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  1. 1. Through our sister-company Media Lead, we have seven years of mobile content development and media relationships. We Offer (BluZinger):  Content, advertising and data management through mobile devices We Do This Using:  Signage throughout retail malls and large venues  “Push Marketing” (Bluetooth text and coupons)  “Pull Marketing” (SMS text) 1
  2. 2. We Offer: Sweepstake signage, free ringtones & content to promote mobile opt-in sign ups Sales of popular brand downloads (top celebrities and movies) A large number of mobile ads Data management of retail customers (their phone numbers and demographics) Digital and text advertising 2
  3. 3. 3 Sell Mobile Content, Deliver Ads, & Collect Data
  4. 4. 4 Situation Analysis: This economy demands lower cost entertainment (content) and more cost effective advertising. Solution: Location- based content and advertising through mobile devices
  5. 5. 5 Problem: Coupon conversions are traditionally less than 1% and need to be improved. Solution: BluZinger’s conversion rate is 10+%
  6. 6. 6 Welcome to AlderwoodMall! Type Savings to 313131 for Coupons! I’d like to receive today’s specials! YES NO Opt-in only Saved Coupon Ad * Pushed to customer using Bluetooth
  7. 7. (1) User walks into mall (2) Sees Signage (3) Sends text to enter sweepstakes (4) Receives entry confirmation 7 Sweepstakes Enter to Win $500 Shopping Gift Card You have entered to win $500 shopping card Click here for more coupons! Text “savings” to 313131 * Pulled by customer using SMS text (Mall Sweepstakes)
  8. 8. 8 * Triple Opt-in (customer must initiate type-in code) Welcome to AlderwoodMall! I’d like to receive today’s specials! YES NO Call 800-Directv $29.95/mo, 2-yrs
  9. 9. Mall & Venue Partners:Mall & Venue Partners: 9
  10. 10. 10 Advertising Partners:Advertising Partners:
  11. 11. Competition:Competition: ** There are no direct North American competitors offering signage, Bluetooth and SMS marketing at high traffic locations (e.g., airports, sporting events, or malls) Traditional Advertising: -Direct mail coupons -Highway billboards -Newspapers
  12. 12. IP/ Provisional Patents:IP/ Provisional Patents: Dynamic Opt-In Phone Number Collection Dynamic Bluetooth Texting & Calling U.S. Patent Number: 61/350,861
  13. 13. 4 Revenue Streams 1. Content Product Sales 2. AD Sales 3. Re-selling clean, opted-in phone numbers 4. Software- as- a- Service– database management
  14. 14. Ad & Data Sales RevenueAd & Data Sales Revenue Notes: ** As number of venues increase (malls and others), the number of paid ads increase exponentially due to larger regional and national ad buys and improved demographic targeting ** Revenue does not include potential revenue to be generated from cell phone number sales, content sales, and software as a service (SaaS) Revenue: **At 50 malls, the annual revenue (conservatively) reaches $12 million, a 60% gross profit margin, which comes to $7.2 million in net profit (EBITA). (Chart is Based on 10 Malls)
  15. 15.  Pre- Money Valuation: USD$1.25m  Request: $500,000  Use of Proceeds:  Mall leasing fees  System development expenses  Equipment costs  Part-time sales & admin  Our expectation for the use of these funds will bring us to cash flow positive at 10 malls and the expansion to 50 malls without additional funding.  Our expectation of return on investor money is 10X Request & Use of Proceeds:
  16. 16. Bob McCausland, President: • Founder and CEO of Freei Networks, one of America’s largest Internet Service Providers, backed by Sequoia Capital. • Founder and CEO of Home Mortgage USA and Qualfund Lending • Recognition: Entrepreneur Magazine (featured on cover) and Puget Sound Business Journal & Ernst & Young Award finalist.   Chris Beer, Business Development. • 20 years of mobile, online, and print advertising sales and business development experience. • Founder and Managing Director of Media Lead, a leading mobile games publisher. • Past positions: Media Portal Japan, a Toshiba-Softbank mobile company; GM/ Intl. Director, Freei Networks, Ltd.; co-founder, Freei- Asia; Publisher, Asia Pacific Economic Review for ten years.   Allan Rosenhek, Board of Advisors. • Extensive executive experience in mobile advertising, location based services and telecommunications.  • Past positions: President & CEO of KnowledgeWhere Inc., a leading location- based mobile advertising company; sold to Liberty Media in 2008; Head of planning and development of TELUS Mobility’s long term and new businesses; and ran the private equity arm of Bell Mobility Investments.   Andy Hopson, Board of Advisors. • President of Noble, a full-service food and home building products advertising and communications agency; Owner, Real Good Idea, an emporium of services and technologies for changed media. • Past positions: President and COO of Publicis Dialog &Evans Group, and VP of Ogilvy & Mather. Management: