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Performance coaching


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This is a light-hearted look at Solution Focused performance coasting. The best part about it is that with this tool you can help your kids and all their friends get the university places and jobs they want, help them do well in exams and help yourself give the best wedding speech ever!

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Performance coaching

  2. 2. HOW TO . . . BRIEF How to get across a whole way of working to a couple of hundred coaches who don’t speak your language. After this you may say: “First of all go to an art class!” However, what follows does illustrate the description process that makes Solution Focused coaching so effberief.corg.tukive. 2
  3. 3. A Performance Conversation BRIEF COACH What are your best hopes from this session? CLIENT I am very worried about tomorrow’s board meeting – I’m not sure I can handle all the issues I really need be at my best. 3
  4. 4. Being at your best BRIEF COACH Let’s imagine you wake up tomorrow and find that you are at your best, ready for whatever the day brings. What might be the first thing you notice as you wake up that begins to tell you that this is a day when you are at your best? 4
  5. 5. BRIEF
  6. 6. BRIEF
  7. 7. BRIEF
  8. 8. BRIEF
  9. 9. BRIEF
  10. 10. BRIEF
  11. 11. BRIEF
  12. 12. BRIEF
  13. 13. Windows ‘Paint’ BRIEF This is such a slow and difficult task I’m going to take a short cut! In the real session each point in the picture was described. The most important part of each description was the interactions between the client and each of the (named) ‘witnesses’ of his behaviour.
  14. 14. 14 BRIEF
  15. 15. The Board!!!! 15 BRIEF
  16. 16. BRIEF Ready for anything!
  17. 17. At your best! The session stopped here with the coach trusting that he would know best what to do and being at his best he was likely to produce the best performance. BRIEF
  18. 18. At your best! For a complete transcript of another ‘At your best’ conversation go to the BRIEF Blog “Chapter 9” on or 204 BRIEF