according to Chris Kopf, Crested Butte expert for Coldwell Banker Previews. By appointment, he can show you a home on 35 acres overlooking the town’s namesake ski peak; with features that would work for buyers in either place, but at way, way below Glitter Gulch prices. “You hear people say Crested Butte is what Aspen was 20 years ago,” says Kopf. In 1999 during a ski trip from Dallas he impulsively joined his brother in making a second-home purchase here, had a hard time explaining it to his wife; but ended moving the family here five years ago. “It’s a special place,” WHERE: Luxury home on 35 acres near town of Crested Butte and its ski mountain. 152 Evergreen Drive, Crested Butte; from Hwy 135/5th St. in Crested Butte head west on Whiterock Ave. 0.8 mi. to Trapper’s Wy, remain on Trapper’s 1.5 mi. PRICE: $3.9 million WHEN: By appointment only PHONE: 970-209-5405 WEB: he adds. “A lot of people who live here represent an affluent demographic, but Crested Butte has a genuine character to it; it’s less pretentious.” It’s also a rising star real-estate wise, Kopf tells his clients in his market report (ask for it at ChrisKopf@ After a dip in sales during 2012, the ski town saw its recovery continue in 2013 to post 335 sales, over twice the total in 2008, with dollar volume up considerably. Much of the good news, he adds, is in the milliondollar-plus end of the market – 27 sold in 2013. He’ll show you (by appointment) 152 Evergreen Drive, a mile-and-a-half west of town, with five bedrooms and 5-½ baths. “It’s a beautiful mountain home, a piece of art, actually,” Kopf adds. The price is $3.9 million. What would it go for over in Aspen? “It’s ten or 15 million dollars,” he opines. Kopf, who knows first-hand how far distant Aspen is by skiing the distance during the annual ‘Elk Mountain Grand Traverse,’ says the trip up from Denver is around four hours, and you should include a local dining stop, maybe Maxwell’s, Wooden Nickel, Marchitelli’s or Bacchanale. With listings at a wide range of prices including a riverfront property on the Taylor River, Kopf is on the web at