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Freeware for Community Groups - Meredith


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Cloud-based Freeware for Community Groups. Introductory presentation to Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote with a focus on community groups. This presentation was held on 16 June 2014 at the Meredith Community Centre as part of the Central Highlands Digital Enterprise (DigiBiz), Federation University Australia.

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Freeware for Community Groups - Meredith

  1. 1. Freeware for Community Groups Presenters: Gerrie Carr-MacFie Manager, DigiBiz | Centre for eCommerce and Communications (CeCC) Federation University Australia Christopher Elliott Project Officer, DigiBiz | Centre for eCommerce and Communications (CeCC) Federation University Australia
  2. 2. Opportunity and potential of broadband technology Enhanced productivity and global competitiveness Transformative –TeleHealth- education -services- precision agriculture Broadband benefits Booming demand for data International competitiveness Productivity efficiencies Enabling a more inclusive Australia Busting the ‘tyranny of distance’ for rural and regional Australia Social Media - source of venture capital - reducing social isolation Online resources and tools - Benefits of Broadband Technology
  3. 3. Learning Outcomes • Have an increased awareness how broadband technology can benefit your committee • Have a practical understanding of FREEWARE and how you can use it to improve the governance, administration and security of your board/committee/not-for-profit organisation • Have an increased understanding of electronic record keeping via effective Agendas and minutes Freeware for Community Groups
  4. 4. What is Freeware ? • "free" and "software“ • No monetary Cost • Can be downloaded on to your computer, phone, tablet What is the ‘Cloud’? Basically – programs/applications/files that are stored online rather than on your computer or device. Definitions: Freeware – Cloud Computing Source: Sam Johnston, Wikimedia Commons ng.svg
  5. 5. Benefits  Easy file storage – ample free ‘quota’  Can be used across multiple devices wherever you go  Collaborative – ‘real-time’ features  Security – Generally safer than simply storing on your own systems – more on this to come! Cloud-based Freeware
  6. 6.  Most popular tool for file sharing  You can give other people access to files and folders you create  No need to send large files via email  Also has a paid plan for business - collaboration tools Cloud-based Freeware |
  7. 7.  Allows for collaboration with ‘team members’ you can work together in real time.  Auto saves - no losing data if computer/device crashes  Integrates with other Google Apps - docs/spread sheets/Google Hangouts/Video meetings. Cloud-based Freeware |
  8. 8.  Share your notes and collaborate on projects with team members  Great for storing notes/minutes for example from meetings  Has a business plan $11/pm for more in-depth collaboration Cloud-based Freeware |
  9. 9.  How secure are cloud-based file sharing applications?  Your own systems are more likely to be vulnerable to ‘hackers’, theft, fire, flood…  There are risks – Think about what information you should store in the cloud. E.g Banking details may not be appropriate.  Use a smart system for creating passwords. You can find apps that create unique passwords - Why not come up with your own Visit for our resource page. Security!
  10. 10.  Visit the Federal Government’s Department of Communications article on cloud computing: myths.pdf Security!
  11. 11.  es.php  Use unique passwords for each online application you use  Consider how you develop passwords Visit the Department of Communications Digital Business website : and Security! - Passwords
  12. 12.  Visit the websites to create an account  Dropbox –  Google Drive –  Evernote –  Visit the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad devices  Visit Google Play Store for Android devices (Samsung etc.) Accessing Freeware – Websites and Apps Apple App Store Icon Google Play Store Icon
  13. 13. Try this link – Cloud Computing Myths  Accessing Freeware