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Costa Rica Final Deck

  1. 1. Pura VidaThursday, February 12, 2009
  2. 2. AgendaA Brief Introduction To CheilOur Thoughts About Costa RicaA Few ExamplesExperiential MarketingOur Approach to MediaOur Five PromisesNext Steps
  3. 3. AgendaJennifer Friedberg General ManagerTimothy Bruns Executive Creative DirectorMichelle Son Experiential MarketingMarc Allen Account PlanningJohanna Rustia Art DirectorChris Boak Business Development
  4. 4. Passion For Ideas:A Brief Introduction To Cheil
  5. 5. What Is Cheil?We are: • A creative agency • An interactive agency • An experiential agency • An international agencyBut in our heart Cheil is an idea agencyWhat defines an idea agency?Many advertising agencies talk about ideas. Big Ideas. Smart Ideas. Engaging IdeasWe believe that today, an idea must create immediate engagement as well as deliver realand lasting valuePut more simply we believe in Ideas that Work
  6. 6. Immersion as Part of How We Workim⋅mer⋅sion   /ɪˈmɜrʒən, -ʃən/ [i-mur-zhuhn, -shuhn]–noun• an act or instance of immersing• state of being immersed• state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption• baptism in which the whole body of the person is submerged in the water• concentrating on one course of instruction, subject, or project to the exclusion of all others for several days or weeks; intensive: an immersion course in conversational French
  7. 7. Advertising TodayCommunicating with a customer … is so much more than tagline… …or an image It’s far more than a website … … or a campaign or the brand itself
  8. 8. It is an entire experienceA panoply of perceptionsA mosaic of mediaWoven together as enlightenment, education…and immersion
  9. 9. Immersing in Our Clients’ Businesses Situation Analysis Consumer Company Strategies Your Channel Competitor Forward Marketing Plan Strategic Implications
  10. 10. We break through the customer’s perception of the brandWe go beneath the surface to what a brand represents to customersOnly by deeply immersing ourselves in our client’s business can we createideas that will build their businessWe harness the power of immersion, the passion of our people and theprecision of an engineer to develop ideas that engage our targets at the rightmoment of contact with the express purpose of changing attitudes andbehavior to help grow our clients’ business
  11. 11. Cheil Facts and Figures
  12. 12. Cheil WorldwideFounded in 197336 offices across the globeOver 1,500 employees worldwideOver 200 awards in world-class creative competitionsRanked 17 among worldwide ad organizations
  13. 13. Global Network36 offices across 8 Regional HQs. We plan to have 40 offices by end of 2009
  14. 14. Agency Ranking16th largest organization by annual revenue (source : Agency Report 2008 of Ad Age)
  15. 15. Our Clients Around the WorldCheil Worldwide’s long term partnership with our client’s has led to tremendous success
  16. 16. Thoughts on Costa Rica
  17. 17. Situation Analysis Situation analysis Consumer Company Strategies Channel Competitor Forward Strategic Implications
  18. 18. ConsumerConsumer CompanyChannel Competitor
  19. 19. 80% (family & friends) vs 40% (travel books, travel agents, online travel sites)Source: 2007 survey by the Ypartnership, Most trusted sources of travel planning information
  20. 20. CompanyConsumer CompanyChannel Competitor
  21. 21. There was one thingmissing from each of these pictures…
  22. 22. ChannelConsumer CompanyChannel Competitor
  23. 23. The Path to Purchase for a Vacation in Costa RicaDepending on where the visitor is on their ‘path to purchase’, they will visit multiple touchpoints for different information to base their purchase decision upon Travel Guide Books Travel Portals Hotel Friends Sites Travel & Comparison Family Sites Travel Agencies Travel Search engine Advertising Travel Blogs Destination Websites
  24. 24. cnet is a key destination for people researching electronics. To keep people from leaving cnet (and possibly visit Samsung’s competitors sites) Cheil developed an on-line store within cnet, placing Samsung right at the key decision making point – What is Costa Rica’s ‘cnet’?
