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Marketing audit presentation


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Published in: Business
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Marketing audit presentation

  1. 1. Marketing Audit
  2. 2. Marketing Audit• Cannot do business in a culture of “good enough”• No business or marketing plan is perfect• Finding solutions to those imperfections is important• Document solutions and implement to continue to improve
  3. 3. Marketing Audit• What are we doing that currently works?• What are we doing that doesn’t work?• Think Converged Media: – OWNED – EARNED – PAID – SHARED MEDIA
  4. 4. Owned Media• Owned media is about brand control and the channels you control• Including: digital media, websites, blogs, newsletters, white pages, promotions, presentations, and social media accounts• Brands are now managed like publishers with a production department• Content engages customers and fosters relationships
  5. 5. Owned Media• Build long term relationships with existing clients• Benefits of owned media: Control, Cost Efficiency, Longevity, Versatility, Niche Audiences• Challenges include No Guarantees, takes Time to Scale
  6. 6. Earned Media• Achieving editorial brand presence• When customers become the channel, i.e. content going viral, buzz, referrals, etc.• The role: Listen & Respond, Earned media usually the result of well executed paid media• Benefits are most credible, key role in sales, transparent and lives on• Challenges include: no control, potential for negativity, scalability, and hard to measure
  7. 7. Paid Media• Advertising including display ads, PPC, sponsorships, essentially brand pays to leverage a channel• Benefits are in demand, immediacy, scale, and control• Challenges include clutter, declining response time, and poor credibility
  8. 8. Shared Media• Shared media is about the co-creation of content and media between brands and community.• Brand participation and interaction between media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube• Can propagate across individuals networks to others and on and on• Paid and owned media can inspire shared media and shared media can inspire earned media.• Examples of shared media: Dell Computers• Think Advertising & Public Relations
  9. 9. Marketing Audit• Does the marketing plan match up with the overall goals of the business? If so, how? If not, why not?• Do the individual marketing tactics or campaigns support the overall marketing plan? If so how? If not, why not?
  10. 10. Marketing Audit• What areas can we improve• How do we implement improvements• Identify Benchmarks/ Timelines/ Measurables• Review• Refine
  11. 11.