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Social Media Masterclass June 2014


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Social Media Masterclass held in Ballarat, Australia on 26 June 2014. Focusing on Changes to Facebook, Twitter, analytics and creativity in Social Media.

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Social Media Masterclass June 2014

  1. 1. Social Media Masterclass Oscar’s Hotel, Ballarat | 26 June, 2014
  2. 2. DigiBiz The Central Highlands Digital Enterprise project conducts activities branded as DigiBiz. These training and development activities are managed through the Centre for eCommerce and Communications (CeCC) which is located within Federation University Australia. DigiBiz project activities are funded through the Australian Government's Department of Communications. Learn more about DigiBiz training activities:
  3. 3. Benefits of Broadband Technology Opportunity and potential of broadband technology Enhanced productivity and global competitiveness Transformative –TeleHealth- education -services- precision agriculture Broadband benefits Booming demand for data International competitiveness Productivity efficiencies Enabling a more inclusive Australia Busting the ‘tyranny of distance’ for rural and regional Australia Social Media - source of venture capital - reducing social isolation Online resources and tools -
  4. 4. At the end of this Materclass you will:  Understand the recent changes to Facebook  Have an understanding of Facebook Advertising  Using #hash-tags with Instagram  Have an understanding of creativity in Social Media  Discover ways to measure Social Media success Learning Outcomes
  5. 5. What’s new on Facebook?  Facebook Reach has fallen again  Competition guidelines have changed  Timeline gets back to basics  Changes to Facebook Advertising  Facebook is dying… or is it?  Instagram, what is it?  Top Ten Instagram Tips
  6. 6.  People only read a certain amount of their newsfeeds each day.  The competition for feed space is intensifying….  Total number of pages liked by the typical user increased by more than 50% last year.  Average user may have 1,500 potential posts per day. Users with lots of friends, who like lots of pages may have 15,000.  50% decline reach matches the 50% increase in page likes.  Facebook therefore plays the role of the bad guy! Why is Facebook reach still ?
  7. 7.  Pages are not treated equally.  Pages (AND PEOPLE) who are boring will not be seen.  How facebook sort the feed:  How popular are your past posts?  How popular is your post with everyone who has already seen it?  How popular are your past posts with a particular viewer?  Does the type of post match what has been popular?  How recently was the post published? How Facebook sorts the feed?
  8. 8. YOU HAVE TO EARN YOUR SPACE How to make sure your post is there?
  9. 9.  It’s now much easier to administer Facebook competitions!  No longer need to administer competitions through an app.  You can collect entries by having users:  Post on the page  Comment/like a page post  Have users message the page, or  Use likes as a voting mechanism Changes to competition guidelines….
  10. 10.  You CANNOT tag or encourage people to tag themselves in content they are not actually depicted in.  You CANNOT run a SHARE competition.  For example:  It’s NOT OKAY to ask people to tag themselves in pictures of new products to win a prize.  It’s NOT OKAY to ask people to share a post to enter. Changes to competition guidelines cont…
  11. 11.  Tell us a story about ……… in five words.  Name our newest products.  Answer a trivia question related to our industry.  Market Research: ‘Like’ your favourite product in an album.  Upload a photo while using our product/holding our logo.  Write us a story about …….. On our timeline. What can you do?
  12. 12. Facebook Timeline gets back to basics.. 1. A Single Column Format for Posts 2. Left Column for Business Info 3. Easy Access to Admin Tools 4. This Week Stats Overview 5. Tabs are Buried  No, the tab updates are not a big deal:  Yes, tabs are valuable for first impressions and acquisition when users come to your page for the first time.  After that, only 2% of your fans ever return to your page. So if you don’t drive traffic to them, they make very little impact.
  13. 13.  Facebook is altering the way it determines which ads to show users.  Previously, it has been determined by what users were doing on facebook – what pages they liked, what links they clicked on etc.  Now, in addition, Facebook will also take into account the things users do online or on their smartphones OUTSIDE OF FACEBOOK.  Other changes you’ve hopefully noticed:  Pages to watch  Performance by post type  Deeper demographics about your fans What’s happening with Facebook Ads?
  14. 14.  The talk on the internet is that facebook is in decline, but is it really?  Revenues were up in Q1 by 72% & monthly active users rose 15% year-on-year to 1.28 billion….  In the US, Facebook now adds only one million users per quarter and that number is likely to decline….. because they are literally running out of humans.  New study shows teens still use Facebook even though they ‘hate it.’ “Facebook is like indoor plumbing: you can live without it, but it’s uncomfortable” Facebook is dying… right?
  15. 15.  Instagram has changed the way we take & view pictures.  It’s how we brand ourselves to the world. It’s a sales tool, art dealer, travel agent and shopping mall in the palm of our hand.  60 million photo’s posted daily.  Average of 1.6 billion likes a day.  Over 200 million active users in two years.  Businesses are uninhibited by guidelines. Instagram is here to stay…
  16. 16. 1. Complete your Profile 2. Find your Customers by Using Hashtags 3. Engage, Engage, Engage 4. Be Consistent with your Posts 5. Show off your Products Top Ten Instagram Tips… 6. Introduce your Employees 7. Take your Followers with you 8. Run Instagram Contests 9. Take Relevant Photos 10. Take Great Photos
  17. 17. Jordan McPhan JRM Social @JordanMcPhan1
  18. 18. The Blurring Lines between B2B and B2C Social Media for Professional Services Source: B2B - Accountants, Education/trainers, Government - Local/Shires, Medical/Health Services, Real Estate, Legal B2C – Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)-extends to electronic goods, Fashion, Cosmetics,
  19. 19.  What Platforms and Why?  Twitter – Government organisations, News, Technology  Google+ – Technology, Tourism  Instagram – Tourism, Shire Councils  Using Social Media as a Listening tool  Great for competitive analysis  Finding relevant content/conversations Social Media for Professional Services Troubling trend on Twitter – Government departments tweeting in a self- promotional style that is becoming ‘stale’ and is an out-dated ‘mass-marketing’ style of communication. Eg. ‘Great to be at…event’ or ‘We are doing…’ Solution – Images on Twitter can be used as a way to give something or entertain. – Be very creative
  20. 20.  Social Management Tools – Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial  Manage multiple social channels  Discover content  Analyse competitors  Discover new business opportunities Social Listening
  21. 21.  Government organisations are using platforms like Twitter to provide information on various topics – Events, Important Dates, Key achievements in the community. Social Media in Government If provide or have identified an opportunity with a government organisation, becoming involved in conversations in relevant topics can add to your brand positioning strategy.
  22. 22. Be Creative Posting poor quality images won’t suffice • Most organisations are resource poor – Time constraints – It is well worth the time to improve image quality. Apps like Pixlr are free and allow you to quickly improve the style of smart phone pictures.
  23. 23.  Avoid making assumptions  Use analytical data to improve your social marketing Measure Social Media Success
  24. 24. Measure Social Media Success Google Analytics Track referrals from other websites including social media pages. Useful to gauge how your posts on social media are driving traffic to your website Facebook Insights Google Analytics (GA)
  25. 25. Measure Social Media Success Allows you to view website, social media, advertising, links in one location
  26. 26. Chris Elliott DigiBiz – Centre for eCommerce and Communications, FedUni @ElliottDigital @DigibizVictoria @CeCC_Ballarat @digibizvic
  27. 27.  DigiBiz activities are funded by the Australian Government’s Digital Enterprise program & supported by State and Local Government Visit: to register for Workshops & Mentoring Online Resources for Business: Join the Digital Revolution