Sleep rejuvenation 100 ideas


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101 ideas for not consecutive sleep

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Sleep rejuvenation 100 ideas

  1. 1. Sleep Rejuvenation101 ideas for not consecutive sleep By CreativeLab
  2. 2. Sleep Rejuvenation1. homeowners can make use of their garages while they are at work by using their empty garage space as sleeping stations.2. work with the city to allow for "nap parks" where they can use the unused space under bridges and overpasses for people to park their cars and sleep uninterrupted in their cars and their would be security patrolling these areas.3. Partner with ESPN to make a sport out of napping. Where theyll feature athletes taking naps in various places and how good they are about learning to relax and taking naps as part of their training regimen.4. create video games where gamers get napping points that they can use for cool avatars and virtual weapons5. explain how napping helps people save money by not having to buy coffee or red bull6. get celebrities like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr Oz to do public announcements on the importance of fitting a nap into your schedules to help you physically and mentally.7. Support individualized power nap research. Different people must have different ways to get into power nap mode easily. If it is easy, more people will do it.8. cosmetics companies could add an ingredient into their face and body creams that help people relax or sleep deeper while they are sleeping.9. there should be a "Sleeping Channel" that broadcasts how people are creating their own napping/relaxation areas in their homes. Or, ask shows like HGTV or Extreme Makeover to teach people how to optimize their homes for napping.10. governments can subsidize small businesses or give tax credit that allow others to use their facilities for napping e.g. yoga studios, dance studios, daycare,..etc.11. Buy a more confortable pillow12. Take a relaxation class
  3. 3. Sleep Rejuvenation13. again, use the church pews to sleep when there is no church service. The Church can raise some money this way too.14. educate people that while they are waiting at the doctors, dentists or even for a friend that this is a good time to take a nap15. Almost all companies offer free coffee, almost no company offer sleeping pod. We should start a movement to have company replace the coffee machines with sleeping pod, or at least offer both!16. Do aerobic activity instead of sleeping. It helps going down.17. find a co-worker where you can cover for each other while the other one takes a nap18. Create an extremely portable "sleeping bag" to be used everywhere. Focus on noise reduction and darkness.19. partner with car manufacturers to design seats that can be converted to mini beds (e.g. remove the armrests) so that people can nap in their cars in their companies parking lots20. partner up with mattress stores, furniture stores or Lazy Boy stores or yoga studios and have other companies employees nap on the beds (and at the same time they are modeling how comfortable the beds are)21. Work chairs to have nap mode22. Work with unions to negotiate with companies to support napping23. caltrain/bart or any public transportation should provide lockers where people can store their blankets and headphones to use to take naps and again they will let you know when your stop is coming up so you dont miss it24. Make sure napping continues through K12 education and college25. Buildings offer a special section for people to take nap (with sleep pod) (google does this!)
  4. 4. Sleep Rejuvenation26. Take a nap of 10 min at lunch time27. Adding a criteria in the "best company to work for" competition to include companies that encourage people to take a nap28. Create a nap/sleep study club where we talk nap related issue/ideas29. Husband and wife schedule power nap at the same time, via social media.30. Buy a Jawbone up to help you to monitor your sleep31. Government should sponsor a research to understand why power nap is not taking off even though its benefits are clear and many companies/people are trying. Once we understood the top reasons, we can find a targeted solution to spread power nap adoption.32. Create shows like "Napping Idol", "The Zzzzz Factor", "Napping with the Stars" :)33. Keep brainstorming on an assignment about sleeping and you will eventually fell asleep =)34. cruise ships when not in service would make good sleeping facilities35. retail stores and restaurants should just close for a couple of hours during the day so that their employees can take naps and customers dont get distracted by going to these places since they are closed (similar to what they do in Spain)36. during the afternoons, have buses, trains just run back and forth (nap routes) to just have people sleep in them. some people like to sleep in a moving vehicle37. Support movement like
  5. 5. Sleep Rejuvenation38. Most people drink coffee or tea during lunch. Invent some drink that can help sleeping afterwards (that is not alcohol :).39. Sleeping during the workday, for the most part, remains a taboo. Reverse it! Put together a group of people so large that not taking a nap become make those that do not feel weird.40. Create a loud speaker that wake up all the neighbors at night so they break they continuos 8h hours sleep believes =)41. Start a competition to see who can get into nap mode the quickest. The participant can pick whatever methods they prefer, they wear a hand band to monitor their sleep pattern.42. Start a "nap day" like earth day, or nap week, nap month...43. show studies that indicate that lack of sleep can actually contribute to obesity. Get insurance companies to give premium discounts to those that follow preventative sleep deprivation practices44. Use brainwave application on your phone to quickly move from awake to sleep. Program the app to take you out of sleep after the amount of sleep of your nap45. Sleep 2h45m/3h15m with 3 20m naps46. Develop some special eye shades that can help people to nap quickly47. Who should we target first in order to expand the culture of napping? Government? Schools? Moms?48. There are iphone/android apps for power nap, and power nap kits. How do we get more people to use them?49. Start a volunteer based organization to have volunteers to teach people about power nap50. there could be a watch that you wear that monitors your activity rate and will alert you of when its time to take a nap. The watch will also beep to wake you up during nap
