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All vote overview


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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All vote overview

  1. 1. Building a smarter democracy. AllVote
  2. 2. Leading to Elections Driven by Money & Politics Representative Democracy is Broken Controlled by Special Interests Lack of transparency Vote trading 12% approval rating
  3. 3. Leading to Voters Drive Accountability Smarter Voter Participation Would Create Better Outcomes Special interests answer to public Increased transparency No vote trading Improved legitimacy
  4. 4. AllVote Makes it Easy for Voters to Participate Intelligently Easily vote on any issue Even auto-vote with people you trust. Easily understand the issues View what people you follow think. Trust the system Voting is private & voters are real. Share your opinion Help influence your community.
  5. 5. AllVote Benefits All Parties in a Democracy The Representative • Understand what constituents want • Easily manage feedback • Leverage this for elections The Public • Easily vote on any issue • Vote as trusted friends do • Hold representatives accountable
  6. 6. A Secure Process That Protects Voters Can Vote Repeatedly ID & Vote Encrypted Voter Registry Counter Can Only Authenticate Voters Can Only Authenticate Votes Seperated Powers
  7. 7. AllVote Increases Voter’s Intelligent Participation Reducing Friction to Vote and solves the problems of Rational Ignorance in Public Choice Theory. Increasing Probability of Impact
  8. 8. A Roadmap to Better Government Encourage Accountability Smarter Democracy Enforce Accountability
  9. 9. Building a smarter democracy. ALLVOTE.COM CHRIS@ALLVOTE.COM AllVote
  10. 10. Timeline to Launch Oct Dec Feb JunApr First CampaignKickstarterRecruit first 1,000 usersRecruit Advisors Get 3 pilot cities Full time hire Software v0.5