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eMarketing Basics | Digital Marketing principles, SEO, SEM, inbound and outbound marketing


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eMarketing basics for Digital Enterprise, Federation University Ballarat.Introduction to SEO, SEM, inbound and outbound marketing, Social Media and email Marketing.

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eMarketing Basics | Digital Marketing principles, SEO, SEM, inbound and outbound marketing

  1. 1. eMarketing Basics Central Highlands Digital Enterprise (DigiBiz)
  2. 2. About DigiBiz The Central Highlands Digital Enterprise project conducts activities branded as DigiBiz. These training and development activities are managed through the Centre for eCommerce and Communications (CeCC) which is located within Federation University Australia. DigiBiz project activities are funded through the Australian Government's Department of Communications. This training session is a collaboration with the City of Ballarat through Deborah Klein, Arts Project Officer. Learn more about DigiBiz training activities:
  3. 3. Benefits of Broadband Technology Opportunity and potential of broadband technology Enhanced productivity and global competitiveness Transformative –TeleHealth- education -services- precision agriculture Broadband benefits Booming demand for data International competitiveness Productivity efficiencies Enabling a more inclusive Australia Busting the ‘tyranny of distance’ for rural and regional Australia Social Media - source of venture capital - reducing social isolation Online resources and tools -
  4. 4. At the end of this training session you will: ◻ Understand the basic concepts of eMarketing ◻ Become familiar with online advertising and analytical tools ◻ Identify areas to improve your eMarketing efforts This presentation is being displayed solely on iPad in an attempt to remain innovative. We must try new things Learning Outcomes
  5. 5. What is eMarketing? ◻ More commonly known today as Digital Marketing - Always new ‘buzz-words’ ◻ Includes: ⬜ Search Engine Optimisation/Marketing (SEO and SEM) - Google is the big player ⬜ Online advertising ⬜ Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - This is part of a wider ‘Pull Marketing (Inbound Marketing) strategy. ⬜ Analytics - Using data to optimise and improve your marketing campaigns ◻ The rate of change in technology can be a ‘disrupting’ factor to many businesses or community groups
  6. 6. Marketing Mix - 4 P’s The marketing mix has been disrupted since the uptake of digital marketing channels ◻ Price - Free shipping, online competitions/coupons, bulk buying, loyalty rewards... ◻ Promotion - Social Media, email mktg, mobile/apps, pay-per-click (ppc) advertising... ◻ Place (Distribution) - Retail stores, mixed with online (Clicks & Mortar), shipping... ◻ Product (Service) - Electronic products (downloads/apps), providing news/documents online...
  7. 7. Pull and Push Marketing (Integrated Mktg Comms) Inbound/outbound Marketing
  8. 8. Push and Pull Marketing (Integrated Mktg Comms) Combining the two
  9. 9. SEO - Social Media via Prezi
  10. 10. DigiBiz – Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) - FedUni @ElliottDigital @DigibizVictoria @CeRDI_FedUni @chri5elliott Contact W: E: