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2013 0609 - complaint5 (f w exhibits)


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Complaint for breach of contract, constructive fraud, constructive trust and unfair business practices against Joshua Macciello, self-pronounced bidder for the Dodgers and alleged film producer. Anyone with knowledge of Mr. Macciello's whereabouts, or who "invested" or "lent" money to Mr. Macciello, please contact

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2013 0609 - complaint5 (f w exhibits)

  1. 1. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282COMPLAINT2. Joshua Macciello (“Defendant”) is, and at all material times hereto was, a singleman and a citizen of California. Plaintiff currently resides in the state of California, County ofLos Angeles.3. Plaintiff is presently unaware of the true names and capacities of the Defendantssued herein under the fictitious names of Does 1 through 50, inclusive, and therefore, sue saidDefendants by such fictitious names. Plaintiff shall seek leave of this court to amend thisComplaint to insert the true names and capacities of each of said fictitiously named Defendantsas said true names and capacities of said Defendants are ascertained. Plaintiff is informed andbelieves, and thereupon alleges, that each of said fictitiously named Defendants, by reason oftheir acts and/or inactions and/or by reason of their interrelationships to other Defendantsnamed in this action, are in some manner responsible for the events and occurrences alleged inthis Complaint and for the damages and injuries of Plaintiff alleged herein.4. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that each of theDefendants were at all times mentioned herein acting as the agent, servant, and/or employee ofeach of the remaining Defendants, and in performing each of the acts and/or inactions allegedherein, was acting both on their own behalf and within the scope and capacity of said agency,employment, and/or master-servant relationships, and with the full knowledge, ratificationand/or approval of each of their respective principals.JURISDICTION AND VENUE5. This Court has subject matter jurisdiction over this action because this case is nota cause given by statute to other trial courts and because a substantial portion of the wrongdoingalleged in this Complaint took place in California. Moreover, the amount in controversyexceeds Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00).6. This Court has personal jurisdiction over the Defendant because the Defendantresides in California, the Defendant has extensive business dealings and transactions within theState of California, a substantial portion of Defendant wrongdoing took place in California, thecontracts were entered into California, and Defendant otherwise intentionally availed himself ofthe markets in California, to render the exercise of jurisdiction by California courts permissible
  2. 2. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627283COMPLAINTunder traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice.7. Venue is proper in the County of Los Angeles as Plaintiff resides in the Countyof Los Angeles at all times relevant hereto, the agreements were executed by Plaintiff andDefendant in the County of Los Angeles, a substantial portion of the actions and events allegedin this Complaint occurred in the County of Los Angeles, and Defendant resides in the Countyof Los Angeles.GENERAL ALLEGATIONS(All Causes of Action)8. Defendant is a charismatic man who describes and portrays himself as aHollywood movie producer and successful entrepreneur. Defendant recounts stories of hisfamous Hollywood contacts and how, under the banner of his movie production companyArmital, LLC (“Armital”), he’s an influential, well-liked, and immensely prosperous Hollywooddealmaker. Defendant is ever quick to drop the name of a Hollywood executive that he playsbaseball with at the park or meets for dinner.9. Defendant boasts regularly of his accomplishments and his ability to change theworld, such as the time last year that he nearly acquired the Los Angeles Dodgers in thebankruptcy bidding war. He quickly defends his bid and attributes the loss to his lack of innercircle clubbiness with the major league owners and a specious and dishonest hatchet piecepublished by a writer for the LA Weekly. Defendant is resolute that were it not for thefalsehoods written about his drug conviction, he otherwise would have won the auction.10. Plaintiff met Defendant through a mutual acquaintance in the late Fall of 2012.The acquaintance suggested that Plaintiff could assist Defendant in a deal to sell a sizeable artcollection of a world renowned, deceased, musician. What Defendant failed to disclose, andwould not become apparent for another six months, was that the artwork was a cornerstone of awell-publicized lawsuit and title to the collection was very much in doubt. Nevertheless, byvirtue of this initial meeting Defendant and Plaintiff struck up a business relationship to explore,develop, and capitalize on other opportunities.11. Approximately one month after their initial meeting, Defendant approached
  3. 3. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627284COMPLAINTPlaintiff with several other business opportunities. In one in particular, Defendant soughtPlaintiff’s help in acquiring, developing, and commercializing the rights to an efficient energytechnology (the “Technology”). The technology was in dire need of new capital, and theobjective was to acquire the rights and joint venture with several key distribution partnersaround the world to commercialize the Technology (the “Opportunity”). The first distributionpartner would pay a significant sum, with 2/3rdpaid to the inventor/ownership group thatcontrolled the Technology (The “Inventor/Ownership Group”) and the remaining 1/3rdsharedequally between Plaintiff and Defendant (the “Agreement”).12. Several drafts of an agreement between Plaintiff and Defendant were exchanged(the “Agreement”), with the Agreement generally reflecting that they would create and use theirentity Verde Technologies, LLC to acquire and exploit the rights. The Draft of the Agreementincluded the following language:“JM [Defendant] and SL [Plaintiff] intend to form Amici Holdings, LLC(“AMICI”) to hold their ownership interest in Verde. JM will own 51% of Amiciand SL will own the other 49%. JM and SL agree to help capitalize Verde andprovide management expertise to Verde as described in Capitalization andBusiness Development Section below.”While the ownership interest contemplated a slight majority for Defendant for votingpurposes, with certain veto rights contemplated for Plaintiff, the economic interests of the twopartners was to be shared equally (50/50).13. Over the ensuing four months, Defendant and Plaintiff worked tirelessly to bothacquire the rights for the Technology from the Inventor/Ownership Group and to develop a$40,000,000 commercial distribution opportunity with a major entertainment company (the“Joint Venture Partner”). Plaintiff created the structure, strategic plan, informationmemorandum, offering circular, use of proceeds, financial projections, and in general all of theresources and tools for acquiring, developing, and commercializing the Technology.Defendant’s contribution consisted of a introduction to the parties and the creation of acorporate logo.
  4. 4. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627285COMPLAINT14. By mid May, 2013, Plaintiff and Defendant’s partnership appeared to bear fruit.Defendant and Plaintiff executed a Memorandum of Understanding (the “MOU”) with theInventor/Ownership Group to acquire the worldwide rights to the technology. Section 11 of theMOU recites as follows:“11. Capitalization and Business Development. JM and SL shall endeavor tocapitalize VERDE with no less than $30M from the initial license of thetechnology, from which VERDE shall pay VPS $20M of the license fee inaccordance with Section 7 above. VERDE shall develop, produce and distributethe technology worldwide, including through joint-venture . . . andcollaboration/licensing agreement and strategic alliance relationships with majorcompanies . . .”15. Similarly, the commercial opportunity with the Joint Venture Partner hadprogressed to the point that the technology and business plan had received preliminary approvaland the Joint Venture Partner was ready to move forward and finalize a deal.16. Despite the positive momentum, Defendant’s pedigree would soon become anissue. By the beginning of May, 2013, the Joint Venture Partner raised a concern that createdchaos for the deal (and Defendant) and threatened to derail everything. Unbeknownst toPlaintiff, the LA Weekly article was extremely damaging and portrayed Defendant as nothingmore than a confidence man and “huckster.” The article, written by Gene Maddaus, wasentitled “Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buy the Dodgers. But He WasReally a Fraud.”17. Although Defendant is quick to denounce any negative press as full ofinaccuracies regarding his drug problems, this particular article went well beyond a mereconviction for drug possession. The article suggested extensive and wide-reaching fraud byDefendant, buttressed by falsified claims of billionaire wealth, deceit, sham gold mine sales, astring of abandoned projects, and broken promises. A true and correct copy of the LA Weeklyarticle on Defendant is attached hereto as Exhibit “A.”18. Despite the scathing article painting him out to be a charlatan that exacts fundsout of unwitting victims and ties up projects in order to use them for his own purposes,
  5. 5. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627286COMPLAINTDefendant’s publicist responded the same day with a feigned rebuttal to the article, andconspicuous by its absence was any response to the fraud allegations. The publicist merelystated that the conviction for drug charges had later been expunged and that Defendant was agood family man. Nothing was said of the many claims of swindles and fraud. A true andcorrect copy of the Publicist response is attached hereto as Exhibit “B.” And despiteDefendant’s threats, a lawsuit for defamation against the LA Weekly never materialized.19. Throughout their relationship Defendant discounted any negative press thatcould arise and suggested that he was a strong contender for the Dodgers until the smearcampaign orchestrated by a writer for the LA Weekly derailed his bid, instead providing pressclippings from unknown third parties who spoke highly of Defendant.20. A closer look at the bad press though revealed a far more troubling sign – arecurring theme that would soon rear its ugly head in the negotiations with the Joint VenturePartner. The article intimated that Defendant preyed on the fortunes of others and obtainedmonies and property under false pretenses. The article suggests that Defendant employed acommon scam by raising funds in advance of a film deal and then diverting the funds forDefendant’s lavish lifestyle without ever advancing the film production. It was not unlike theclaims successfully raised by other “investors” in numerous lawsuits against Defendant’sformer mentor / employers, Arnold Rifkin and Chris Eberts.21. Defendant had similarly asked Plaintiff to lend him $350,000 to bridge hispersonal finance while his "multi-million" dollar estate in Studio City was being rehabbed fromwater damages, and various other capital commitments that he needed to meet. Defendant alsoattributed his cash flow issues to the $3,000,000 (later reduced to $1,900,000) that he spent onhis failed Dodger acquisition bid.22. Defendant thereafter repeatedly asked Plaintiff for a loan of $50,000 - $100,000to help bridge his finances, suggesting that he was near completion of a movie deal and onlyneeded this last bit for all of the pieces to fall together. He offered to secure the loan with hisautomobile which he said was valued at over $120,000. As Plaintiff would learn only recently,both of these requests were merely ruses used routinely by Plaintiff to “borrow” funds from