  6. 6. Sleep Rejuvenation51. Create a special back seat accessories that allow people to nap in the car easily52. create a portable pop up tent to bring with you to the office53. Teach kids from early days about the coolest of power naps. Take power naps together (or digitally).54. work with Vogue and other fashion designers on creating fashionable pyjamas that people can wear to work and take naps.55. Make sure that you include power napping in your schedule56. When in doubt, take a nap.57. Company should offer subsides for employee to use outside nap service (use it or lose it). Government could offer tax incentive for it much like commuter benefit, etc.58. meditation is a good alternative to power nap. It can be done sitting.59. Companies should hire power nap trainers for their employees, once a quarter or half year at least.60. companies should purchase garden sheds to use as napping cabins for their employees61. create glasses that have your eyes painted on them to look like you are awake when you are actually sleeping62. just like plastic surgery to make people look younger, there is napping surgery that can alter your brain to think that youve gotten enough sleep. Therefore, you can sleep only 4 hours but your body and brain thinks it got 8 hours!63. use the rooftops of buildings to create napping sanctuaries64. Work with leading media companies to highlight the benefit of napping during the day.65. there could be a chain of sleeping centers or again partnering up with hotels that have unreserved rooms and renting them out by 20 minute increments for napping.
  7. 7. Sleep Rejuvenation66. Create a website so people can share their nap ideas and stories.67. partner up with businesses that have excess capacity or are slow during a particular time of day and use their premises to sleep. Empty or unused office spaces would be the best or empty trucks.68. Start a challenge/competition for best ideas to enable work place napping69. Organize napping meetups, once a week? Once people start to experience the benefit of napping, they may do more of them on their own70. Biphasic sleep: 6h and 1/2 + 20 min sleep71. Can we convince Google and/or Facebook to start a power nap movement?72. Companies/Institutions provide a library area (with books, comfortable chairs) people can read or nap. Government can encourage this by providing funding or tax break73. Companies offer special places to allow people to nap74. Form "nap group" in companies so people encourage each other to take naps and share ideas75. Start a movement to change US culture about supporting nap during the day76. use the belt system in martial arts and apply it to napping levels. You can become a napmaster with a black belt77. Instead of port-a-potties, create port-a-beds where these things can be transported between events.78. sleep vacation packages where they dont charge you for the 1st and last day of your vacation because they want you to catch up on your sleep and to take care of jet lag.79. conduct a lot of research studies that correlate how napping helps people become more productive, healthy, sexier, creative and how it helps with the GNP.
  8. 8. Sleep Rejuvenation80. computer screens can sense when you are tired and will shut down so that you dont continue to work since youll make mistakes anyways.81. Keep working on finding ideas on an assignment about nap, and you will follow asleep =)82. Company should explicitly state in their policy that power nap is encouraged and make suggestions on how and where to do it.83. Target power nap movement to college students. Offer power nap training to college students. Make it a mandatory class. Work with student unions to advocate power nap. Make libraries nap places. Encourage student take a nap in their doom room.84. Companies need to give their employees 1/2 hour lunch breaks for every 5 hours worked, therefore, make it mandatory that companies need to give nap breaks too.85. Encourage people to wear "power napper" in their badge, as a sign of accomplishment.86. create a smart phone app that actually turns itself off when it senses that its time for you to take nap. Therefore, you cannot get distracted by incoming messages.87. most office desks are long enough to allow people to either nap on top of their desks or underneath it. Partner up with office desk designers to incorporate a foldout cot from peoples cubicles88. Create a device that can take brain waves and give feedback if you need to take a nap and at the same time can monitor your sleep and wake you up when you are "done" with sleeping time.89. create a website very similar to airbnb where people can exchange their houses during the day for people to take naps. For example: if I have a condo in the city and you have a home in Sunnyvale; I can go to your home in Sunnyvale and take a nap and you can use my condo to take a nap since you work in the city and I work in Sunnyvale
  9. 9. Sleep Rejuvenation90. Penalize business buildings that have their lights too bright at night, reward companies that install dimmer type switches so that their office building lights and business signs are not so bright at night91. Offer noise cancellation headphones to every employee92. Buy a self-driving Google car and sleep while it drives you to work.93. create a sort of hat that may look like a beekeepers hat that you pull down to block out sun while you are napping and to let others know not to disturb you94. Organize napping shift at work? 30 minutes per shift95. Start a research group to understand why most people dont do power nap? Also research people who do power nap and then figure out a best strategy to get more people to do power nap96. Restaurants can offer a separate dark room for guests to take a nap right after lunch or later in the afternoon97. Develop some natural products that can help people to take a nap quickly98. Create a special shields/shades in the cubicles that allow people to nap in their cubes easily. Shades are also good for other privacy activities99. just like companies have a "mothers room" they should have a "nap room”100. Hire a sleep trainer to offer suggestions on how to sleep more effectively101. partner with clothing manufacturers to incorporate a small down pillow into hooded sweatshirts/jackets so that people always have a pillow to use while on the subway, in a carpool with others,..etc.