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How Audio Content Amplifies the Power of Your Life Science Marketing


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This SlideShare shows how audio content can be used to create more engagement with your life science customers and make all of your content creation easier.

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How Audio Content Amplifies the Power of Your Life Science Marketing

  1. 1. LIFE SCIENCE MARKETING RADIO How Audio Content Amplifies the Power of Your Life Science Marketing
  2. 2. Goal • Attract new customers helping them see you as a smart partner in solving their problem. • Creating an experience that makes them comfortable to do business with you.
  3. 3. Outline • Advantages of audio content • Ways to use it • How to create it
  4. 4. Advantages of Audio Content Engaging, Portable, Easy
  5. 5. Engaging Experience • Audio is Intimate - feels like its happening right now, 1 to 1. • A level of content for people who care the most • You create the speaker in your head – more trusted, believable
  6. 6. Portable and On Demand • Can't watch video in your car, or read a document walking the dog, mowing the lawn, • Audience is less distracted, not in a rush • Catch people in their creative, free-thinking spaces
  7. 7. Using Audio Content Create, Publish, Repurpose
  8. 8. Ideal for Content Creation • Easier for subject matter experts, busy executives • Record, then Transcribe (Content 1st, Format 2nd) • No travel for production • Easy to repurpose • My plan: • Turn this Recorded Webinar into • Slideshare • Podcast • Transcript • 3 Blog posts
  9. 9. Every Part of Your Funnel • Podcast on any relevant topic • Short series of how-to’s / application stories • 3-5 minute user interviews, case studies
  10. 10. Produce a Podcast • 1 in 5 Americans listened in the last month Via the Infinite Dial from Edison Research and Triton Digital
  11. 11. Formats • Solocast • Interview • Two people talking (PNR, The Marketing Companion) • This American Life, Startup • Consider seasons tied together with a theme
  12. 12. Create an Experience • GE has a podcast called The Message. It’s science fiction but talks about science fact. • ers-ges-new-podcast-the-message-blends-sci-fi-with-sci- real.htm
  13. 13. Easier than you think Photo Courtesy Royal Society 1st Grader interviews Chairman of the Genetics Department at Harvard Medical School
  14. 14. Workflow for Life Science Marketing Radio Podcast 1. Plan 2. Schedule 3. Record 4. Edit 5. Transcribe 6. Notes 7. Process (Intros, Outros…) 8. Publish
  15. 15. Creating Audio Content Hardware, Software, Online Services
  16. 16. Simple Tools • Simple equipment produces professional sounding audio • iPhone • Microphone / Laptop • Software • Recording: Skype, Evaer, GoToWebinar, • Editing/Processing: Auphonic (2 hrs free/mo) Audacity (free), Garage Band, • Transcription: • Publish: LibSyn
  17. 17. $25 - $125 Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone
  18. 18. Audacity Software for Audio Editing (free) Editing Audio is as easy as cutting and pasting in Word
  19. 19. Click Here to View the Complete Webinar
  20. 20. Contact: +1.925.322.1451