  6. 6. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627287COMPLAINTothers, without the means or intent to repay the funds. As the LA Weekly article suggests,Plaintiff “borrowed” money from others for movie production, but nary was a movie made andthe monies were never repaid.23. Much like the article’s suggestion of Defendant obtaining advances of fundsunder false pretenses, so too was the advance of funds to become an issue with the JointVenture Partner. In mid May defendant began demanding that the Joint Venture Partner pay a$1,000,000.00 non-refundable advance fee to show its good faith interest in the deal, arequirement that made no sense to Plaintiff as the parties anticipated closing within 60 days.Within three weeks Defendant would balloon this amount to $2,000,000.0024. By the beginning of May, the principal representing the Joint Venture Partner(the “JV Principal”) began questioning Defendant regarding the LA Weekly article, including inan email a link to the article and a reference to the same issues by another media outlet.Defendant was livid with the inquiry, at first intimating that Plaintiff was somehow responsiblefor the LA Weekly article and Defendant’s past misdeeds and that Plaintiff failed to adequatelycome to the defense of Defendant. Defendant demanded that Plaintiff write an email to the JVPrincipal defending him and stating that the “LA WEEKLY later retracted on the story forinaccurate information.” These were Defendants precise words, although Plaintiff would alsolater learn that the article had not been retracted.25. By the middle of May, 2013, it was apparent that Defendant’s flimsy excuseswere not holding sway over the Joint Venture Partner. While Plaintiff was away in Canada,Plaintiff was informed on a telephone call with Defendant and the JV Principal that Defendantmust take a less visible role and step aside to allow the deal to progress. At first Plaintiff wasastonished to hear the Joint Venture Partner – which was spearheaded by Defendant’s “long-time friend” – would specifically seek to marginalize Defendant’s participation in the deal.Immediately following the call, Defendant called Plaintiff to inform that he planned to demand$10,000,000 to be bought out of the deal.26. Upon his return to Los Angeles Plaintiff met with the JV Principal in-person tounderstand the concerns. The JV Principal confirmed the Defendant had too much baggage and
  7. 7. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627288COMPLAINTthey could not proceed with Defendant at the helm. He would need to take a lesser role if thedeal was to move forward.27. More shocking than the JV Principal’s revelation though was Defendant’sreaction to the news. Defendant immediately went into a tailspin, announcing that he plannedto exit the partnership in exchange for a $15,000,000 up front payment. In essence, Defendantproposed that the Joint Venture Partner pay him a ransom for the deal. Plaintiff attempted todissuade Defendant from this ludicrous and self-destructive course, suggesting that it wasn’teconomically feasible to demand a ridiculously high exit fee. Instead, Defendant presentedPlaintiff with a plan to replace Defendant with the Investor of the Technology, suggesting thatthe Inventor would be a “puppet” CEO answering directly to him.28. Defendant’s erratic behavior continued over the ensuing days, culminating in astring of impulsive, unpredictable, and offensive text messages to Plaintiff that truly called intoquestion his current state of mind and stability. Among the many text messages were thefollowing:“Just breaking your balls.”“That’s how you push buttons.”“I’m gonna play games with you now.” and“This partnership is not working this way Stephen.”29. The relations between Defendant and Plaintiff had quickly deterioratedovernight, with Defendant misinforming the JV Principal by email on May 18, 2013 thatPlaintiff had quit the venture. The email recites as follows:“Stephen Lee has stepped down today as COO and President of VerdeTechnologies LLC. All matters regarding Verde Veactor Technology will behandled by myself and Richard Dellacona.”30. Later that night, the JV Principal responded again to Defendant in writing that hemust take a less visible role and step aside to allow the deal to progress. The email of May 18,2013 sent by the JV Principal to only the Defendant recites as follows:“Thanks. You need to step aside. There should be no further communication
  8. 8. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627289COMPLAINTbetween us”31. Plaintiff was informed that the Joint Venture Partner was not looking to affectDefendant’s economic interest in the venture, but merely sought a much lower profile forDefendant. The email applied only to Defendant, as the Joint Venture Partner desired tocontinue to work with Plaintiff to consummate the deal, and this made perfect sense givenDefendant’s history.32. Over the ensuing days Defendant sent multiple emails to the JV Principal andPlaintiff misrepresenting what the other had said. Defendant also sent a message that his friendand long-term associate Don Scott – who was also prominently mentioned in the LA Weeklyarticle and was the Chief Executive Officer of Armital – would take over the negotiations withboth the Inventor/Ownership Group and the Joint Venture Partner. Plaintiff would later learnfrom Mr. Scott that he was neither a deal negotiator nor had any technical expertise, and muchlike Defendant he too had a checkered past. Unbeknownst to Plaintiff, Defendant had set theentire play in motion when he appointed Mr. Scott and a string of Defendant’s associates asvarious employees of Verde several weeks prior. Although Plaintiff objected at the time to Mr.Scott because of his connection as Chief Executive Officer to a defunct financial firm, WangerOmniWealth, and a SEC cease and desist order, Defendant nevertheless ignored Plaintiff’sadmonitions and was openly hostile to Plaintiff’s objections.33. The following day, May 20, 2013, Defendant forwarded to Plaintiff an emailreciting that the JV Principal had ordered that “there will be no further contact by you andmyself as this deal approaches the finish line.” That was only one more in a long litany ofdistortions and misrepresentations by Defendant, as the email from the JV Principal clearly hadordered only Defendant to cease communications and the JV Principal had called Plaintiff toinquire about keeping the deal on track. The email also attached an MOU, which Defendantdescribed as “the one and only MOU created between you and myself.” The MOU recites thatPlaintiff would be paid a $3,500,000 fee, plus a sales royalty, once the deal with the JointVenture Partner closed. And the email also admonished Plaintiff not to contact certain parties
  9. 9. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272810COMPLAINTthat Plaintiff was currently working with on other deals.34. Plaintiff’s counsel responded by letter to Defendant’s counsel on May 22, 2013that Plaintiff “will not be executing the MOU and does not recognize any authority of Mr.Macciello to usurp the opportunity that they collectively spent months developing.” The letterwent on to recite as follows:“Without Mr. Lee the deal would not have progressed this far. Mr. Macciellofictionalizations and misrepresentations, all in an effort to seize control of theproject, will not dissuade Mr. Lee from protecting that which he has spentconsiderable time and resources building. . . . The LA Weekly article did notaddress merely a heroin conviction. It suggested extensive and wide-reachingfraud by Mr. Macciello.. . .Please be advised that Mr. Macciello is interfering with the opportunity that bothour clients worked hard to develop. Mr. Lee will hold Mr. Macciello responsiblefor the loss of the deal now if it falters and for any lost revenue.”35. Ignoring my counsel’s letter, the following day Defendant then sent anotheremail stating that his attorney would prepare a fee agreement that would pay Plaintiff a smallfinder’s fee for his participation in the negotiations with the Joint Venture Partner and theInventor/Ownership Group. However, no agreement was forthcoming from Defendant or hisattorney.36. Instead, on May 30, 2013, Defendant sent yet another erratic email to Plaintiffand the JV Principal, this time reciting as follows:“I have just received word that both of you have still been in contact regardingVerde. Verde Technologies LLC is no longer involved in the project for VerdePower Supply. The only was I have agreed to back out meant the whole companyincluding Stephen Lee along with myself. I have an agreement signed with MrDellacona and Mr. Arnon CTO and CEO of Verde Power Supply regardingStephen Lee. The agreement states that if Joshua Macciello is out then so isStephen Lee. . . . Stephen Lee was part of Verde Technologies LLC and when Iwas asked to step aside and allow this deal to move forward then the wholecompany Step aside. That is my deal breaking point! Or I will take this to othercompanies I have interested as well.”37. In response, on May 31, 2013, Plaintiff’s counsel sent an email and letter to
  10. 10. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272811COMPLAINTDefendant’s counsel, demanding payment for breach of the agreement. The letter recites asfollows:“Mr. Macciello is in breach of his agreement with Mr. Lee to jointly develop,produce and distribute the VPS technology. As a result of the contractual breach,and his breach of his fiduciary obligations to his partner, Mr. Lee has beendamaged in an amount well in excess of $5,000,000. Accordingly, demand ishereby made for payment of $5,000,000 from Mr. Macciello to Mr. Lee within 3days of this letter.”Defendant has not responded to the letter, although Defendant’s counsel acknowledged receiptof the letter.38. On June 5, 2013, Mr. Scott informed Plaintiff that Defendant had terminated theMOU with the Inventor/Ownership Group and had struck an entirely new deal with them.Defendant and Mr. Scott would now be working exclusively with the Inventor/OwnershipGroup and the Joint Venture Partner to exploit the technology. Plaintiff would no longer beneeded or paid anything for his involvement.FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION(Breach of Contract)39. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.40. The Agreement calls for Plaintiff and Defendant to jointly acquire andcommercialize the Technology, with the profits from their joint efforts to be shared 50/50.41. Defendant breached by willfully and without justification notifying the JointVenture Partner that Plaintiff had been terminated, by terminating the MOU, and by engaging ina pattern and practice of self-dealing and usurping the opportunity to acquire and commercializethe Technology for himself.42. Plaintiff has made demand to Defendant to pay to Plaintiff the damages for suchbreach.43. Defendant has failed to respond to such demand and failed to make such payment.
