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CS1120 PS #8: Chris Keshian and Harry Peppiatt


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CS1120 PS #8: Chris Keshian and Harry Peppiatt

  1. 1. Domo Arigato CookieRoboto By: Harry Peppiatt and Christopher Keshian
  2. 2. Our RobotThe DomoArigatoCookieRoboto is equipped with:- One right-hand scissors (open=0,close=1)- One left-hand spatula (drop-in-oven=0,lift=1)- One stomach-oven pre-set to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (oven-on=0,oven-off=1)
  3. 3. Our ProgramStep 1:(define (open-package package) (if (= package sugar-cookies) cut self-destruct))(define (cut package) (if (= sugar-cookies fresh) 1 0))(define (self-destruct robot) (if (= robot dumb) explode stay-alive))
  4. 4. Our Program Continued…Step 2:(define (prepare package) (if (= package open) lift-cookies self-destruct))(define (lift-cookies sugar-cookies) (if (= sugar-cookies festive) 1 0))
  5. 5. Our Program Continued…Step 3:(define (load-oven sugar-cookies)(if (= sugar-cookies lifted) 0 self-destruct))
  6. 6. Our Program Continued…Step 4:(define (bake sugar-cookies) (if (= oven loaded)0 1))
  7. 7. Our Program Continued…Step 5:(define (cookies-done? sugar-cookies) (if (= sugar-cookies brown) lift self-destruct))
  8. 8. Our Program Continued…Step 6:(define (enjoy sugar-cookies) (if (= sugar-cookies delicious) EAT kill-robot))(define (kill-robot robot) (if (= robot non-compliant unplug still-unplug))
  9. 9. Statement While employing some of the concepts and logiclearned this semester, this comprehensive cookie-baking robot is still far from complete. Due to thelimitations of circuit usage, our tools(oven, spatula, scissors) turn on and offsimultaneously, which complicates the cookie bakingrobot. Although recently placed on the market, theDomoArigatoCookieRoboto has been recalled due to itstendency to spontaneously self-destruct. Whether thistendency was due to a programming error, or the faultof the consumer, DomoArigotoCookieRoboto iscurrently being tested and will return to householdsnear you this Christmas season.