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This portfolio brings to life my seven years' experience throughout my varied career in integrated marketing for some of the UK's most prestigious brands such as BSkyB, O2, Microsoft and GSK.

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Chris Beeby - Project Portfolio

  1. 1. Chris Beeby Project Portfolio
  2. 2. Sky Skills Studios Overview Sky Skills Studios is a purpose-built, permanent brand space that opened Sky’s doors to schools UK nationwide. It offers a unique, hands-on, educational experience that inspires the ambitions and life skills of 12,000 students per year through the medium of television. The experience provides the school class with all the tools and expertise for them to write, shoot, edit and share their very own television report relating to their chosen subject’s curriculum. Within three weeks of opening in September 2012, the programme was fully booked for the whole of the first academic year. Role Account Director: I had the responsibility of managing the early strategic and creative development, working collaboratively with the educational consultants, handling the software interface, directing the interior design and overseeing the 6-month build and testing. Dates Development: Jan 2011 – Sept 2012 Live: Sept 2012 – July 2015 Budget £4.6 million
  3. 3. Sky Backstage Overview Sky Backstage is an exclusive, 700 capacity bar located backstage at The O2, the world’s most popular music venue. The space rewards Sky customers with a VIP experience pre and post show that will make their night extra special. They get snapped by paparazzi on the red carpet after being pampered by make-up artists, sing karaoke whilst seeing themselves perform in 3D, or just relax with a drink and a bite to eat. Since Sky Backstage opened in 2010, the bar has hit 500-700 capacity every night. Role Senior Account Manager: I worked collaboratively with the Sky brand team to develop the style guide for the interior design of permanent brand spaces. I closely managed creative directors and interior designers to develop the design of the space and the experiences, followed by client liaison for all approvals. Dates Development: Nov 2009 – Dec 2010 Live: Sept 2010 – Sept 2014 Budget £1.9 million
  4. 4. Sky Gallery Overview Sky Gallery, another permanent Sky destination inside The O2, is a purpose-built, three-storey brand beacon that draws visitors into the world of Sky and offers an incredible showcase of 3D entertainment across thirteen screens. Sky customers pass through this clean gallery-like space to gain priority access to Sky Backstage on any arena event night. Since opening in 2010, the space has caught the imagination of over 1,000 visitors a day to bridge the gap between 3D in cinemas and 3D at home. Role Senior Account Manager: This project ran in parallel with Sky Backstage, so my role for this project was identical, in terms of brand guardianship, interior design and creative management, with the additional responsibility of 3D content manager. Dates Development: Nov 2009 – Dec 2010 Live: Nov 2010 – Sept 2014 Budget £2.4 million
  5. 5. O2 Fanspace Overview O2 Fanspace, one of O2's permanent installations at The O2, rewards customers with a relaxed, experiential hub that taps into their passion for music. Music fans can choose to play on the giant touchscreen to watch and upload their favourite artists’ videos directly to their phone. They can also tattoo their idol's logo to their phone or relax on the giant cushioned daybed and watch music videos. The experiences are digitally refreshed to align with the music events at The O2, which ensures it truly acts as a space for music fans. Role Account Manager: I worked very closely with architects, interior designers and contractors to design and build the structure. My responsibilities also lay in the management of the strategic and creative development of the experiences to ensure they championed the brand and truly rewarded customers. Throughout, I acted as the key client contact for the budget and approvals on the design and experiences. Dates Development: Jan – Oct 2009 Live: Oct 2009 – Sept 2012 Budget £750k
  6. 6. GSK Conference Overview GSK needed to inspire their 120 strong sales team with the launch of Avamys, a new intranasal steroid for the treatment of people with allergic rhinitis. Sledge designed a unique and engaging one-day event based at a stunning private estate. The event consisted of an interactive conference during the day with motivational speakers and breakout sessions, followed by a spectacular ‘Four Seasons’ themed party. The guests were treated to falling snow and roasted chestnuts at the entrance, blossom trees in the drinks reception, summer lighting and live music for the dinner, and a lively autumnal disco to finish. Role Account Manager: I managed the event planning and budget to finalise the venue, speakers, theming and entertainment. I then worked along side the producer and production team to deliver the conference and party. Dates Development: Dec 2008 – Jan 2009 Live: Jan 2009 Budget £200k
  7. 7. O2 Wireless Overview We were tasked by O2 to develop a strategy that delivered engagement for all festival goers, while also rewarding O2 customers, competition winners and VIPS with unique value added experiences. The popular O2 Stage, hosting headline acts, was housed inside the gastro pub garden experience, surrounded by mini brand experiences such as street entertainers, bicycle phone-chargers, silent phone booths and face painters. O2 customers had the added value of exclusive access to the luxurious backstage area, where they could chill out with a cocktail and enjoy guest performances from MTV’s Secret Sessions, without missing out on any of the main stage action, thanks to the giant live relay screen. Role Account Manager: I worked closely with the Account Director to develop the strategy and creative concept. I then assisted the production director with the pre-production, onsite build as well as talent and staffing management. Dates Development: April – July 2008 Live: July 2008 Budget £550k
  8. 8. O2 Spirit Awards Overview Sledge were approached by O2 in 2008 to design and deliver their annual internal awards ceremony. We felt the 750 VIP guests and award nominees should be treated to an unforgettable night, themed “Superheros”, in their own brand home, The O2. The ceremony was kicked off with a ground-breaking 3D superheroes animation on Europe’s largest cinema screen. The animation, produced by Sledge’s film department, was the first ever to be screened at this scale. The evening then moved into a slick awards ceremony with celebrity hosts, James Corden and Mat Horne, supported by video footage on the giant cinema screen. The night was rounded off with a superhero themed party in one of The O2’s largest music venues, Indigo2. Role Account Manager: I worked alongside the producer during the pre-production and onsite to develop and deliver the awards ceremony. I also acted as the client liaison for the production of the 3D animation. Dates Development: Jan – April 2008 Live: April 2008 Budget £600k
  9. 9. O2 Lounge Overview O2 Lounge offers VIP treatment to O2 customers on arena event nights at The O2. Access is granted to customers through mobile barcode technology, but the digital interaction doesn’t stop there. Visitors can update the jukebox playlist and even the colour of the ceiling lighting via text. The interior design of the space is another example of a stunning brand destination that champions O2’s identity and their loyalty initiative. Role Senior Account Executive: As my first project developing a permanent brand space, I was supported by an account director to design the space and experiences. Despite the support, I took the lead on the interior design and client approval, followedby overseeing the build. Dates Development: Jan – June 2007 Live: June 2007 – Present Budget £1.6 million
  10. 10. Microsoft Party Overview Microsoft are renowned for their annual employee summer parties and 2006 certainly didn’t disappoint. We proposed to host the 2,000 capacity celebration at a decadent private estate just outside of London with a juxtaposing Latin American theme, “La Noche Libre: A Night of Freedom”. Pre- event, the employees were sent electronic invitations with a link entering them into a interactive digital world to prepare them for the themed night. The flamboyant event itself was based in the beautiful gardens of the private estate with a giant circus tent hosting the impressive headline acts, including Groove Armada, surrounded by smaller tents with entertainment, food and drink. The night was a resounding success and has lived long in the memories of everyone who attended. Role Account Executive: Supported by an Account Director, I managed the theming, talent booking, catering, venue logistics and staffing. Being my first project, the client described my passion and dedication to the project as a baptism of fire. Dates Development: July – Sept 2006 Live: Sept 2006 Budget £850k