  11. 11. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272812COMPLAINT44. Plaintiff has performed all conditions, covenants, and promises required by himon his part to be performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.45. As a direct and proximate result of Defendant’s acts, Plaintiff has sustaineddamage plus interest thereon, in an amount not less than $5,000,000.00 to be proven accordingto proof.SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION(Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing)46. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.47. The law implies a covenant of good faith and fair dealing into the contractbetween Plaintiff and Defendant, which provides that each party deal fairly with the other andthat neither party do anything that will deprive the other party of the benefits of theiragreements.48. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that Defendantbreached this duty of good faith and fair dealing by performing in a manner that was unfaithfulto the purpose of the contact and the parties’ intentions in entering into the contract.49. Plaintiff performed each and every covenant and condition of his agreement withDefendant, except those which they were prevented from performing or were excused or waivedby Defendant’s misconduct.50. As a direct and proximate result of Defendants acts, Plaintiffs have sustaineddamage according to proof.THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION(Breach of Fiduciary Duty)51. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.52. Both agency and statutory law impose fiduciary obligations upon partners ofgeneral partnerships and limited liability companies. As a business partner in connection withthe Opportunity and the development and commercialization of the Technology and as a partner
  12. 12. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272813COMPLAINTof Verde, Defendant owed a fiduciary duty of, inter alia, care, diligence, loyalty, fairness andtruthfulness to Plaintiff. In addition to acting in the highest good faith toward Plaintiff, this dutyprecluded Defendant from obtaining any advantage over Plaintiff by virtue of their agency andposition.53. As alleged herein, Defendant engaged in a pattern and practice of self-dealing,placing his own interests ahead of the interests of his partner, by terminating Plaintiff from thepartnership, and by usurping the opportunity that the partners had developed.54. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that the aforesaidtermination of partner, self-dealing and usurpation of the business opportunity constitute abreach of his fiduciary duty.55. As a direct and proximate result of the breach of fiduciary duty of Defendant,Plaintiff has suffered damages in an amount to be proven at trial.56. The above recited actions of Defendant was done with malice, fraud oroppression and in reckless disregard of Plaintiff’s rights, and his conduct was despicable anddone with a willful and knowing disregard of Plaintiff’s rights, thereby subjecting Plaintiff tocruel and unjust hardship. As a result, Plaintiff is entitled to an award of punitive damagespursuant to California Civil Code Section 3294.FOURTH CAUSE OF ACTION(Constructive Fraud)57. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.58. Both agency and statutory law impose fiduciary obligations upon partners ofgeneral partnerships and limited liability companies. As a business partner in connection withthe Opportunity and the development and commercialization of the Technology and as a partnerof Verde, Defendant owed a fiduciary duty of, inter alia, care, diligence, loyalty, fairness andtruthfulness to Plaintiff. In addition to acting in the highest good faith toward Plaintiff, this dutyprecluded Defendant from obtaining any advantage over Plaintiff by virtue of their agency andposition.
  13. 13. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272814COMPLAINT59. As alleged herein, Defendant made material misrepresentations, or omitted todisclose material facts, to Plaintiff regarding their Agreement, the Opportunity, and thedevelopment and commercialization of the Technology. Defendants misled Plaintiff as to hisfraudulent dealings and as to his interest in the Technology.60. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that the aforesaidmisrepresentations and omissions by Defendant constitute a breach of his fiduciary duty andconstructive fraud.61. At the time the representations and promises were made and/or concealed, and atthe time Plaintiff took the actions herein alleged in reliance thereon, Plaintiff was unaware ofthe falsity and intentionally misleading nature of the aforementioned representations andconcealments and reasonably relied upon the aforesaid representations and misleadingpresentation of the facts.62. Plaintiff reasonably relied on Defendants representations, statements, andomissions when deciding to develop and commercialize the Technology. If Plaintiffs hadknown of the actual truth of the matters stated and/or concealed, Plaintiffs would not have takensuch action in reasonable reliance thereon.63. As a direct and proximate result of the breach of fiduciary duty of Defendant,Plaintiff has suffered damages in an amount to be proven at trial.64. The above recited actions of Defendant was done with malice, fraud oroppression and in reckless disregard of Plaintiff’s rights, and his conduct was despicable anddone with a willful and knowing disregard of Plaintiff’s rights, thereby subjecting Plaintiff tocruel and unjust hardship. As a result, Plaintiff is entitled to an award of punitive damagespursuant to California Civil Code Section 3294.FIFTH CAUSE OF ACTION(Constructive Trust)65. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.
  14. 14. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272815COMPLAINT66. Plaintiffs are informed and believe and thereon allege that as a result of thealleged breaches of fiduciary duty and other wrongful acts alleged above, Defendant enteredinto a new agreement with the Inventor/Ownership Group which Defendant should equitablyhold in trust for the benefit of Plaintiff.67. By reason of the fraudulent and otherwise wrongful manner in which theDefendant obtained their alleged right, claim or interest in and to the Technology and anydistribution deals resulting therefrom Defendant is an involuntary trustee holding said propertyand profits therefrom in constructive trust for Plaintiff with the duty to convey the same toPlaintiff forthwith.68. Plaintiff therefore ask that the Court impose a Constructive Trust upon all rightsDefendant may have in and to the Technology, and that Defendant be required to convey saidrights to Plaintiff.SIXTH CAUSE OF ACTION(Preliminary Injunction)69. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.70. Defendant has instructed Plaintiff not to contact certain business opportunitiesand has informed third parties to refrain from doing business with Plaintiff.71. Plaintiff will suffer irreparable harm to his reputation and future opportunitiesshould Defendant’s acts that interfere with Plaintiff’s business continue unabated.72. Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Court enter a temporary, preliminary, andpermanent injunction enjoining Defendant from interfering with Plaintiff’s businessopportunities and otherwise disparaging Plaintiff to present and/or potential clients.SEVENTH CAUSE OF ACTION(Intentional Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage)73. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.
  15. 15. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272816COMPLAINT74. Beginning in mid-May and continuing throughout the month, Defendant engagedin a series of acts that interfered with Plaintiff’s contractual relations with theInventor/Ownership Group, including, inter alia, terminating the MOU and entering into a newagreement with the Inventor/Ownership Group.75. The actions of Defendant, as described above, were carried out in a mannerreflecting a deliberate and calculated intent to: (i) cause third parties to cancel contracts withPlaintiff, (ii) damage Plaintiff’s ability to perform and enter into joint venture agreements withthe Joint Venture Partner, and (iii) compromise and destroy Plaintiff’s business standing in thecommunity.76. As a direct and proximate result of Defendant’s acts, Plaintiff has suffered andwill continue to suffer damages in an amount to be proven at trial, for which Defendant is liable.77. The above recited actions of Defendant was done with malice, fraud oroppression and in reckless disregard of Plaintiff’s rights, and his conduct was despicable anddone with a willful and knowing disregard of Plaintiff’s rights, thereby subjecting Plaintiff tocruel and unjust hardship. As a result, Plaintiff is entitled to an award of punitive damagespursuant to California Civil Code Section 3294.EIGHTH CAUSE OF ACTION(Commission of Unlawful, Unfair, and Fraudulent Business Acts and Practices, Business& Professions Code Section 17200 et seq.)78. Plaintiff realleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 38as though fully incorporated herein and made a part hereof.79. The Unfair Practices Act (Business and Professions Code section 17200 et seq.)prohibits acts of unfair competition, which are defined to include any “unlawful,” “unfair” or“fraudulent” business act or practice.80. Defendant, in doing the acts alleged hereinabove has engaged in unfair and/orunlawful business practices in violation of Business and Professions Code section 17200 andhas thereby acquired money or property rightfully belonging to Plaintiff by engaging in suchunfair business practices, thereby inducing and causing Plaintiff to suffer “injury in fact” and to
  16. 16. 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272817COMPLAINTlose money and/or property as a result of such unfair acts, in violation of the Unfair PracticesAct.81. As a direct and proximate result of the above-referenced acts of Defendant,Plaintiff sustained “injury in fact” and lost money or property as a result of such unfair acts[Business and Professions Code section 17204].82. Pursuant to the Unfair Practices Act, Plaintiff is entitled to enjoin the practice ofDefendant misrepresentations and fraud and to obtain restitution of all funds and propertyobtained by Defendant by reason of and through the use of these unlawful, unfair and fraudulentacts and practices.83. Pursuant to the Unfair Practices Act, Plaintiff, individually, and on behalf of allmembers of the general public who are, have been or may be, subjected to the unlawful, unfair,and fraudulent practices of Defendant, hereby requests injunctive relief prohibiting thesepractices in the future, and such other orders as may be necessary to restore to any person ininterest, any money or property, real or personal, which may have been acquired by Defendantby means of this unlawful, unfair and fraudulent business practice, or to disgorge profits thatDefendant have thereby earned. Plaintiff further requests that Defendant be ordered to pay acivil penalty in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) for each violationof Business and Professions Code section 17200 by Defendant, in an amount according toproof.PRAYER FOR RELIEFWHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for judgment against Defendant as follows:1. For an award of general damages in the sum of no less than Five Million Dollars($5,000,000.00);2. For an award of punitive damages in a sum sufficient to make an example ofDefendant;3. For imposition of a constructive trust on all property in the possession or controlof Defendant otherwise belonging to the partners, including any and all rights in and to theTechnology and any and all distribution deals relating thereto, to be held as a constructive