  25. 25. Top 10 Travel Sites Among the 11,976 travel sites in the Travel industry there are only a handful of preferred sites for online travelers to obtain information, prices, reviews and purchase vacations fromSource: Hitwise - Top 10 websites in the Travel online industry for the month of December, 2008 based on visits. Results are based on the activity of 10 million US Internet users
  26. 26. Competitive Consumer Company Channel Competitor
  27. 27. There are many ways to define the competition
  28. 28. 4.7%
  29. 29. According to the ’08 Travel and Tourism Competitive Index, the WTO defines Costa Rica’s competitive set as follows Competitors Visitors (000’s) Share Mexico 21,424 51.1% Brazil 5,026 12.0% Dominican Republic 3,980 9.5% Chile 2,507 6.0% Cuba 2,119 5.1% Costa Rica 1,973 4.7% Jamaica 1,704 4.1% Bahamas 1,528 3.6% Panama 1,103 2.6% Barbados 575 1.4% TOTAL 41,939Source: selected countries from the Caribbean Basin and South America, including eight of the top ten Latin American countries according to the 2008 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index
  30. 30. 1 Which country do you view as your biggest competitor?2 Which country do you think sees you as their biggest competitor?
  31. 31. Are your competitors regional?
  32. 32. Compete for people’s passion
  33. 33. “I just need to escape!”
  34. 34. Some Thought Starters No pictures of Visitors  themselves Consumer Company Evangelists Why? Uncover Defining & Costa Rica’s Channel addressing the Competitor ‘cnet’(s) competitive set
  35. 35. Three Case StudiesWe have selected three case studies to highlight the following themes • Showcasing total integration (Jamaica) • Creating a clean social network (Samsung- Washers and Dryers) • Building Awareness (Samsung Mobile Phones)
  36. 36. Jamaica Tourist Board
  37. 37. Jamaica Tourist Board
  38. 38. Jamaica Tourist Board
  39. 39. Jamaica Tourist Board
  40. 40. Understanding MomsBackgroundSamsung was launching into a new category (Home Appliances) that was crowded andhighly competitiveObjectiveBreak through the clutter with a strong point of view and personalityDeveloping the StrategyWe conducted in-home ethnography to learn how Moms use their home appliancesFindings1) Today’s moms view themselves differently to their own moms2) Hectic lives  Looking for their appliances to help them3) Family is the most important4) Women spend a significant time online researching products5) Moms look to connect with other moms
  41. 41. Understanding MomsOur featured Moms and their families were given Samsung Appliances and agreed to befilmed so we can capture deeper understanding and insight. Their stories and their videoswere among the first elements featured on the new Moms Like Us social network.
  42. 42. Moms Like Us
  43. 43. Word of Mouth Angel Harris August 11, 2008 Barbara September 9, 2008 BU September 11, 2008Reading these reviews makes you these are some dream machines, arentwant to head to Sears RIGHT THIS they?! wow. i need to go sleep, so i canMINUTE! Id love to have a set! keep dreaming about these machines! Just purchased the Samsung washer and LOVE it. I entered the contest to win the washer and dryer for my daughter. William Mondeau Cindy Heather Egbert August 17, 2008 September 13, 2008 August 30, 2008I have finally decided to purchase a front load washer over Ooo. I love the stainless set built in this contest is a great idea no matterthe top load washer. (…). My three sisters have bought front the laundry/clothing closet center in who wins.. both my husband and i areload washers and love’em. I have narrowed it down to either the photo. Every bit of that is perfect. in the military and our training can bepurchasing the LG or Samsung. After visiting a few local Beautiful, soothing, Samsung...youre quite dirty.stores yesterday, I am sold on the Samsung. my domestic bliss. 61
  44. 44. Product Page
  45. 45. Laundry - Pedia Page
  46. 46. Sweeps Page
  47. 47. ResultsThe site has generated a sizable audience. Highlights include: 30,000 members 391,146 page views 108,285 visits Only a 44% bounce rate (below 50% is ideal)
  48. 48. Results – PressOver 70 pick-ups to date
  49. 49. Juke Box HeroBackgroundSamsung was launching a new music phone that was exclusively available throughVerizon (a wireless carrier provider)ObjectiveSamsung wanted to ensure people knew this phone was made by SamsungDeveloping the StrategyWe conducted ‘man on the street’ interviews to gain reactions and insights from the targetFindings1) Surprise and Delight, A sense of “wow, this is so cool”2) Teens drew comparisons to a Juke Box player3) People see their mobile phones as a reflection of self
  50. 50. Juke Box Hero - TV
  51. 51. Juke Box HeroResults
  52. 52. Juke Box Hero
  53. 53. Juke Box Hero - Website
  54. 54. ResultsSamsung Mobile Awareness increased 17% - Largest increase in awareness since 2004 - Highest increase in brand awareness among all competitorsYouTube video views – 765,855 - 4th most viewed sponsor that monthMicrosite views – 656,8351,195,765,064 online impressions delivered
  55. 55. Experiential Marketing Offering
  56. 56. Experiential MarketingWe focus on creating memorable brand experiencesMessages are brought to life by unique experiences that engage all the senses and theimaginationTruly interact with target to gain valuable insight and build relationships
  57. 57. Why The Samsung Experience?It is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to get people to try your product byconvincing them to love your brand.It is far easier to get them to love your brand by convincing them to try your product.
