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HVAC Contractors Should Discuss Financing


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HVAC and IAQ companies are increasingly discovering the benefits of financing. It is a service and kindness to your clients to offer alternative methods for paying for HVAC maintenance and IAQ upgrades. Now is the ideal time to optimize your HVAC sales and marketing strategy. Provide consumers with the support they need to become lifelong customers by offering financing.

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HVAC Contractors Should Discuss Financing

  1. 1. Why HVAC Contractors Should Market & Discuss Financing with Customers
  2. 2. Boosts sales by 10% Increases avg order by 15% Improves installation sales by 25% Data shows that financing:
  3. 3. FINANCING INCENTIVES What impact does it have on your customers The Ultimate Incentive Makes customers feel respected Increases likelihood of purchase Improves brand perception Builds trust
  4. 4. CAN BE EXPENSIVE Make customers aware of financing for major purchases HVAC repairs & upgrades... Furnace replacements Air conditioning installations Indoor air quality upgrades
  5. 5. PLENTY OF WAYS to incorporate & promote HVAC customer financing into your company’s marketing efforts Financing's versatile marketing strategy Offer a special promotion for new & returning customers Train your sales staff Test to see what customer's respond to Deferred payments Reduced interest rates 0% interest Include financing on every quote Simplify the financing process So many more ideas...
  6. 6. RIGHT NOW & LATER TOO This could have been discussed yesterday, but it's never too late When to talk about financing On your website Over the phone In person
  7. 7. DON'T LIMIT YOUR BUSINESS Provide multiple financing options for your customers Provide more options Paypal's - virtual credit line Your Distributor & Manufacturer Our team at KGG Consulting can help you make the connections
  8. 8. Have More Questions Or Need Help? KGG Consulting has been in the HVAC industry for 24 years, and is one of the best in the business. As experts in the field, KGG is your first resource for HVAC industry information. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT KGGCONSULTING.COM