  17. 17. Exhibit A
  18. 18. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 1/21TOPnewsSTORIESNewsBlogsUrban Myths of420 OriginsBy Michael GoldsteinBlogsBlack Lungs inLos AngelesBy Dennis RomeroBlogsDino Zaffina FAILBy Sarah FenskeBlogsDemocraticSchism OverAwful SchoolsBy Matthew MullinsTweetTweet 167 28 2StumbleUponComments (150)PHOTO BY TED SOQUIJoshua Macciello says the Chinese New Yeardelayed his money transfer.Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Wasin Line to Buy the Dodgers. But He WasReally a FraudBy Gene Maddaus Thursday, Mar 15 2012Joshua Macciello appeared on ESPN Radio on Jan. 5 to announce his intention to buy theDodgers. He was an unknown but, as he explained to hosts Steve Mason and John Ireland,he had completed some real estate deals and mineral transactions that put him in positionto buy the team in the upcoming bankruptcy auction.On air, Macciello came off as a regular guywith big money and big plans for the team.With a thick Brooklyn accent and a no-nonsense demeanor, he said he wouldsurround himself with the best minds in thesports business. Hed already had dinner withDodger legend Tommy Lasorda. Because hewas a fan, he would be a hands-on owner."My plan is to win the bid first, and then winthe World Series immediately following,"Macciello said.Mason and Ireland have been broadcastingtogether for 16 years, and their show is thehighest-rated sports program in their market.In the world of L.A. sports, their opinionsmean a lot. And they were high on JoshMacciello. When he said he would sign firstbaseman Prince Fielder, Mason nearlyjumped out of his chair."Thats the right answer!"he said. "Thats whatfans want to hear!"The hosts noted, however, that Macciello wasan underdog because he lacked connectionsLike 272 SendA A ANow TrendingKoch Bros. Are BoredThe Night Stalker is DeadShooting at Santa Monica CollegeStories | ConversationsSlideshowsWhy Superman Movies MatterMore Than the Comic BooksIn Case You Missed ItRecommended byGary WebbsDeath and BigLabors Losses:Readers Weigh InShould Mr.Checkpoint BeTweeting DUIStops?Monica Ratliff: TheWoman Who MayChange L.A.LA NEWS LOCAL NEWS BLOG ASK A MEXICAN ARCHIVES SEARCH WEEKLY NEWSLETTER GET MOBILESearchJoin Log InBrowse Voice Nation
  19. 19. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 2/21PHOTO BY TED SOQUIJoshua MaccielloS. BUKLEY/NEWSCOMFrank McCourt filed for bankruptcy in June.PHOTO BY TED SOQUIJoshua MaccielloRelated ContentI Dared Yasiel Puig to Hit a Grand Slam; Now IOw e Him my CarJune 7, 2013Memo to Don Mattingly: Shut the Puck Up!May 22, 2013Dodgers Stand Tall w ith Industry-First Arborist,SustainabilityJune 5, 2013Dodgers Sink to New Depths in Mile High City,Turn to Rookie for a Hand UpJune 3, 2013within the clubby world of professionalbaseball."Am I a long shot?"Macciello asked. "Y es, andtheres no other place that Id like to be. Imthe Rocky Balboa."Some listeners who called in were skeptical.How come no one had heard of this guybefore? But Mason and Ireland stood firm.Ireland said he had seen an appraisal for oneof Macciellos gold mines. It was worth $20billion."Its not a hoax,"Mason said. "Believe me, thisguy doesnt get on the air without passing avetting process. Were not gonna risk ourreputations."After his debut, Macciello talked to a dozenmore TV stations and radio and printreporters. He answered skeptical commentsonline. He showed up at a softball gameorganized by Dodger bloggers, where he went5-for-7 , with two doubles and a triple, andhustled to make a diving catch in the outfield."Everybodys worried about me being FrankMcCourt,"he said later. "Frank McCourts notlaying his body out."After their initial report, Mason and Irelanddid a follow-up interview with RamonaShelburne, an ESPN reporter who spent fiveweeks checking into Macciellos background.The verdict: Hes the real deal."At the end of the day, its just a great story,"Shelburne told them. "This guy, I honestlythink, is just a guy who came into a lot ofmoney and thinks it might be cool [to own theteam]. Theres something endearing aboutthat."They took some calls. Lance in San Diego, aDodger fan since the age of 8, was sold."Hes aggressive like Steinbrenner, young likeCuban. ... Hes got my vote, dawg. ... I lovehim.""I think a lot of fans are buying what hesselling,"Ireland concluded.Frank McCourt has owned the DodgersNinja-Con at the JapaneseAmerican Cultural andCommunity CenterEntertainment System atiam8bitMore Slideshows >>SMC Rampage Prompts Quick Call For GunControlIs L.A. Pensions Chief Hiding Pension Costsfor City Hall Politicians?Carmen Trutanich Moves Three PoliticalAides To Tenure-Track PositionsMore News Stories >ServicesEverest College / CorinthianCollegesView Ad | View SiteUCLA ExtensionView Ad | View SiteVideo SymphonyView Ad | View SiteHealth&BeautyProfil InstituteView Ad | View SiteMore >>
  20. 20. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 3/21NL West National League (MLB)Los Angeles Dodgers Josh MaccielloMyung Ho LeeDodger Stadium to Host -- Gasp! -- Soccer?May 29, 2013More AboutLike this Story?Sign up for the Weekly New sletter: Our w eeklyfeature stories, movie review s, calendar picks andmore - minus the new sprint and sent directly toyour inbox.enter emailsince 2004. His tenure has been a disaster.After spending two years disgracing himselfin divorce court, McCourt filed forbankruptcy in June. Last year, the fansboycotted. The team played mediocrebaseball against a backdrop of empty seats.Under duress, McCourt agreed to sell theteam last fall.At this point, Dodger fans are desperate to betold two things: That the McCourt era is over,and that the team will win again.Unfortunately, nobody can say those things.McCourt seems to have every intention ofhanging on to the Dodger Stadium parking lots. That would force the new owner into anawkward partnership with the most hated man in Los Angeles.As for winning, no one can make any promises about that, either — at least not while thebankruptcy sale is pending. The auction is a secret process, and the bidders making a playfor the team have signed nondisclosure agreements. Though there have been plenty ofleaks, no one is permitted to speak directly to the fans.No one, except Josh Macciello.Because, as it turns out, Macciello was never a real contender for the team. He is, instead, afraud. Despite what hes told reporter after reporter, and despite what those journalistshave dutifully repeated, he does not have billions of dollars. He does not have rights to anygold mines. He is, instead, a convicted drug dealer and a huckster who has used his talentsto persuade many people — not just journalists — to place their confidence in him. In hiswake he has left a string of abandoned projects and broken promises.The Dodger play is his boldest stunt so far. And, judged strictly as a bid for attention, it wasa fantastic success. Reporters and fans ate up the tale of the regular guy who wanted to buythe team. Never mind the gaping holes in that narrative: At the end of the day, it was a greatstory.Macciello is such a charismatic force that people continue to believe in him, even whenconfronted with evidence of his deceit. Provided with some of that information, hispublicist, Cindy Rakowitz, continues to stand up for him. "I really do believe he has themoney somewhere, somehow, some way,"she says. "I want to believe."And its not just Rakowitz. The story was remarkably easy to pitch."There are a lot of reporters who wanted to believe he was going forward with this,"shesays. "The L.A. press wants the Dodgers issue to be resolved. From a PR/marketingstandpoint, Josh filled that void."L.A. Weeklys interaction with Macciello begins with an email from Rakowitzs firm,offering an interview with "the potential new owner of the L.A. Dodgers."The pitchdescribes Macciello as "the coolest 36-year-old billionaire you will EVER meet!!!"An interview is arranged at Macciellos home in Studio City. The five-bedroom house has abrick facade, inset with two-story white columns. It has been appraised at $1.5 million.
  21. 21. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 4/21A doughy young man in glasses and a Dodgers windbreaker answers the door andintroduces himself as Eric. He says he is Macciellos assistant.Nothing about the interior of the house, however, says "billionaire."The furnishings aremodest and awkwardly arranged. Asked for a restroom, Eric points to a shabby half-bathnext to the entryway. On the counter by the sink are two books: What Is My Pee TellingMe? and What Is Y our Poo Telling Y ou?Macciello comes downstairs, wearing ripped white jeans and a black T-shirt. He has a long,scraggly beard and a receding hairline. On his right bicep is an elaborate tattoo of a Joshuatree alongside a New Y ork Y ankees cap. He says hes planning to get a Dodgers cap addedon there somewhere.Hes planning to do a lot of things. He has restless energy and an eagerness to win peopleover, to get them to buy into his dreams.One thing Macciello plans to do, he says, is buy a new house in Bel-Air. (This ones a rental.)Once he buys the Dodgers — he has recently disclosed he is offering $2.2 billion — heintends to keep general manager Ned Colletti and manager Don Mattingly around for a year,to give them another chance. By this time, Prince Fielder has signed a nine-year deal withthe Tigers for $214 million. Macciello says he would have passed."I would have given him three years, $60 million,"he says.The financing for Macciellos bid appears to be a work in progress. Sitting at a long, darkwood dining room table, he explains that he is no longer using the gold mines, which he hastouted in previous interviews. Instead, he has partnered with two gentlemen — Myung HoLee and Fred Furrow — who will put up the equity for the deal. They will take a 49 percentstake in the team, and Macciello will keep 51 percent.But Macciello makes it clear he is not using the gold to secure his 51 percent stake in thebid. So what is backing it?"There is no backing of the 51 percent,"he says. "I cant get into the deal too much. Theprofit sharing will be in their favor."Asked why these two guys would agree to buy Macciello a baseball team, he has a readyanswer: "They saw my business plan. All these up-front costs Im paying for."Macciello tells Eric to retrieve some other documentation. Eric produces a packet thatincludes a single-page "proof of funds,"which purports to show that $10 billion is sitting inan account at HSBC in Hong Kong, under the name of Myung Ho Lee.Macciello says hes been having some trouble getting the Blackstone Group, the investmentfirm handling the Dodger sale, to accept that. So they are in the process of transferring themoney to an American bank. Theres been a delay, however, because of Chinese New Y ear."Everything shuts down for Y ear of the Dragon,"Macciello says.The packet also includes the trios $2.2 billion bid and a curriculum vitae for Myung HoLee, including his phone number. But when the Weekly begins to copy down that number,Macciello grabs the notebook and vigorously crosses it out."Were not using that right now,"he says, a little edge in his voice. "I dont want youdisturbing Myung Ho."