  58. 58. Why The Samsung Experience?Interactive brand experience space where you can see, hear, touch, imagine and createthe art of the possible in digital lifestyleIt is all about INTERACTIVITY, CREATIVITY, and SENSIBILITYTo engage people to sense, feel, think, act, and relate to the brand
  59. 59. Airport Charging Stations
  60. 60. Airport Charging StationsIdea praised as a new trend in advertisingOffers genuine service to travelersMakes existing customers feel good about the brandCurrently at 17+ airports with more than 300 stations providing services to millions ofpeople.Expanding program to Ivy League Universities in 2009 “A classic example of marketing as service, a concept worthy of more attention” Advertising Age May 2008 79
  61. 61. Samsung Caravan
  62. 62. What We Do Events Promotions Sponsorships 3D Spectaculars Retail Marketing TradeshowsSports Marketing Product Launch Brand Showcase
  63. 63. Our Approach to Media: Connections Planning
  64. 64. ‘Channels’ Have The Most Influence On The Target Audience “I found you, you didn’t find me” Trusted Screened Sources Sources Travel Sites Web Content Online Ads Peers Travel Agents Friends Adventure Seeking Groups TV Programs Travel Seekers Eco-Tourism Advertising Family Influencers PR Travel Reviews & Direct Mail Ratings More relevant, engaging, intimate personal contacts More Mass, broadcast advertising-based contacts
  65. 65. Connecting With Our TargetGoing beyond “reaching consumers” to “connecting with people” Consumer / Channel Consumer / Brand Interaction Relationship ConsumerUncover how travel seekers Connect with travellers toengage with different channels provide value that deliversto learn more about a preferencedestination CONNECTION Channels Brand Channel / Brand Synergy Leverage different channels to enhance the Costa Rican brand essence
  66. 66. How We PartnerCheil prides itself on being media agnosticLikewise we are partner-agnostic as wellFor Samsung we work directly with Starcom for media buying and planningFor Hankook tires we plan, buy and audit the entire media buyIt is our desire to work with our clients in the manner in which they are most comfortable
  67. 67. Our Five Promises
  68. 68. Our Five PromisesFull immersion from the very beginning into your businessA dedicated account, planning and creative team who are passionate about ideas andenergized to catapult your country beyond expectationsWidespread entree to all of our broad resources and wealth of knowledge at Cheil.Total access to Cheil’s global network with focus on your market prioritiesA partner who believes your success is paramount and will do everything to take you overthe top
  69. 69. Pura Vida
  70. 70. Cheil USA. / North America Regional HQ 105 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660-0511, U.S.A. Tel +1-201-229-7007 Cheil USA Dallas 1301 East Lookout Drive, Richardson Texas, TX 75082 U.S.A. Tel +1-972-761-7245 Cheil Canada 55 Standish Court, 10th Floor, Mississauga, Ontario, L5R4B2, Canada Tel +1-905-819-5056 Cheil Mexico11570 AV. Presidente Masarik No. 111 Int. 701 Col. Chapultepec Morales, Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo Distrito Federal Mexico Tel +52-55-5747-5100 (ext. 5106)