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Breakout groups day 2


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Discussion themes and groups for Day 2

Published in: Science
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Breakout groups day 2

  1. 1. Programme Synergies: Breakout Groups 1. Training needs o Stats, grant writing, leadership/mentoring 2. Career development o Destinations, independence 3. Impact o Policy documents, on farm demonstrations 4. Synergies, collaboration and exchanges across the programme o Skills matrix, data/modelling, newsletter, joint outputs
  2. 2. Group 1 Group 2 Gary Bending Nil Alvarez Segura Duncan Cameron Debbie Harding Kelly Mason Jay Moore Ruth Wade Jeanette Whitaker Richard Bardgett Elizabeth Wellington Matthias Kuhnert Dylan Childs Murray Hart Ian Lidbury Muhammad Naveed Mark Tibbett Group 3 Group 4 Jonathan Leake Liz Baggs Ian Clark Andrew Goodall Phil Haygarth Niall McNamara Jennifer Rhymes Steffi Tille Robert Griffiths Susanne Bird Mathilde Chomel Mark Emmerson Richard Grayson Brian Harris Alex Jones Tim Mauchline Susanne Schreiter Group 5 Group 6 Paul Hallett Dominique Butt Pippa Chapman Franciska De Vries Thorunn Helgason Sally Hilton David Johnson Andrew Murphy Maaike Van Agtmaal John Hammond Dan McGonigle Mark Hodson Penny Hirsch Simon Kerley Jocelyn Lavallee Nick Ostle Tiina Roose