  22. 22. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 5/21Instead, he suggests emailing his other backer, Fred Furrow, who runs a company calledFull Circle Energy. Macciello says he is doing big things with water and renewable power.Fred Furrow wants to save the world by zapping sewage with a plasma beam. The 63-year-old entrepreneur has been working for the last dozen years on several energytechnologies, each of which he believes is revolutionary. But the one he is most excitedabout involves generating clean, renewable electricity from garbage and human waste.Its still in the conceptual stage. But Furrow is convinced that the idea will revolutionize theenergy industry and make him "an instant multibillionaire.""The technologies we have are kind of overwhelming,"he says over the phone from hishome in Clovis, just outside Fresno. "Its Einstein and Edison times 1,000. Full CircleEnergy could be the first trillion-dollar company."Furrow grew up in Santa Maria. After college he started a white-water rafting business onthe Kings River. He had five sons, and wound up working a more stable job in commercialreal estate in Fresno. But he never lost his entrepreneurial drive.He formed a company with a partner, and in 2006, they were selected to be part of theWater and Energy Technology Incubator at Fresno State. The program supports smallbusinesses as they attempt to bring new technologies to market."Like most of the other entrepreneurs, theyre very visionary,"says Travis Sheridan, whosupervised Full Circles work at the incubator. "They want to create something that solvesall of the problems. One of our jobs was to get them focused on what is your core product."Full Circle struggled to find investors. "Sometimes Fred would get in his own way,"Sheridansays.He remembers Furrow talking about a number of investors who were on hook. But it wasalways a " the check is in the mail kind of thing,"Sheridan recalls. Full Circle left the FresnoState program after two years, unable to secure financing.Full Circle also needed access to a river of sewage, so Furrow shopped the idea to severalcities in the Central Valley. His pitch: Give me your waste, and I will change the world."Its a lightning bolt–in-a-can approach,"says Patrick Wiemiller, Fresnos public worksdirector, who spent a lot of time investigating the idea.Wiemiller says he was open to the plan if Furrow could find financing but the city would notinvest. "Im not sure its economic. A lot of things you say, Wow, that makes sense. But ifthe economics arent there, they arent there."The Central California city of Tulare (population: 59,000) entered into a negotiatingagreement with Full Circle in 2008. City officials were upbeat about the idea but hired anoutside consultant to check it out. The consultants report was fairly damning, finding "nofirm commitments of personnel, intellectual property or financial resources.""Virtually all technical and developmental information seems dependent on a key new-hireand his access to the owners of the technology, who are located in Russia,"the consultantswrote. "Existing commercial examples DO NOT EXIST."The agreement lapsed, and Tulare is no longer involved.Furrow is wary of getting into some of these details. He says he would much prefer to
  23. 23. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 6/21remain "under the radar."He is worried about competition, especially from the likes ofestablished enterprises such as Pacific Gas & Electric and Waste Management, whosebusiness models he intends to radically disrupt."We dont want to end up in one of their landfills,"he says.But Furrow says he has finally landed a big investor: South Korea–based Myung Ho Lee,who has committed to put $10 billion into his technologies in the very near future. He sayshe expected to have received some of the money already, but Lee recently came down witha potassium deficiency, which put him in the hospital for a week.Furrow explains that the opportunity to buy the Dodgers came about quite recentlythrough a friend who knew Macciello, and knew that Macciello was looking for financing.Furrow had always thought he might want to own a baseball team someday, and he wasabout to become an instant multibillionaire. The timing was perfect.They got in touch by phone and Skype, and hit it off. Furrow told Macciello that he hadproof that Myung Ho Lee had $10 billion in an account in Hong Kong. Could they use thatto buy the team? When Macciello said yes, they were in business."We can show the cash when the cash is needed, in April. Thats not gonna be a problem,"Furrow says. "Were not really looking at the Dodgers deal as a true business deal. Even if itloses money, Im gonna need the write-off for everything else we got going."Macciellos parents divorced when he was young. His father is Josh Cruze, an actor andsinger who grew up in New Y ork in a Puerto Rican household that rooted for the Y ankeesand Roger Maris. Cruze, now 62, got his acting break in Tracers, a stage play about theVietnam War, and over the years, hes had small parts in TV shows such as 24 and The Unit.More recently, he says, hes been devoting himself to his music group, the Banditos deAmor.His relationship with his son has been sporadic at best: Cruze says young Josh grew up inNew Y ork and played baseball in high school in Tampa. His athletic career ended with ashoulder injury in community college. As for the rest, hes a bit hazy."We dont talk a lot,"he says.Macciello came out to L.A. about 15 years ago to attend Valley College. In 2002, he says hewas working for Y ellow Pages Advertising, when he was pulled over and arrested for drugpossession. Court records show that he pleaded no contest to a felony count of possessing3,000 Vicodin tablets for sale. He was placed on probation. The charging documents alsoallege that Macciello sold more than 14 grams of heroin, and possessed 62 tablets ofcodeine.Macciello contends that he was driving someone elses car and was illegally searched. Healso denies ever touching heroin.According to his bio, Macciello broke into the entertainment industry by working as ashowroom manager at the Improv comedy club and as a talent scout for a reality showcalled But Can They Sing? From there, he says, he went to work for movie producersArnold Rifkin and Christopher Eberts.Rifkin and Eberts had a troubled partnership that dissolved in a flurry of litigation. Both arenow in bankruptcy, and both are being sued by investors who claim they were defrauded.Jeff Elliott, a self-published author from Normal, Ill., alleges that Eberts swindled him out of
  24. 24. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 7/21$600,000 by claiming he would use the money to make a movie out of Elliotts bookRebounding From Deaths Door. The movie never got made, and the suit is pending.None of the lawyers involved in those lawsuits has heard of Macciello, although one ofthem, Brent Gray, who represents Jeff Elliott, says hed be leery of any connection. "Theassociation between him and Eberts would raise red flags with me,"Gray says.Rifkin did not return calls seeking comment. Eberts could not be located.Macciello also struck up a relationship with George Zakk, a movie producer who hasworked with Vin Diesel. According to Zakk, Macciello tried to raise money for severalprojects, but "nothing came to fruition.""He was very aggressive, and a big dreamer,"Zakk says. "And I mean that in a positivesense."Through that connection, Macciello says he came into contact with screenwriter JoeEszterhas (Basic Instinct). Macciello established his own film company, which bought anEszterhas script titled Charisma.Viktor Kakavas, a partner in the company, says they paid $250,000 for the script.Macciello persuaded a Colorado wealth manager, Don Scott, to put up the bulk of theinvestment, which Scott verifies. "We invested a lot more than that,"he says. The film hasnot been produced.Macciello also sought to raise money for a film called Walkaway Joe. That film — whichMacciello lists on his bio — never got off the ground, either. The screenwriter, MichaelMilillo, says their association was brief and they parted with no hard feelings.Others on the project had a more jaundiced view."Ive talked to dozens of jack-offs who say they have money,"says Zachary Matz, one of thefilms producers. "My read on Macciello, from hearing the stories, is that he never closed.He talked the game, but he never got the elements in place."Kakavas says his partnership with Macciello ended when Macciello began devoting moreand more of his time to gold deals."We didnt actually really produce anything,"Kakavas says.Don Scott, who seems to have a lot invested in Macciellos success, is convinced that he hasthe money to buy the Dodgers. But when asked why none of that money has been put towork making their $15 million movie, he pauses."I guess I cant give an answer to that question,"he says. "I think Josh is really not focusedon the movies at this minute."Nobody else involved in Macciellos film career knows quite what to make of the Dodgerbid. Macciellos father says he learned about it by reading his sons interviews."He knows a lot of people in this town,"Cruze says. "He can pull together resources. Whetherits true or not — that I cannot tell you."When Macciello first began touting his interest in the Dodgers, he used a multibillion-dollar gold appraisal to establish his credibility with reporters. By the time of the interviewat his house, he was no longer providing it.
  25. 25. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 8/21"I dont have to show that no more,"Macciello says.The author of the document is Chuck Adkins, a veteran appraiser in Portland, Ore. Reachedby phone, he says he does all sorts of appraisals — mostly on homes and commercialbuildings — but, he says, he does not specialize in mineral rights. Adkins says he was asked,a couple of years ago, to analyze some gold claims in Arizona, which led to the brief report.He does not consider his report to be an "appraisal."It was just research.Oddly, Adkins says he doesnt know Macciello. He says he did the report for a companycalled Golden Oasis.Asked if his report could be taken as evidence of sufficient wealth to acquire a sportsfranchise, Adkins says, "It sounds squirrelly to me."If they want to find out what its really worth, they should do an appraisal,"he adds.A search for Golden Oasis turns up a Canadian concern that folded a few years ago and wasconsolidated into another mining company. Nobody at that company knows anythingabout Macciello or the Dodgers.A few hours after the L.A. Weekly called Adkins — and Adkins denied knowing Macciello —the Weekly received an email from Macciello."The appraisal company we used says you have called three times today and are gettingvery upset,"he wrote. "These mines are confidential and are not in any way being used forthe Dodger deal. I gave you a face-to-face interview a couple of weeks ago and explainedthat the mines were off-limits and none of your concern."If you continue to contact parties I specifically told you were not to be contacted, I willhave no other choice but to take legal actions."In a follow-up phone call, Macciello reiterates that the mines are out of the picture. "I dontown gold no more. I sold it off,"he says. "By going and ruffling feathers and talking aboutgold — thats not your interest."It turns out Macciello has good reason to back off the gold claims.A few days later, Adkins is confronted with the fact that he had been less than candid abouthis relationship with Macciello. That prompts him to open up. And what he says demolishesMacciellos claims of gold-mine riches.First off, there are no mines. The gold is in the ground. Adkins was tasked with determiningwhether it would be profitable to try to extract it. Asked again about Macciellos assertionsthat there are "mines"worth "billions of dollars,"Adkins says. "Thats totally bogus as far as Iknow.""This guy sounds like a real flimflam artist,"he adds.Adkins also supplies the name of the person who hired him to do the appraisal.Sterling Griffiths is in his 7 0s, and lives in Portland. In 2005, the Oregon Department ofConsumer and Business Services ordered Griffiths to cease and desist from promoting amultilevel marketing scheme. The outfit, called the Redwood Trust, purported to offer"humanitarian grants"to participants. Griffiths is now "managing partner"of Golden Oasis,an entity that consists of himself and a friend.
