10 Deadly Business Owner Mistakes


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10 Deadly Business Owner mistakes that can cost entrepreneurs their business.

1. All Sales no Delivery
2. The distracting dog of an idea
3. Out dated infrastructure
4. Nothing ever changes
5. It’s all my staffs fault
6. Books cooked beyond recognition
7. Marketing mismatch
8. No Plan B
9. Caged by business
10. I know everything

Why make avoidable mistakes, speak to your business performance advisor to improve your business success.

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10 Deadly Business Owner Mistakes

  1. 1. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au10 Deadly Business Owner Mistakes
  2. 2. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au1. All Sales NoDeliveryGreat sales andmarketing plan let downby poor customerexperience. Eventuallyyour sales team spendmost of their timeplacating disgruntledcustomers!
  3. 3. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au2. The DistractingGreat Idea!The quick money makingopportunity which has nothingto do with your corebusiness, your knowledge orskill base, but sounds great atthe time.The dog of an idea sucks upyour resources and distractsyou and your staff from whatthey do best. Then starts a rotin the foundations of yourbusiness.
  4. 4. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au3. Out dated InfrastructureNot investing in new equipment or technology. Notmaintaining current assets. Devaluing internally driveninnovation and process improvement. To eventually findyourself left behind by your competitors.
  5. 5. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au4. Nothing Ever Changes in my Industry!Living in the past, head in the sand.“I’ve been here before it will be okay!”Famous last words!
  6. 6. Putney Breeze5. My staff bringnothing to thetable!Everybody around me ishopeless and add no value tothe business. I may as well doeverything myself!If you can’t replicateyourself, your jobs, your processyou’ll struggle to grow yourbusiness. You’ll struggle tocreate time for yourself andeventually burnout.
  7. 7. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au6. Books that belong in aLabyrinthThe over complicated company structure designed to avoidtax when your business is humming. But when the marketcircumstances change, you can’t work out which service orproduct actually makes you money! Your over complicatedcompany structure is now a decision making nightmare!
  8. 8. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au7. Marketing MismatchLosing touch with the market. Nothing likesuccessfully promoting a product everybody knows about but just does notresonate in the market.iSnack 2.0 launched at 2009 AFL GrandFinal, lasted 4 days before a name change.
  9. 9. Putney Breeze8. No Back Up PlanNot planning for the worst case scenario. What will youdo if or when things don’t go to plan. How will youwork through challenging times, what is your Plan B?
  10. 10. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au9. Trapped in your BusinessFailing to; take time out, regain perspective, challenge your thinking, challengeyour methods, leverage your knowledge.
  11. 11. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.au10. I KnowEverything and it’sAll About Me.Once you know everythingcongratulations! You’ve stoppedlearning, stopped moving with thetimes. Eventually you’ll get leftbehind by the changing market.“There is only one rule is business:Nothing stays the same forever”Chris Catto, Director, PutneyBreeze Business AdvisorsSo never stop learning!
  12. 12. Putney Breeze info@putneybreeze.com.auWhy make avoidable mistakes?Talk to Putney Breeze TodayArrange your obligation free initial consultationChart the route to your Business Destination.Start your profitable growth journey.info@putneybreeze.com.au03 9395 1118