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Scottish archives


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Some of the archives I visit for clients throughout Scotland, researching Scottish Ancestry and Family History.

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  • Hi there Chris. Thanks for this round up - very nice. I may have a task for you. I am trying to track down a particular 1930s issue of a modest Glasgow publication: 'St Mungo's the 'organ of the Scottish postal workers' trades union''. None of the newspaper archives in England or Scotland seem to have it. Best wishes, Anita
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Scottish archives

  1. 1. Register House in Edinburgh. Home to the National Records of Scotlandand the Scotlands People Centre.
  2. 2. The National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh:maps, trade directories,estate & family papers,newspapers
  3. 3. Edinburgh Central Library has a large collection of materialfor Scotland and Edinburgh.
  4. 4. The Scottish Genealogy Society have a library in EdinburghOpen to members and visitors.
  5. 5. Dumfries Archive and the Ewart Library hold a vast collection for familyHistory in Dumfries and Galloway – Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire.
  6. 6. The Borders Archive in Hawick covers the former counties of Berwickshire,Roxburghshire,Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire
  7. 7. The Mitchell Library in Glasgow is the largest reference library in Europe. Vastcollection of records for Glasgow and the west of Scotland.
  8. 8. Stirling Archive is in a modern building holding records for Stirling and Stirlingshire.
  9. 9. The Bell library in Perth has an archive and local history department forPerthshire and Kinross.
  10. 10. The Highland Archive in Inverness holds many Highland clan estateRecords and archives for Inverness-shire & Ross and Cromarty.
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