  26. 26. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 9/21Reached at his home, Griffiths is extremely reluctant to talk about gold claims."I dont want to raise any red flags,"he says. "I do not trust the government. Theyre tryingto make us all slaves."He does not want to talk about Macciello, either, although mention of his name draws astrong reaction."Hes been ceased and dismissed!"he says. "Were through with him! We have nothing to dowith him! He does not have our gold claims. He does not have nothing to do with usanymore."Griffiths said he acquired the claims about eight or nine years ago. With the price of goldreaching new heights, he has begun to investigate whether it would be feasible to extractthe gold from black sand. The project would require a lot of up-front capital, which he doesnot have, so he has been looking for financing.He says he heard about Macciello through a broker. Macciello said he could help raisemoney."He never came through,"Griffiths says.Macciello apparently has been using the report Griffiths commissioned to pitch investors.But Griffiths is adamant that Macciello has no right to his claims.Even if he did, its not at all clear what the claims are actually worth."If you could get 100 percent of that, its up in the billions of dollars,"he says. "But howmuch you can get out, nobody knows."Macciello ordered the Weekly to cease contact on Monday, Feb. 27 , copying hisattorney, Todd Bonder, on the email. In a phone conversation with the Weekly, Bonderexplains that he has been hired to facilitate Macciellos bid for the Dodgers."All the indications are that it is legitimate,"Bonder says. "Josh seems to me to be a man ofmeans. ... Ultimately, it comes down to put up or shut up at the end of the day."Bonder says hes quite confident that Furrow and Myung Ho Lee will arrange to transfer the$2.2 billion to an American bank account by the end of the week. He is so certain, in fact,that he accepts a bet. If the money doesnt materialize by Friday, he will owe the Weekly$5.Myung Ho Lee has a colorful background. He is not on the Forbes list of Korean billionaires,but a quick Google search shows that he used to manage Michael Jacksons financial affairsbefore the two had a falling-out in 2001. Lee made a number of headline-grabbingallegations against the pop star, including that he hired witch doctors and paid hush moneyto his ex-wife. Jacksons lawyers claimed that Lee stole millions from Jackson. Lee filed a$12 million lawsuit against the singer, which was resolved in an out-of-court settlement in2003.Lee re-emerged in March 2011, in a press release from a company called Colorado RareEarths Inc. According to the release, Lees company — Union Financial and InvestmentCorp. — had agreed to partner with the company to provide precious minerals to Koreancompanies. But the press contact on the release tells the Weekly the deal never wentthrough.
  27. 27. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 10/21With Myung Ho Lee now Macciellos last possible source of billions for the Dodgerpurchase, and the clock ticking away on the promised money transfer, the Weeklyattempted to reach him.The phone number that Macciello scratched out does not work. It begins with an 822 areacode, which does not exist. After some research, it becomes clear that 82 is the countrycode.An assistant answers the phone in Korean but switches effortlessly to English and givesLees cell number.Reached on that number, Lee says hes in a meeting. Asked if hes involved in the Dodgerdeal, he says, "Im not at liberty to confirm or deny that at the moment."Are you a billionaire?"Far from that,"he says. "I would not characterize myself in that fashion. Talk to Fred aboutthis, please."An hour later, Macciello sends another email. The subject is "cease and desist.""[Y ]ou came to my home to get information out of me, and I told you then that Myung HoLee was not to be bothered and you chose to ignore me,"Macciello writes. "This is my finalwarning [sic] if I hear from any of my partners, colleagues or anybody involved that youare asking about me I will be forced to sue you for damages."Another email arrives an hour later from Fred Furrow, also with the subject "cease anddesist.""We are no longer a player,"Furrow writes. "Y our call to Myung Ho Lee has caused us tototally drop out with Josh. ... Any mention of our names in any future article will force us totake legal action."On Thursday afternoon, attorney Todd Bonder calls the Weekly back."It looks like Im probably gonna owe you the $5,"he says.Days after Fred Furrows "cease and desist"email, he has calmed down enough to give hisexplanation for why the deal went south."Myung Ho and I got caught up in the fantasy of thinking we were gonna be part owners ofthe Dodgers,"Furrow says. "We didnt think it through at all."After Lee heard from a reporter, Furrow says, "He called me and blew up."That money in Hong Kong was not allocated for the Dodgers,"Furrow continues. "If ourinvestors found out we were using that money for the Dodger deal, we could lose $100billion in international revenue."He says he has informed Macciello that the deal is off."Josh is devastated,"he says.In a final interview, Macciello is despondent and combative. He is dropping out of the deal,and he blames L.A. Weekly."I have nothing. My whole financing got pulled. I have no means, nothing,"he says. "Im the
  28. 28. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 11/21Show PagesRoy Hobbs of this deal. I came out of nowhere. Then an L.A. Weekly reporter ruined that. ...Were starting to put a case together. Y ou cost me $2.2 billion."Asked about his film career, he concedes that he never produced a movie. But he insists hehas gold claims, although he again declines to offer proof. Informed that the appraiser hascalled him a liar, he says, "If the gold guy said that, God bless him."So why, if Macciello never had the money to buy the Dodgers, did he make such a push toget publicity? There are at least three possibilities.The first is that Macciello genuinely believed that somehow he would be able to find themoney. This is Macciellos explanation."I thought I was gonna own the Dodgers,"he says. "I thought I was using that to introducemyself."The second is that it was a publicity stunt. Macciello has batted that allegation away, sayinghe wouldnt have sunk money into the bid if he were just looking for attention. "Thatsstupid,"he told the L.A. Daily News, in a favorable story that ran in early February. "Im notlooking to be a Kardashian."The third explanation is that Macciellos profession is raising money from gullibleinvestors. Any extra bit of credibility — such as all the favorable press clippings now postedon his company website — makes it easier to close the next deal, whatever it turns out tobe.Macciello flatly rejects that explanation."I honestly didnt even think of that,"he protests. "I dont have anything that Im promotingto where your angle makes sense."Macciello says he doesnt much care which explanation the Weekly goes with."Nothing you can write can make people not like me,"he says. "Im a likable guy."But a few minutes after hanging up, he calls back."So what do you think of me?"he asks. "Are you leaning toward you dont believe me?"Givenan affirmative answer, he says, "Someday Im going to make you think differently."Why is it such a problem that one person might hold a negative view?"My father left when I was a kid,"he says. "Maybe its need issues."Well, its a heck of a story."Ill let you write it when we make the movie,"he says.Related Content
  29. 29. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 12/21More Ads >>Emailto FriendWrite toEditorPrintArticleRecommended byCheck out this weeks featured ad for ServicesConcorde Career CollegeView Ad View WebsiteGET THE WEEKLY NEWSLETTEROur weekly feature stories, movie reviews, calendar picks and more - minus the newsprint and sentdirectly to your inbox.enter emailAntonio VillaraigosasQuest for Wall Street,Washington andWealth(LA Weekly)Ken Tarrs Reality TVRacket(LA Weekly)Ex-L.A. Times WriterApologizes for"Tawdry" Attacks(LA Weekly)United Airlines SuedBy Teen For Failingto Stop LewdPassenger(Yahoo!)Feb 12, 2013May 1, 2012Newest | Oldest | Top CommentsSkepticJosh has no goldSign in or Create Account 1 person listeningJust found apparent internet sports talk show, which was started lastmonth, and had Josh on as its first guest:, the FB page devotes a lot of time to talking about Josh, and seems toimply that he then went on to be a host of the show? And the co-host of the show isa wedding DJ out of New Jersey, which is somewhat interesting. I mean, I am notcalling anyone a liar or fraud, but this is really weird the way the people sometimesaccused of such things are these people that have the most vocal quotes about howthey "have a lot to offer" or they set up the appearance of a somewhat balanced viewby saying things like "is he a madman or a prophet?" just seems like such badPR hot air...Like ReplyWell, its been over a month since Josh proclaimed on his Twitter account that a"major" paper would be doing a story "soon" which would refute 80% of the contentof this article. An article that has been backed by all of the other newspapers andeven Joshs beloved Mason and Ireland. He has not sued for liable or defamation likehe threatened, because you cant sue when the information is true. I guess weshouldnt be holding our breath while waiting for this redemption piece as it seems150 comments+ Follow+ Follow Post comment as...P aid Distribution
