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The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver: character list


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This document just lists all the characters of the book and their relationship.

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The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver: character list

  1. 1. The Mandibles – Lionel Shriver - Character list Author: Florence (main character) Esteban: partner Kurt: tenant Willing Darkley: Son Fifa: girlfriend Carter Mandible: father Douglas: grandfather (97) Luella Watts: girlfriend Mimie Margarita: ex wife Jayne: mother, married with Cartner Nollie: sister (from Paris) Jarred: brother (farming) Don Hodgekiss: neighbor Avery: sister (therapist) Friends: Ryan Biersdorfer, Kin Yu Houseman, Tom Fortnum, Belle Duval Lowell Stackhouse: husband (professor) Mark Vandermire (colleague) Kids: Savannah, Goog, Bing Dante Alvarado: president John Stewart: candidate president Tanya: Neighbor Ellie: “sick” daughter Sam: husband Jake: son Deirdre Hesham: air traffic controller