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ATG Risk Clearinghouse Brochure


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Speed and Driving Behavior Matters... Everywhere

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ATG Risk Clearinghouse Brochure

  1. 1. ATG RISK CLEARiNGHOUSE WHAT’S YOUR CHALLENGE? LOSS CONTROL? UNDERWRITING? WHY NOT IMPROVE BOTH? The ATG Clearinghouse, the auto insurance industry’s largest and best source for reliable telematics and driven environment data, now offers your insureds access to the SpeedGauge Safety Center, the transportation industry’s premier driver coaching and performance management service. speed and driver behavior matters...everywhere • In the US 90.3% of motor vehicle crashes involve human error of some sort, and 50% are on rural roads. • According to NHTSA, speed is a factor in nearly 1/3 of all fatal crashes, with the probability of death, disfigurement or debilitating injury doubling for every 10 mph over 50 mph. • Speed was mentioned in greater than 65% of 2016 US accident reports involving a commercial vehicle.* ATG Risk, a division of SPEEDGAUGE, INC. | 1385 Mission St., Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94103 206.274.0024 | *
  2. 2. ATG Risk, a division of SPEEDGAUGE, INC. | 1385 Mission St., Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94103 206.274.0024 | what does the safety center mean for your clients? • Help employers of fleet and non-fleet businesses reduce collisions and injuries, spot trends and use key performance indicators to effect change. • Provide unique, technology independent, individualized safety insights. • Increase driver retention, optimize employee incentives and compensation. • Standardized safety analytics—supported by highly qualified, respected Safety Center Professionals familiar with all the major event recorders. • The portable the Safety Score creates a high degree of driver engagement and documents good driving habits­—something professional drivers can take with them wherever they go. • Privacy protection for policy holders and drivers increases the potential for the fleet to share data. Ask about our Safety Center 90-day Free Trial! Hundreds of thousands of vehicles use the SpeedGauge Safety Center today. It’s the trusted source for fleet safety data and posted speed limits for many of the world’s leading Camera and Telematics Service Providers. engage the speedgauge safety center today help prevent avoidable losses and avoid excessive claims SpeedGauge Safety Center driver coaching, and performance management service allows clients to track and manage vehicle speed trends and driver behavior—two primary factors affecting safety and fuel economy, as well as collision frequency and severity. The client-facing side of the Clearinghouse, the Safety Center is available to all your risks (with or without telematics) to help reduce preventable claims. While benefitting the client and driver with safety data, the service can be a key differentiator for producers to quickly and easily explain rate differences. This valuable service is purchased by the business (fleet or non- fleet) from their existing Telematics or Fleet Management Service provider. Reduce frequency up to 50% Results equal to a rate increase of 14%
  3. 3. ATG Risk, a division of SPEEDGAUGE, INC. | 1385 Mission St., Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94103 206.274.0024 | business auto, fleet & truck underwriting profit... driven by data You can achieve an underwriting profit today by leveraging a source of aggregated data encompassing billions of driven miles and hundreds of risk insights captured from the majority of commercial auto and fleet vehicles on the road today. • Avoid the expense and complexity of collecting, storing and mining your own driving data, VIN matching and vehicle-to-driver-to-road normalization by class and territory. • Save time and increase underwriting accuracy with validated, proprietary data for risk classification and selection. • With no I.T. investment, produce pricing results shown to be at least 2.5x more accurate.* Return to profitability with a proven, cost-effective data insights solution— the ATG CLEARINGHOUSE. no need for a new filing or a new rating plan. a TURN-KEY PORTAL, usable today! Reliable and complete vehicle schedules, driver lists, and precise usage data enable very accurate use of scheduled credits and judgment rating factors. Predictive analytics and machine-learned insights, underpinned by the industry’s most deterministic driving performance data, assist underwriters in better, more accurate risk assessments. Premiums that reflect true risk exposure aligns both parties’ interests, resulting in underwriters accepting only desired risks. However, achieving and maintaining this balance at a competitive price (for risks with and without telematics installed) requires access to billions of miles of well correlated driving data. Through the Clearinghouse you can put previously inaccessible data from telematics, vehicle systems and smart highways to work immediately. Without a single filing change, improve selection and retain profitable policy holders. Profitable Underwriting Price! Rate Making Insights, Trends & Knowledge Billions of miles of anonymized data! Normalized with Machine Learning by Road Type, Class & Territory Road Risk, Vehicle and Environmental Data Telematics Service Providers and OEMs Telematics devices, event recorders, ELDs/AOBRs, cameras, sensors, mobile phones and tablets (200+ sources) High Value for the Insurer Clearinghouse Secure Data Source
  4. 4. ATG Risk, a division of SPEEDGAUGE, INC. | 1385 Mission St., Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94103 206.274.0024 | THE SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS An easy-to-use underwriting portal provides immediate, proprietary access to comparative views of the risks in your book, along with all the underlying data needed—access to more than 6.5 million vehicles and an inventory of over 50 billion miles of anonymized commercial vehicle data—to classify every risk correctly. Safety Center creates a compelling reason for clients to authorize data sharing: • Automatically benchmark how, where and when the risk operates—is it who you think it is? • Gather driver data and vehicle insights with contextual data from the driven environment (context includes data for events, risk zones, roads, traffic, congestion and weather). • Collect, validate, normalize and standardize data from all vehicles (with or without telematics) with a very rapid process for accurate information classification. • Prepare accurate vehicle schedules (100% VIN validation) and driver lists for pre-fill, with odometer readings, garaging locations and radius of operation. • Validate metrics for road type usage, mileage, radius of operation and trips per day, from almost every major vendor. • Increase your accuracy and reduce the cost of working with over 100 data sources. why choose the clearinghouse? The Clearinghouse provides immediate access to 70x more data than a data exchange or pilot project. • Insurer pays only for today’s data. Add historical data from the Clearinghouse, when needed. • Use data from multiple vendors and eliminate the possibility of not collecting the right data for claims or loss control. • Protect your proprietary rating models, eliminate uncertainty, and prepare for the coming influx of data from active vehicle systems, ADAS and autonomous vehicles with billions of miles of anonymized data by make and model. *