  30. 30. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 13/21Apr 9, 2012Apr 7, 2012Apr 7, 2012Apr 6, 2012Apr 6, 2012Apr 6, 2012Apr 6, 2012Josh has no goldBlahBlahBlahJosh has no goldBlahBlahBlahJosh has no goldkana_maePretty_izahthat Joshs definition of "soon" appears to be similar to his definition of "owning goldmines." Whatever you do Gene, dont go around calling his fellow "investors" andmess up his financing deal to buy the Padres.Like ReplyGoodbye Ann. You were never comical, just tragically in denial. The saddest part isthe kids. Joshs oldest one is probably old enough to find this on the internet, andthe twins wont be far behind. Joshs true test will be when they come to him and askif all of this is true. Hell have a choice then, either come clean and explain howdaddy did some not so good things, or look at them straight in the face and lie tothem. If he decides to keep the trail of lies going he might as well get up and walkout on them like his own father did because its just as bad. Now back to the kitchenwith you!Like ReplySilly Gene, this article is bs like this dialogue between me and you. Boring!! And thepeople who read this article and take it for face value are not people who anyonewould want in their camp anyway so that weeds out that!! As before on Mason andIreland, I promise you will never hear from me again, lucky you. I will never commentor allow you to rent any space in my head even when you are proven wrong. You aresimply not worthy. The last comment proved that to me, desperate! Take care andhave a Blessed Easter, you need all the prayers you can get... so long ValeTudo/Gene/Josh has no gold etc etc etc! BlahBlahBlah!!Like ReplySilly Ann! You can bet that everywhere Josh goes people will be searching him andfinding this article. Unfortunately hes going to have a tough time getting any press inSan Diego because of it. Even if he wanted to get back into "producing" (nothing) inHollywood this article will follow him and expose him for the fraud that he is. SillyAnn, youve become quite the punchline in my circles as well, the brainless, defiantsister who cant grasp the truth about her brother the fraud! hahaha Now go clean theoven before hubby gets home! hahahahaLike ReplyHahahha if you think anyone but you or I are reading this bs article than thatsolidifies the notion of me believing you are delusional haha. No one cares and whois everyone else. Oh and just told the girls you said hi and they are laughing andsaid hi Vale/Gene haha you have become a very comical household name <3.WooHoo Go Josh your family loves you!! Have a happy and blessed Easter Gene!Like ReplyYeah, you should quit now Ann. I dont think you realize how ridiculous you sound toanyone who reads the article and then reads your comments. I know that denial isthe only viable means to dealing with a close family member being outed as a fraudand liar, but it doesnt play outside your family circle. Everyone else can see Josh forthe liar that he is. Every day that goes by without the article with the "real story"being published proves that he is all talk and no game. Good luck supporting afraudulent con man!Say hi to the girls for me! ;)Like Replymy neighbors sister-in-law earned $20165 the previous month. she gets paid on thecomputer and got a $575600 house. All she did was get fortunate and make use ofthe steps revealed on this web page ...MakeCash10.comONLYLike Replymy roomates step-aunt made $13705 past month. she is making income on thecomputer and got a $469700 home. All she did was get lucky and put in action theadvice written on this web page MakeCash10.comONLY
  31. 31. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 14/21Apr 6, 2012Apr 5, 2012Apr 5, 2012Apr 5, 2012Apr 5, 2012Apr 5, 2012Apr 4, 2012Apr 4, 2012kana_maeBlahBlahBlahJosh has no goldBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahJosh has no goldBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahLike Reply@everyonemy roomates mom brought in $17515 a week ago. she has been workingon the laptop and moved in a $351300 home. All she did was get fortunate and makeuse of the directions made clear on this website .................MakeCash10.comLike ReplySweetie finally offering Pennance for all the lies you wrote! What took you solongJust say one Our Father and maybe youll be forgiven. Gene/Vale actions. Sitdown during this Holy Week and really reflect. And if you can rest at night knowingyou did your part as a human than you have our blessing. Otherwise you watch forthat karma I see can be brutal! Only wishing you nothing but the best for I now knowhow distorted your reality is so this is it for me because you are no longer comicalbut instead desperate so farewell Vale/Gene!Like Reply"We dont talk a lot," Josh’s father."nothing came to fruition."The film has not beenproduced.— never got off the ground, either."Ive talked to dozens of jack-offs whosay they have money""He never closed. He talked the game, but he never got theelements in place""We didnt actually really produce anything""It sounds squirrelly tome”"Thats totally bogus as far as I know.""This guy sounds like a real flimflamartist""Hes been ceased and dismissed! Were through with him! We have nothing todo with him!”"He never came through"Pretty much says it all about this dirt bag! Josh is the only one who is going to havea karma problem with all of his lying and deceipt. Glad that I cant claim him asfamily!!!Like ReplyApr 5, 2012BlahBlahBlahBelieve me Vale/Gene I am glad you cant claim him as family because Iwould have to train my kids into believing that lying is a tool used whendesperate and deliberatly hurting people is the price they pay for selfrecognition whether warranted or not. Phew! Now that would take manyyears of restructuring!Like ReplySilly Vale/Gene/Josh Fraudillo you are hahahahhahaa a grade a liar. Period haha.Like ReplyWoo hoo Go Josh we are so proud of you!! We know the truth and Josh has no golddoes not!! hahahaha. Karma oh sweet Karma..Like ReplySilly Ann, Josh is a fraud and a con man. Buying a pack of gum is about all hell everdo. Everything he has ever been involved in has been a sham. He never had goldmines. Never had an actual bid for the Dodgers. Never actually help produce anymovies. And you can bet your butt he will never own the Padres or any other sportsteam. There is a difference between the truth and what you want to believe. Deceiveand con the gullible and CLOSE family members, thats what losers do. Josh is agrade A loser.Like ReplyGo Josh...We are so proud of you...God Bless!!!Like ReplyHa...Why would I feel silly for a man who, against all odds, gave it his all despite
  32. 32. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 15/21Apr 4, 2012Apr 3, 2012Apr 3, 2012Apr 2, 2012Mar 31, 2012Mar 31, 2012Mar 31, 2012Mar 31, 2012Josh has no goldBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahtonyBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahSad but trueBlahBlahBlahguys like Gene, and Josh has no gold? Please tell me why you guys despise himso? What has he done to you? And my character shows that I stand for the truth.Being a CLOSE family member I know he is not a drug dealer or con because Iknow the truth and know you are lying, so I stand proud against people like youVale/Gene. Because we are a close knit family unit, I would feel proud if he boughtthe Dodgers, Padres, or a pack of gum because thats what an unconditional familymember does when they love one another.. but oh wouldnt know thatbecause you prey on the innocent, look them in the face, knowing how you aregoing to screw them, and distort the truth to get recognition. Yeah Vale/Gene thatswhat losers do. How dare you talk about character. One has to have characterbefore questioning another. Vale/Gene. So God Bless and have a Happy Easter.Like ReplyBlah, do you feel silly now that he didnt pull the Dodger deal off. Your charactershows in that youre are so proud of a drug dealing con man. Will you feel silly whenhe doesnt pull off the Padres deal either? Josh the fraud is the only one in need ofmorals and character, and maybe you.Like ReplyApr 5, 2012BlahBlahBlahSilly, why would I feel silly, I am supportive and stand strong fromsomething/someone I believe in, never intentionally hurt anyone under nocircumstance and can put my head on the pillow every night because ofthat. And have taught my kids to live their lives with better character andmorals than you ever will possess. So whose the silly oneVale/Gene/Josh F.Like ReplySo proud of you Josh.....Show them what you are made of..paper champion my a**.Lets go Josh.Like ReplyTony, real original. Has to be Vale/Gene because there is no mention of Josh buyingthe Padres anywhere else other than Joshs personal pages and why on earth wouldanybody look up Joshs name now and even comment on this old artricle. Who givesa hoot about Josh get a life Vale/Gene, a life filled with morals and character.Like Replyi remember hearing this guy on the radio and thinking everything that this articledescribes. you could just hear the desperation of trying to make the hosts believehim but it was clear that he was full of it. and now he wants to pull the same actwith padres, i guess a cons gotta con!Like ReplyGo Josh...we are so proud of you....Like ReplyWooHoo Josh we are so proud of you....Keep it up cant wait for the truth toprevail...Wait for it....wait for it God Bless! Go Macciello for the PaPaPaPa Padres!!!Still waiting for you to prove I am Josh...Oh but wait you cant..hahhahaaLike ReplySad Josh, really... pathetic. Or maybe Blah is the "fan" who started your web site.Hahahaha!Like Reply
  33. 33. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 16/21Mar 31, 2012Mar 31, 2012Mar 30, 2012Mar 30, 2012Mar 30, 2012Mar 29, 2012Mar 29, 2012BlahBlahBlahSad but trueBlahBlahBlahVale TudoBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahJosh has no goldGo Josh. WooHooLike ReplyGo Josh, a family man with true character who prevails!!! So proud of you. God BlessLike ReplyEverything to prove and no proof. Cant wait to see what he considers a "majorpaper" to be and who the "big time LA reporter" is. It will most likely end up being anopen letter to the editor, by Josh himself, where he spews more of his fraudulentlies. Every facet of his persona: rented Studio City house, Armital(the web site doesnot list a single accomplishment made by the company, gold bearing land or"mines", and history of producing in the entertainment field has been exposed as atotal sham. The only thing left to figure out is how this huckster thought that hecould parlay this into anything profitable in the future. Maybe he thought that he failin the bidding and not be exposed and then use the press for his next endeavor, but Ihave a hard time believing that he is so stupid that he thought that he wouldnt havebeen found out for being a fraud. He probably was though. It is sad to see himcontinue to try to spin the facts and try to save any credibility. He should probablytake his act back to New York and hope that there are a few people that didnt hearabout the debacle that is Josh Macciello/Armital. Good reporting on behalf of theWeekly for not getting sucked in and trying to fill page space or air time with a fluffpiece like all the rest. You can almost feel Josh squirming at the end of the article,like the worm he is.Like ReplyVale/Gene, no more fun for me. Go Josh, they have nothing on you and I cannot waituntil you are living your dream for you and your family. Nothing to prove to thesepeople. God Bless!Like ReplyHavent touched Josh/you on twitter, have been accused of being people on that site.Funny you guys think Im the only person thats been critical. But now he says amajor paper is doing a background on him. Lets see what "proof" he offers. 1) letssee how hes "acquired" these other mines; 2) lets see proof of his movie producingsuccessful; 3) lets see him explain why he plead to a felony if the it was an illegalsearch and he was driving someone elses car; 4) let him show at least the info hegave to shebourne,etc; 5) let him answer questions regarding why hes contradictinghis own words on the media.Like Reply@TudoI guess I would be yawning too if I had to manage all my alias here and ontwitter to pursue my obsession with Josh Macciello..Take a break buddy, youdeserve it and maybe when you wake you will have some real, hard evidence toprove your points or maybe something new to write about...Like ReplyGo Josh, a true inspiration to all. The truth will be told soon, but remember thesepeople and their lies and know they are everywhere but really nowhere.Like ReplyHilarious to see this carpet bagging, huckster, snake oil salesmen pack up a moveon as soon as the gig is up. Now all of his "many" supporters can see him for whathe really is. I hope his month to month Studio City rental doesnt hold up hisserpentine slinking down to Mission Beach. Just know Josh, this article will followyou down I-5 and there wont be any press for you this time.Like ReplyMar 29, 2012BlahBlahBlahGreat for him, I hope this article does infact follow him because one
