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Journey to the cloud


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Journey to the cloud

  1. 1. JOURNEY TO THECLOUDFIM 2010 Used for Management ofAD the core of your Identity in thePrivate Cloud
  2. 2. Cloud Security Concerns • Security is the number 1 concern for cloud adoption • 75% responded 4 or 5 (on 1 to 5 scale) * • Key security issues: • Isolation of tenants from each other & hosting infrastructure • Compute and network layers • Authentication / Authorization / Auditing of access to cloud services • Unauthorized access / DoS due to weak (or mis)configuration * Source: IDC Enterprise Panel
  3. 3. Three Pillars Authentication Authorization Attributes Identity Management Platform
  4. 4. To The Cloud!
  5. 5. Typical Cloud ID Journey Authentication Authorization Attributes Federated Islands of Silos Identity (Islands of Identity)
  6. 6. A Better Journey Authentication Authorization Attributes Federated Islands of Silos Identity Identity Management Platform (Islands of Identity)
  7. 7. What is Forefront Identity Manager Self-Service integration Windows Log On FIM Portal Manages Active Directory LOB - secure delegation Applications of administration AD FS login across clouds - enable access to private cloud Databases Integrated login to applications Directories Secure the Private Cloud
  8. 8. Common Identity across clouds Private CloudHR System FirstName Terry LastName Adams Title Sales Manager FirstName Terry Exchange Dept Sales LastName Adams SharePoint Mgr: Melissa Meyers Title Sales Manager Web EmplID 123 Dept Sales Sites Line of Group membership and user Mgr: Melissa Meyers Business attributes generated Apps File / Print LoginID Tadams Integrated Workflow Phone 555-1212 and federated Email common FIM 2010 identity Public Cloud Groups Melissa’s Directs All in Sales PaaS Phone Sales App Owners SaaS Firstname Terry LastName Adams AD Windows Azure Office 36 Phone 555-1234 Email LoginID Tadams Email
  9. 9. Private Cloud Enabled IdentityAll Microsoft solutions for private cloud leverage a single identity store to authenticate userswith Microsoft® Active Directory® across physical and virtual systems. Active Directory System Center Virtual Forefront Identity Machine Manager Manager o Single identity store to authenticate users Forefront™ Security Solutions o Support across physical and Active Directory virtual systems Virtualization o Federated Identity Hardware Presentation Application Forefront Identity Manager Hyper-V™ Terminal Microsoft o Easy user provisioning Services App. Virt. o Identity synchronization o Simplified management of Network Access Protection cloud resources Server and Domain Isolation
  10. 10. Solution Example – Enhancing Private Cloud with Identity • Hyper-V and SC Virtual Machine Manager uses roles • Roles can contain users or groups from AD • Delegation of datacenter management • Forefront Identity Manager securely manages membership in AD groups Private Cloud Roles in Leverage AD Manage AD Self Service Hyper-V and Groups in Groups in FIM secure andSystem Center roles compliant
  11. 11. Solution Example- Enhancing Private Cloud with IdentityHyper-V Authorization Manager + Common identity in Private Cloud • Default role allows access to all operations • Additional roles with desired rights can be created • 33 different operations OOB grouped under • Hyper-V Service Operations • Hyper-V Networks Operations • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Operations
  12. 12. Solution Example - Enhancing Private Cloud with IdentityVirtual Machine Manager + Common identity in Private Cloud• The Administrator profile • Complete administrative access to all the hosts, virtual machines, and library servers in VMM 2008• The Delegated Administrator profile • Grants administrative access to a defined set of host groups and library servers• The Self-Service User profile • Administrative access to a defined set of virtual machines through the Web-based Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal• Additional delegation capabilities in Self service portal
  13. 13. FIM (Helping) with The Cloud Oh, alright then Can I have Admin access to cloud app? RequestApprove User
  14. 14. EVERY JOURNEY NEEDS A HISTORY Authentication Authorization Attributes Audit Federated Islands of Silos Identity Identity Management Platform (Islands of Identity)
  15. 15. TO THE CLOUD! • Using Hyper-V as an infrastructure for Private Cloud is great for server optimization but, without an IAM architecture in place, this is just moving around the administrative problems • FIM provides a compliant and well managed AD. Compliance here is about automation of changing access permissions, making sure users have the right access, reporting. • Active Directory provides the common identity platform for classic datacenter hosted systems, to private cloud and also paves the way to enabling use of public cloud resources.
  16. 16. QUESTIONS ?