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Our passion lies in working to bring out the best in our clients team and organizational environment. We believe that through a structured approach, focused on clear objectives and strong leadership, that anything is possible. Whether delivering a smaller scale project with few team members, or in the most complex global situations, a respectful approach to managing each team members individual contribution to the collective whole is what brings the highest degree of success.

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The Mosaic Brand

  2. 2. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated MISSION ​ Our passion lies in working to bring out the best in our client’s team and organizational environment. We believe that through our structured approach, focused on clear objectives and strong leadership, anything is possible. ​ Whether delivering a smaller scale project with few team member’s, or in the most complex global situations, a respectful approach to managing each team members contribution to the collective whole is what brings the highest degree of success. 2
  3. 3. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated3 PROMISE MOSAIC DELIVERS WE WILL: •  Integrate seamlessly with your team. •  Manage the complexity for you, on your behalf •  Bring together multiple execution partners to put the pieces together Defined goal- oriented deliverables and outcomes A structured, professional and accountable team focused on execution Structure, tools & confidence to continue succeeding upon completion of our engagement
  4. 4. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated PURPOSE Initiate Success Planning for success is our mantra. Projects fail. We’ve all heard the same research. We don’t believe that businesses strive to fail OR provide the foundation of failure to their teams. Of the 10 root causes for project failure, 8 of them stem from activities defined as project initiation*. Let’s spend a little extra time up front, during the project initiation, charter development and funding approval to construct an environment that maximizes the probability of success. Who wants to be associated with a struggling, or even worse, failed project? ​ Structure to Achieve ​ We know how to execute. We also believe that there is no one right answer. ​ Specialization and freelance expertise requires a wide array of client/vendor relationships. ​ We believe that in order to achieve – to meet your objectives – requires collaboration across multiple organizations, both your own and your vendors. As a trusted partner, we bring an unobstructed, wide-angle lens to lead you and your chosen vendors to deliver seamlessly & successfully. ​ Our success is based on your success. Nothing more, nothing less. ​ Deliver Always ​ Accountable. It’s just that simple. We hold ourselves and the team to one standard. ​ We believe that in a truly collaborative environment, mindful communication and honesty fosters an accountable environment. ​ We deliver on our promises to help you achieve your goals. We expect the same of our clients and our colleagues. There is no other way. Through open dialogue, planning for success and structuring to achieve, we can partner with, and coach, our clients for the long-term. ​ Isn’t it all about completing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it? 4
  5. 5. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated WHO’S DRIVING THIS BUS? ​ Business Is Technology ​ What? IT projects? ​ The simple truth is – technology needs to deliver business objectives. No longer can we expect to deliver IT projects without a distinct and measurable return. Users simply expect technology to deliver a seamless experience. ​ The expectation that the IT organization can be handed a project and be expected to achieve business objectives is irrational. We must eliminate the bifurcation of business and technology by bringing business expertise, business leadership and business accountability to ALL projects. ​ We enable business to achieve business objectives ​ Whether implementing a new application suite, delivering a mobile workforce solution or building a content management strategy; tying each milestone, deliverable, work product and activity to a business objective is critical to project success. ​ If it can be measured, it can be achieved. Why not spend a little extra time up front, gain consensus, align with core goals – success can be achieved, success can be measured and success can be communicated. ​ Treat technology as the enabler that it is. Define what you are enabling. Communicate how you will measure. Demonstrate success. ​ Bifurcate (v): to divide in to two parts. 5
  6. 6. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated THE MOSAIC WAY ​ Building Bridges ​ With our deep experience in bridging the chasm between technology’s critical role in business enablement and business’ understanding of technological capabilities, Mosaic builds a common taxonomy for your business, delivering the ability to translate business needs to technical requirements. ​ Our consulting capabilities ensure alignment of your business objectives with the technology roadmap or IT strategy necessary to enable your short- term and long-term goals. ​ Deep Expertise ​ We pride ourselves on our deep pool of consultants and associates. Our vetting process ensures that we bring only the most engaged expertise to your business. Our foundation is the desire of our Mosaic team to achieve greatness in the most enjoyable and challenging environments. ​ Our colleagues and associates focus on challenging, enjoyable work and team success far more than how long or how much. ​ Business Integration ​ Throughout any engagement, we consistently ask “why”. This builds natural checkpoints in any project or engagement, ensuring we are on track. ​ Our experience and approach builds the roadmap, showing the way to achieve business and technical goals simultaneously. Tying goals to milestones & deliverables simplifies the ability to demonstrate tactical engagement status and overall business case objectives. 6
  7. 7. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated OUR VALUES ​ Our values shape why we do what we do AND how we do it. Every interaction with our team demonstrates why our values increase your success. 7
  8. 8. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated ​ Introspective ​ We think before we act – mindful action, collaborating with clients to develop a concrete business case and objectives are at the heart of our approach. Through mindfulness, we can build a roadmap, deliver specific work products aligned with the overall goal – successful, measureable outcomes. ​ Cognizant of client need for success and value ​ We understand that failure is not a desired outcome. In order to deliver success, we need to be thoughtful of our environment, our objectives and our plan for action. The best time to achieve alignment is during the early stages of an engagement. Ensuring alignment between objectives, milestone and work products and being mindful of the connections helps you understand the impact of decisions as we progress through our plan. ​ Belief in consultant need for fun & challenging work environment ​ To attract the best talent, regardless of area of expertise, we are mindful to offer a fun, flexible and collaborative work environment. In our experience, the best consultants are not motivated by the hourly rate, they are motivated by their team, their environment and the client. We continuously strive to build engagements that attract the top subject matter talent. Everyone wins! 8 indfulM