  34. 34. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 17/21Mar 29, 2012Mar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012Vale TudoBlahBlahBlahVale Tudomagic johnsonBlahBlahBlahalways needs reminding that there are haters/liars lurking in every creviceof reality and will do whatever it takes to be noticed, even at their owncharacters expense...Hope to hear for you when this gig is up. hahahaOh and just an observance, once someone starts "name calling" it takescredibility away from the one who is "name calling". I tell my kids that allthe time. No one looks beyond the blah blah blah..know what I mean?BlahBlahBlahLike ReplySame ol story. I guess he can get some more "fans" to start up a Padres site(andagain claim he has nothing to do with it). You know, because he has millions ofsupporters. Hey I wonder if furrow actually got the $10B. The padres would not be asbig of a tax write off as the dodgers but its still a write off, yes? #sarcasm.Ive already faxed my "proof of funds" and my bridge valuations Im using as collateralto finance the purchase. Dodgers and Blackstone wouldnt accept it, but Im sure thepadres would gobble it up.Like ReplyMar 29, 2012BlahBlahBlahWill you feel silly when he pulls this off or will you guys spread somemore of your lies? You might want to know how to answer that realsoon...Vale. God Bless.Like ReplyMar 29, 2012Vale TudoYawn...Like ReplyLet it roll Josh, they cannot deny your dreams. Show them what you are made of.Like ReplyWow!!!! As I predicted. Josh has now indicated that he will either buy or in somefashion provide financial aid to the San Diego Padres. Maybe by aid he means buytickets? lol The Padres were the second most profitable team last year next to theYankees. Im sure Jeff Moorad would welcome the clown with open arms. My guessis that its the Padres because it keeps him in the southern California media base.Not the Marlins, Rays, etc. Teams that actually need Man, this guy ispredictable.Like ReplyMar 28, 2012BlahBlahBlahI bet you exposed that on the Mason & Ireland show as well..Damn Vale,the only predictable one here is you...Which is why when I need a quickpick me up I look at these comments and can always rely on you..but notfor long...Like Replyive got the team. can this fraud slink back under the rock he crawled out from now?Like ReplyMar 28, 2012LittlelarryloulouNow thats funny!!! HahahaLike ReplyAnd Vale, for all intensive purposes, you are still considered a man who lost hiscredibility due to the very strange obsession with Josh Macciello. Weird!! Myobsession is, I know him personally and I know the truth..thats myobsession/motive, a person who knows he is telling the truth and you guys arenot....I hope you are getting compensated for this because if not, you have to
  35. 35. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 18/21Mar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012Mar 27, 2012BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahVale Tudowonder...Why?? Are you an old girlfriend? At the end of the day, Josh prevails andyou......Well, you can prey on another innocent citizen trying to make a difference inthe world..Again, you can trace me, which I know you did, and know this is notJosh, just someone who knows the truth...Have a great life buddy, thats if karmadoesnt get in the way...Like ReplyAnd Vale, for all intensive purposes, you are still considered a man who lost hiscredibility due to the very strange obsession with Josh Macciello. Weird!! Myobsession is, I know him personally and I know the truth..thats myobsession/motive, a person who knows he is telling the truth and you guys arenot....I hope you are getting compensated for this because if not, you have towonder...Why?? Are you an old girlfriend? At the end of the day, Josh prevails andyou......Well, you can prey on another innocent citizen trying to make a difference inthe world..Again, you can trace me, which I know you did, and know this is notJosh, just someone who knows the truth...Have a great life buddy, thats if karmadoesnt get in the way...Like ReplyAnd Vale, for all intensive purposes, you are still considered a man who lost hiscredibility due to the very strange obsession with Josh Macciello. Weird!! Myobsession is, I know him personally and I know the truth..thats myobsession/motive, a person who knows he is telling the truth and you guys arenot....I hope you are getting compensated for this because if not, you have towonder...Why?? Are you an old girlfriend? At the end of the day, Josh prevails andyou......Well, you can prey on another innocent citizen trying to make a difference inthe world..Again, you can trace me, which I know you did, and know this is notJosh, just someone who knows the truth...Have a great life buddy, thats if karmadoesnt get in the way...Like ReplyHaha no crickets here just people who know the truth and soon you will need to get a life or if your lucky girl/ were you watchingthe news all night dude.. hahaha..Buddy now I really feel sorry for you..Really Joshhas no goldmines...hahaha you guys are hilarious...thanks for the chuckleeveryday..Will miss you and wish I could see the look on your face when the truthcomes out...and as for Gene...Good for you buddy you got some exposure, negativebut still the same someone was reading..Me I never read any articles before and nowyou can bet I never will...hahaha you guys...Like Reply...Crickets... lolLike ReplyMar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahHaha no crickets here just people who know the truth and soon you willtoo...Vale need to get a life or if your lucky girl/boyfriend...wowwere you watching the news all night dude.. hahaha..Buddy now I reallyfeel sorry for you..Really Josh has no goldmines...hahaha you guys arehilarious...thanks for the chuckle everyday..Will miss you and wish Icould see the look on your face when the truth comes out...and as forGene...Good for you buddy you got some exposure, negative but still thesame someone was reading..Me I never read any articles before and nowyou can bet I never will...hahaha you guys...Like ReplyAnd Vale, for all intensive purposes, you are still considered a man wholost his credibility due to the very strange obsession with Josh Macciello.Weird!! My obsession is, I know him personally and I know thetruth..thats my obsession/motive, a person who knows he is telling thetruth and you guys are not....I hope you are getting compensated for thisbecause if not, you have to wonder...Why?? Are you an old girlfriend? Atthe end of the day, Josh prevails and you......Well, you can prey onanother innocent citizen trying to make a difference in the world..Again,you can trace me, which I know you did, and know this is not Josh, just
  36. 36. 6/10/13 Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buythe Dodgers. But He Was Reallya Fraud - - News - Los Angeles - LA 19/21someone who knows the truth...Have a great life buddy, thats if karmadoesnt get in the way...Like ReplyMar 28, 2012Josh has no gold"for all INTENTS and purposes," its funny how you make all ofthe spelling and grammatical errors of a half educated Brooklynfraud. Hmmmmm?! Id rather be discrediting this fraud thanhave a huge hard on for him like you.Like ReplyMar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012Mar 28, 2012BlahBlahBlahVale TudoBlahBlahBlah@Vale wrote: Josh, for all intensive purposes youstill are considered a convicted felon. It does notchange the facts that you pleaded to which lead toyou being convicted of a felony. Its a wrap, clown.Lol!!!!Copied from another LA Weekly commenter....bud.Again just someone who cares about Josh and you know what its like to have your friendsback? Oh yeah right you got Vales back the onewho wrote "for all intensive purposes" I just copiedhis words....Bud. It would be kinda of weird to havea hard on for Josh though..hahahaAnd when there isno come back one always looks for a grammaticalor spelling issue..Hahaha is that all you got?Besides a lack of character.Like ReplyNo need to get out of shape over grammar spellingguys. Typing from a droid phone. Man, this isentertaining. And like Ive said from the beginning,this thing all started when Josh answered my poston Mason and Ireland page while I was at theairport. But the truth of the matter is, this thing hasplayed out like I have always said it would. Case inpoint: Josh is still claiming hes going to proveeveryone wrong even with strong evidence to thecontrary. His sisters and other "fans" have comeafter me but it still doesnt change the fact that I amright(along with several others). Kind of makes youthink Josh has a "mole" in his camp. lol. Vale Tudois me. If its not under that name, than its not me.Its not Gene, etc. (I heard his sister even thought Iwas the one who wrote this article) Ive been comingat Josh under my name from the beginning. I offeredJosh an interview, etc but he backed out thinking Iwasnt worthy. His choice. But the most hilariousthing about this is that he was steered straight toLA Weekly and they slaughtered him!!! lol Heprobably thought the Weekly was going to do a"puff" article on him. By the way, hes also gettingslaughtered on twitter. lol Thing was never takenseriously on my part. PS: How are you going to getrid of and/ answer all that twitter negativity? Also,"Josh has no gold" said something negative aboutJosh. How come you didnt accuse him of being meas well?Like ReplyThats the first thing we agree on..this isentertaining..Cute that you think his sisters are evengiving you the time of day Vale...and by the way, Iwould love to hear from you when this all plays outas planned...Please answer when you are provenwrong because this has been, as we bothagreed,...entertaining.Like Reply