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Branding & public relations presentation


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A presentation on Branding & Public Relations

Published in: Business
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Branding & public relations presentation

  1. 1. Branding & Public Relations by Chris Cathers
  2. 2. Branding• One of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B• Its who you are, who you want to be, and who you want to attract• Effective brand gives you a competitive edge• Your brand = promise to your customer• The foundation of your brand is your logo, its your website, packaging, image and promotional materials— the integration of your logo
  3. 3. Brand Strategy• How, What, Where, When and Whom you plan on communicating is your brand message• Where you advertise is your brand strategy• Your distribution channels are your brand strategy• The visuals and verbal message is also your brand strategy
  4. 4. Brand Equityotherwise known as Brand Value or Brand Recognition• Consistency + Strategic Branding = Brand Equity• Brand Equity = Added Value• Added Value = Perceived Value• Perceived Value = More Profit• Ex. Coca Cola vs Generic Soda , canned Tuna (perception)
  5. 5. Defining your Brand• A process of asking a lot of questions:• Mission, Benefits & Features, Why?, What and how do our customers view us?• What qualities do your customers and prospects think of your company?• Research, learn habits and desires of current and prospective clients.• Because you think you know everything about your clients its a great idea to bring in outside help for this part
  6. 6. Great Logo• Get one! Place it everywhere• Integrate your brand in your business• Tagline – what is your company tag line?• Design templates and create brand standards• Be true to your brand and be consistent
  7. 7. Brand Trends 2013• Facebook continue to provide new, richer a opportunities for brands• Customized and personalized products and services• Social Media continues to evolve• Reducing, selling, and shopping based on environmentally “green” production and design, fair- trade and socially conscious consumption on the rise.• Mobile devices continue to become mainstream• Brand engagement, differentiate, entertain, and engage
  8. 8. Brand Bottom Line• Understand what is a Brand ?• Form a brand strategy• Define what your brand is• Work on creating Brand Equity• Get a great logo• Be true to your brand and be consistent
  9. 9. Public Relations• Managing the flow of info between an individual or an organization• The goal is to persuade: the public, investors, partners, employees, and stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about their leadership, products, or of political decisions• Called PR or confused with Press Release• Most cost effective media
  10. 10. Public Relations• Many companies and organization compete for limited media space• Understanding the needs of relevant media is critical in a successful public relations effort• Submit press releases (media kit) and follow up follow up• Editorial coverage is king of PR• Online/Offline writers/ publishers need content and are often lazy• Edited or not
  11. 11. Public Relations• Maximize your return on public relations investment by ensuring the relevancy of the content you display (especially in Social Media, Online/ Offline Media)• Public Speaking, Blogs, Events• Have a great USP (Unique Selling Proposition) “For every case of beer you purchase we will plant a tree” - Caribou Beer, M&Ms – “it melts in your mouth not in your hand”, Toms shoes - for every pair of shoes you purchase we will donate one, "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less -- or its free. – Dominoes Pizza• Engage the editor and reader with the WHY?
  12. 12. Public Relations Summary• Know the media that is relevant• Most cost effective form of advertising• Ensure content relevancy• Harness the power of social media for PR• Most successful people utilize the power of Public Relations
  13. 13. Your Time is Valuable and Appreciated Thank You Questions