Costa Rica Tourism


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This is one of the pitches I did to get us into the Costa Rica pitch.

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Costa Rica Tourism

  1. 1. Pura Vida. Every Day.
  2. 2. A few comments on Cheil and Costa RicaI. Six ThoughtsII. Current Cheil travel experienceIII. Cheil and Costa RicaIV. Agency Travel Experience
  3. 3. I. Six Thoughts1. No one goes on a vacation to Costa Rica2. It’s a recession and an opportunity3. When is an electronic device like a vacation?4. Humans count5. Keep close6. If you can not bring the people to the jungle….
  4. 4. I. Six Thoughts1. No one goes on vacation to Costa RicaOk, we got your attention. They do go for a “vacation”. But a Costa Ricanvacation is a bit different. It is not your traditional “passive” vacation.The first thing that we noted is that anyone who has been to Costa Rica fora vacation there speaks about the “experience”. One of our employees took250 photos and breathlessly described everything she did. Canopy Tours,Volcano, Horseback on the beach. She then commented “Amazing all ofthat in 5 days!That experience was not singular to her. In fact it was common:The experience unites them.It makes them want to tell everyone about it.And they want to go back. Again and again.ImplicationsHarness that passion and keep it alive.Let them relive the experience.Let them easily share it with others.Give them an outlet to express themselves.
  5. 5. I. Six Thoughts2. It’s a recession and it’s an opportunityAs Americans (and Canadians) spend more time and money on “staycations”(nesting) the opportunity exists to position Costa Rica as the activealternative. As a place to go for a real experience. One that you willremember..for a long time. More to the point, Costa Rica offers a chance toget off the couch, get away, really away and do so with few regrets (Nohuge credit card bill awaiting their return).ImplicationsPut simply “It’s all within reach” in Costa Rica.And we mean this in any number of ways:•There are myriad experiences available; from beach to jungle, fromswimming pools to tidal pools, from treetops to mountain tops and allwithin a relatively close proximity.•It’s not a long trip from the US and Canada.•And frankly it is not expensive.
  6. 6. I. Six Thoughts3. When is an electronic device like a vacation?A 2008 Double-Click survey on online buyers found that pre-purchaserecommendations were nearly as important for travel as for electronics.• 59% of adult online buyers indicated that they are likely to consider arecommendation before purchasing a top ranked electronic product.•Similarly, 53% would consider a recommendation before making a travelpurchase.Cheil, with its long time client Samsung (the world leader in electronics)understands the need to craft media and creative strategies that take intoaccount the specific purchase behavior of a target.For example Cheil noted that the primary destination for consumersresearching electronics was CNET. To keep consumers from leaving CNET(and possibly visit Samsung’s competitors sites) we developed an on-linestore within CNET, placing Samsung right at the key decision making point.ImplicationDevelop a similar “Store” at key destination sites
  7. 7. I. Six Thoughts4. Humans countTravelers are getting frustrated with online websites. There is no particularloyalty to Expedia, Travelocity, or Orbits. A recent Forrester Researcharticle noted an increase in offline research for travel and a decrease in theenjoyment of planning and buying travel on the internet.This is not to say that on-line travel is not important, nor do we suggestthat it is going away. Simply that we have found a significant reliance onthe human touch for those booking vacations in Costa Rica.Given the “experiential” nature of Costa Rica this is not surprising.Booking a “passive” all-inclusive vacation to the Bahamas is perfectly suitedto the Expedia’s of the world.The same does not hold true to a country where you can be on a beach onemorning and in a cloud forest that same afternoon.ImplicationIdentify and support travel agents who understand the “experience”.
  8. 8. I. Six Thoughts5. Stay closeMany things unite the Costa Rican “Passionistas”, those lucky few who havealready had the Costa Rican experience: •A desire to go back. •A desire to get others to go. •A desire to go back.We think it is critical that those desires are reinforced on a regular basis.We would suggest augmenting any traditional direct (Email/direct mail)efforts by bringing Costa Rica to the “passionistas” desk-tops and theirphones.ImplicationsDevelop a Pura Vida widget for their desktops providing news, weather,photos or whatever they so choose on their desktop.Likewise we suggest developing an App for the Iphone.
  9. 9. I. Six Thoughts6. If you can not bring the people to the jungle bring…It is hard for those who have not been to Costa Rica to understand the truebreadth of the experience. But we would suggest developing a Costa Ricanroad show that literally would bring that experience into key markets.Imagine creating a zipline speeding you through the rainforest…in NY’sGrand Central Station.While Cheil has not created a rainforest in Grand Central we have thecapability to do so. Our Brand Amplification division (Brand Amp for short)is up for to the challenge. We’ve handled the Olympic Torch Relay(especially challenging this year), the Samsung World Championships (Golf),created the largest booth at the largest electronic show (the ConsumerElectronic Show), and brought the Samsung experience live to New YorkCity.In addition we would investigate partnering with a key cable network(National Geo, The Travel Channel, A&E) to develop a Costa Rican travelcontent for TV and the web.
  10. 10. II. Current travel experienceWe are currently working with the Dallas Ft Worth Visitors and Conventionbureau to increase Asian travel to the Southwest. As noted earlier our rolein this campaign is twofold. We manage and execute the DFW campaign inAsia, and we assist in expanding the relationship with DFW InternationalAirport’s carrier partners, primarily Korean Air.This marketing campaign allows Cheil to utilize its global strength to make acomplex, multinational program operate seamlessly.Here are three screen grabs from the site.
  11. 11. III. Agency personnel travel experienceIn addition to our current Dallas Ft Worth work, our personnel haveworked on a wide variety of travel and travel-related accounts at otheradvertising agencies.
  12. 12. “Costa Rica has a terrificcombination of outdoor activities(hiking, rafting, horseback riding)with beautiful beaches for relaxingand recharging”Sarah Horn Cheil-New JerseyFirst trip
  13. 13. “Costa Rica is the perfect place for ahoneymoon. You can totally relax atthe peaceful beaches but also hikeup volcanoes and zip line throughthe trees.  The things to do areendless.”Christine Nelson (Grubb)Cheil, DallasFirst trip for her honeymoon
  14. 14. “Such an amazing country, weimmediately knew what the howlermonkeys were talking about.”Steve Fanuele & Kimberly McFarlandCheil, NJFirst trip for their honeymoon
  15. 15. “Costa Rica was one of thefriendliest carefree places I’ve been.Everyone was smiling, everyone washelpful and the raw beauty of thecountry (Dominical especially) wasastounding.”David GlitzerCheil, New JerseyTwo Trips (so far)
  16. 16. “Here it is in one country, zip-lining in the rain forest, horsebackriding on the beach, white waterrafting and then top it off bygoing trekking to see an activevolcano..”Johanna RustiaCheil New JerseyOne trip, another in the works
  17. 17. “Two trips so far, and still lots todo, and lots of people to do itwith.”Michael GlowaskiCheil New JerseyTwo trips
  18. 18. “Costa Rica is a true experientialtravel experience.”Kelly BrennanCheil New JerseyTwo trips
  19. 19. “Never Bring Food to Manuel Antonio National Park” A first-hand tale of Costa Rican wildlife, photographed by Steve Fanuele & Kimberly McPartland An observant and clever monkey When the family of four goes into the Rummaging through their backpackscopes out the scene on the beach. ocean for a swim, he makes his move. he quickly finds the yummy sandwich He quickly dashes to safety. Climbs a tree and dines in style… …with friends.
  20. 20. Gracias