  9. 9. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated ​ Transparency in communications ​ Building lasting, long-term relationships requires open and honest communication. Consultants are engaged by business to provide an unobstructed, wide-angle lens to specific issues. Delivering value requires us to provide our honest, unfiltered opinions and recommendations. ​ Engagement through dialogue ​ We welcome opposing points of view. Learning, building consensus and maximizing acceptance comes from engaging constructive input from multiple areas. This openness is based in our belief that there are a variety of brilliant people at our disposal who know what works and what doesn’t. We bring these opinions together in an open forum; coaching & leading the team to a consensus recommendation. ​ No “One Right Way” ​ Experience shows us that there are an infinite number of frameworks, tools, approval gates and project delivery processes. Unlike many firms, we do not believe there is only “one right way” to deliver to your objectives. Engaging with the known and accepted processes your company has in place allows us to deliver within the familiar environment you have built. 9 penO
  10. 10. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated ​ Reduce complexity of delivering meaningful outcomes ​ We believe that delivering value, measuring outcomes and building a solution does not require a magical potion or a proprietary framework. ​ We know that by stepping through a series of assessment activities, we can collectively deliver a set of activities to address your most important objectives. ​ Unlike NASA, it’s not rocket science. ​ Simplifying the complexity of execution on your behalf ​ A significant majority of projects require a multi-party / multi-vendor approach in order to bring the right resources to the table at the right time. ​ We simplify your experience by providing you a single point of accountability for all points on the engagement. We provide the collective team with strong engagement leadership that values what each contributor has to offer and inspires the results you need. 10 impleS
  11. 11. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated ​ Do what you say you will do ​ We absolutely hold ourselves accountable and responsible to live up to our promises and your expectations. Without accountability the rest of our values are hollow. ​ While our accountability is of paramount importance, we fully expect our clients to hold themselves accountable as well. To deliver flawlessly and achieve success requires accountability across the board. ​ Our reputation relies on delivering to our commitments. We coach our clients and our consultants that building confidence and trust is based on a foundation of accountability. ​ Document and communicate expectations ​ In order to complete activities and deliver on commitments, everyone involved needs to know what is expected of them. From executive sponsors to daily operations staff, a specific, documented and communicated set of roles & responsibilities is an absolute for success. ​ Couple the formal engagement structure with a culture of teamwork and collaboration and the foundation for success is laid. Through team-building, engaged leadership and organizational alignment, we ensure that all stakeholders are appropriately involved and accountable for their part in the overall solution. ​ Building trust, collaboration and teamwork is all predicated on a solid base of proven accountability – accountability to each other, to yourself and to the organization. 11 ccountableA
  12. 12. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated ​ Leading through language ​ In order to achieve what you wish, the words you choose and the method in which you use those words has as much impact on the outcome as the technical implications of a chosen solution. ​ We are mindful that our verbal and non-verbal communications are important to teamwork, collaboration and acceptance of the preferred roadmap or solution. As part of our Business Roadmap approach, we take great pride in our ability to communicate effectively at all organizational levels. ​ Throughout our engagement approach, we continuously work with clients, partners, vendors and our consultants to deliver excellence and confidence in our choice of language. ​ Inspiring excellence ​ We believe that in order to deliver the best, you must inspire the best of those involved. If you want to achieve organizational goals you need to inspire your team, your followers, your ambassadors through empowering them with the tools, the techniques and the team to deliver. ​ At the heart of Mosaic is the desire to achieve, for you AND for us. We engage with people – and for people – that believe in planning, building and executing for excellence. 12 nspiringI
  13. 13. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated ​ Success is everyone’s goal ​ Through a collective definition of “complete” and “success”, we work towards a collaborative approach to goal-setting. Whether it be strategic goals, engagement specific outcomes or even tactical delivery of a deliverable or work product, we build a foundation of respect and constructive feedback throughout your environment. ​ Delivering success depends on the collective consciousness of your organization. We look for specific and measureable outcomes that we can use to overtly communicate overall success. We utilize collaborative leadership techniques to assist with the subjective feelings and understanding of individual success. ​ “Credit is infinitely divisible” ​ Ultimately, our value is fully dependent on everyone winning each day, each engagement, for the long-term. We embrace the value of “AND” in our day- to-day actions and thoughts. We don’t believe that mindful, open and inspiring leadership necessitates combining short-term goals AND future vision. ​ At the end of each day, we believe that collaboration leads to success and fulfills every ones personal need for involvement. Ultimately, engaging in the right place, at the right time, with the right people drives the probability of success exponentially higher. 13 ollaborativeC
  14. 14. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated MEET THE PARTNERS ​ Danielle Dansereau, PMP ​ A Senior Management Consultant with 16 years of hands on operational and consulting experience focusing on Program and Project Management across various industries. ​ Danielle’s strength in leadership and communications along with her in-depth experience on large global, complex and strategic initiatives bring calm structured approach to the team. ​ Chris Enstrom, MBA ​ A Senior Management Consultant, Strategic Business Architect and Organizational Change Management practitioner with 20 years applied leadership and consulting experience. With broad cross-industry experience with organizations of all types and sizes, Chris offers a unique perspective on a variety of strategic organizational and technology issues. A systems thinker by nature, Chris offers clients an unobstructed wide-angle lens to tactical and strategic opportunities and offers value in delivering a specific and measurable roadmap. 14
  15. 15. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated CONTACT US ​ Danielle Dansereau ​ Phone: (403) 998-5234 ​ E-Mail: ​ LinkedIn Profile: ​ Chris Enstrom ​ Phone: (403) 700-4546 ​ E-Mail: ​ LinkedIn Profile: ​ Mosaic can also be found on- line at the following locations: ​ Website: ​ ​ Twitter: ​ ​ SlideShare: ​ ​ ​ 15
  16. 16. © 2014 Mosaic Incorporated THANK YOU ​ Independent. Only better. 16