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Balu sap ibm retail

  1. 1. SAP Customer Success stories from IBM forRetailBalkishan Chourasiya
  2. 2. SAP and IBM SAP:SAP is software that is designed to make companies management theirresources and work force. SAP stands for Systems, Applications andProcessing. It is both a company as well as a software. It is basically an ERPtype software, that is used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies IBM:IBM (International Business Machines) is by far the worlds largestinformation technology company in terms of revenue ($88 billion in 2000)and by most other measures, a position it has held for about the past 50years. IBM products include hardware and software for a line of businessservers, storage products, custom-designed microchips, and applicationsoftware.
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSIBM AND SAPThe longstanding and successful alliance between IBM and SAP goes back morethan 30 years➢ IBM Global Business Services (IBM GBS) is the largestSAP integrator in the world.➢ SAP solutions are certified for all IBM server platforms.➢ IBM DB2 is the SAP development database of choice. In May 2006, IBM and SAPannounced a special version of DB2 optimized for SAP applications.
  4. 4. Technology PartnerIBM has established a network of SAP Customer CompetenceCenters. Headquartered in Waldorf, Germany, the headquartersof SAP, the IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC)serves as the central access point to the centers. Joint supportteams help to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers,building on three decades of experience in optimizing ITinfrastructure and service offerings for SAP solutions.
  5. 5. Retail
  6. 6. Retail Process:➢ Retail is the sale of goods to end users.➢ The retail transaction is at the end of the supply chain.
  7. 7. Why SAP for Retail Industry:SAP provides retailers with proven solutions for: Customer loyalty Merchandising Merchandise and assortment planning Price optimization Promotion management Forecasting and replenishment Warehouse management Workforce management Point-of-sale Sustainability performance management Business intelligence
  8. 8. The key retailing processes include• Assortment Management• Sales Price Calculation• Promotion Management• Allocation• Requirements Planning and Purchasing• Goods Receipt• Invoice Verification and Subsequent Settlementof End-Of-Period Arrangements• Warehouse Management• Picking and Delivery• Billing• Store Supply
  9. 9. Success Stories7-Eleven Stores Pvt Ltd.7-Eleven is the largest operator and franchiser of convenience stores in theworld, with annual sales of about US $36billion.Solution:IBM i. SAP ERP 6.0, SAP NetWeaver® Portal, SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, SAPNetWeaver Business Warehouse, SAP POS Data Management and SAP NetWeaver BusinessWarehouse Accelerator.
  10. 10. Coop Consorzio Nord Ovest (CCNO)Coop Consorzio Nord Ovest (CCNO) is part of Coop Italia, a nationwide wholesale andretail group with distribution centers and retail stores throughout Italy. Solution:CCNO worked with IBM Global Business Services to implement a new centralized inventorymanagement system, based on a highly customized version of the SAP for Retail solution. IBMalso provided a highly available IT infrastructure based on IBM Power Systems servers, withdisaster recovery capabilities provided by servers hosted at an IBM data center near Milan.
  11. 11. FossilFossil, based in Richardson, TX, is a global company specializing in the designand manufacture of watches and other fashion accessories, which it marketsunder the Fossil, Relic, Michele, Zodiac, and other brands. The companyemploys over 10,000 people and generates annual revenues of approximatelyUS$1.25 billion. Solution:Working with IBM Global Business Services, Fossil selected and implemented theSAP for Retail solution portfolio. The new software runs on a number of IBM Systemp5 570 servers and is supported by an IBM DB2 database.
  12. 12. Electronic Partner sparks better business with SAP andIBMFounded in 1973, ElectronicPartner has evolved from a family company into an internationalcorporate enterprise based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Starting with the wholesale of radio andelectrical appliances, the range now includes consumer electronics, lifestyle and wellbeing productssold through its own, franchised and independent retail outlets.Solution:Selected a suite of SAP Business Suite 7.0, SAP for Retail and SAP ERP applications, includingmaterials management, sales and distribution, warehouse management and SAP NetWeaverProcess Integration. SAP and other general business applications software were implemented ontwo IBM Power 570 servers running the IBM i operating system, with its integrated IBM DB2database.
  13. 13. Caltex Australia gains deeper insight with the IBM Systems Solutionfor SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse AcceleratorCaltex Australia is Australia’s leading fuel supplier and convenience retailer, and is also theonly integrated oil refining and marketing company listed on the Australian SecuritiesExchange.Solution:Caltex Australia worked with IBM and SAP to deploy the IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaverBusiness Warehouse Accelerator, based on IBM BladeCenter, with IBM HS21 blades powered byIntel Xeon Processor 5100 series processors; running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The solutiondramatically accelerates the company’s business intelligence engine, enabling the rapid collectionand analysis of millions of sales records from point-of-sale systems located at stores across thecountry.
  14. 14. Choice of IBM InfrastructureAllowing customers platform choice:The SAP architecture is flexible and runs on all IBM platforms.Many retail customers are running their SAP solution on UNIX platform. Often this UNIXplatforms are combined with mainframes.Demonstrating how IBM Technology delivers results:IBM technologies provide the most complete capabilities to meet customer non functionalrequirements.Showing the inherent scalability of the database:Regardless of platform, IBM database management systems are highly tuned with SAPsoftware for high performance, high availability and scalability for SAP applications.SAP for Retail: SAP SCM, SAP AII, SAP APO,SAP ICH, my SAP SRM, my SAP CRM, SAPSAP EM etc.
  15. 15. Benefits: Strategic clarity Increased assurance Maximum performance at optimum cost Operational excellence Insight need to areas of your business Anticipate your shoppers need Streamline supply chain operations Ensure an inspired shopping experience A solid foundation for corporate operations.
  16. 16. Any Queries ?