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CDS Unit Testing


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ABAP Core Data Services Unit Testing at #sitFRA

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CDS Unit Testing

  1. 1. CDS UNIT TESTING Chris Swanepoel
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER “The content of this presentation is not endorsed by SAP SE in any way. Any ridiculous opinions or ideas are mine alone.”
  3. 3. CDS
  4. 4. Challenges ViewView View TableTable Unit Test ABAP DBMS
  5. 5. ViewView View Under Test DB table DB table DB table DB table DB table DB table ViewView DB table DB table DB table DB table Double DB table DB table Double
  6. 6. DEMO
  7. 7. Unit Testing for CDS can be … • Fully automated • Automatically creates test doubles for “dependent on” database tables, views • Automatically replaces dependencies (original data sources  test doubles) • Isolated • Easy to implement • Fast