WSE Multi Family 2014


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Multi-Family thrives on Recruitment, Retention & Revenues Per Tenant. Let us help increase these 3 important factors!

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WSE Multi Family 2014

  1. 1. Multi-Family 2014 Email: / Skype: c.beckman1 LinkedIn: Twitter: @SeeBeckman HTTP:// HTTP:// Chris Beckman Nashville, TN / (615) 669-FIT1 (3481) “Tennessee based Sales, Service and Accountability”
  2. 2. Every Successful Property Has it’s Own Differentiator… What’s Yours?
  3. 3. Signage / Design & Fabrication with Congruent Themed Signage throughout establishment
  4. 4. Promotional Attraction Custom Frontage Flags Custom Blimps Search Lights Custom Tents For BBQ Area or Events Custom Flags
  5. 5. For The Health & Safety Of Your Tenants AED Automated External Defibrillator •Antimicrobial---Continuously kill all microbes contacting the surface •Superhydrophilic---Clean the surface continuously •95% UV Protection---Protects any surface from sun damage •Anti-Corrosive---Protect metals against corrosion •VOC Elimination---Destroys Pollutants and Odors
  6. 6. Lounge and Lobby Area Designer Furniture
  7. 7. Room Comforts with a Personal Touch •Promotes Healthy Posture and Better Sleep •Patented Multi-Positional Design Offers up to 16 Sleeping Position Options •Antimicrobial Velour Cover •Ventilated to Stay Cooler •Hypoallergenic Roll Away Laptop Tables 120v Towel Warmer
  8. 8. Massage Chairs With Calve, Back & Shoulder Nodes The mc735 massage chair was created to give you an experience unlike any massage chair you've tried before. From its technologically innovative interior to its richly upholstered exterior, it has the power to help you achieve the peace and comfort you seek, beautifully. LCD Controller The easy to use remote control includes a screen that clearly displays your current program and allow you to customize your specific massage and position for optimal comfort. Body Scan Technology Using feedback from the massage rollers and motor, the chair adjusts the massage to match your body shape, ensuring you get the right amount of pressure in the right places for better, longer lasting results.
  9. 9. Zero Gravity Airbag Massage Chair Full Zero Gravity Recline The zg571 fully reclines to 128°, the optimal zero gravity position which reduces stress and tension while improving your circulation. Vibration & Airbag Massage Powered Rise & Recline Fully recline and rise at the touch of a button, or finely tune your desired position with up/down buttons with the easy-to-use controller. Six airbags massage and ease muscle tension by gently rolling under your hips, back and neck. Mild percussive massage in the seat and lower back makes you feel like your body's in the hands of a professional masseuse
  10. 10. The Ultimate Smart Massage Chair The mc660 massage chair is designed to simulate the human hand by massaging key pressure points. You will enjoy a complete, comfortable massage all over your body, allowing quicker recovery and better down time. Features Full Zero Gravity recline Powered recline and rise 4 available massage techniques 4 pre-set massage programs Adjustable foot massager LCD and wireless controllers Zero Gravity Recline Wireless Control In addition to the LCD control panel, the small wireless controller allows you to adjust your massage from any position. The Zero Gravity position provides the ultimate in seating comfort by gently stretching the spine to reduce back stress and tension as well as improving circulation. Pre-Programmed Courses Four pre-programmed massage courses each offer a different intensity level, including Comfort, Recovery, Stretch, and Relief. Massage Techniques Four different massage techniques allow you to find just the right intensity to relieve tension, including Kneading, Tapping, Dual Action (Kneading-Tapping), and Shiatsu.
  11. 11. Conference & Banquet Room Utilities
  12. 12. Café - Breakfast Service
  13. 13. Flooring – From the Club House to the Fitness Room
  14. 14. Fitness Room TreadmillElliptical-BikeMulti*Function TreadmillElliptical-BikeMulti*Function TreadmillElliptical-BikeMulti*Function TreadmillElliptical-BikeMulti*Function Differentiator TreadmillElliptical-BikeMulti*Function Differentiator Differentiator Hydraulic Quick Circuit
  15. 15. Fitness Room Accessories Self Guided designed for Non Supervised Areas •Private In Home Service •For Independent Workout •Available for Purchase
  16. 16. Pool Furniture Types Cast Aluminum Classic Sling Wicker with Metal Frame Custom Sling Wicker Outdoor Furniture Stackable Chaise
  17. 17. Utility Furniture (Outdoors) Designer Bench Protection Bollards Café’ Table & Chairs Floating Bench Urban Bench & Trash Receptacle Personalized Benches Property – Township - City Trash Receptacles Urban Planter Boxes Urban Style Trash Receptacle & Planter - Round Bike Rack Café’ Chair
  18. 18. Trash Bins - Recycling
  19. 19. Exergames / Entertainment
  20. 20. Indoor Playground Programming • These are smaller, compact units made for less than 15 children. • Playground sets can include: – – – – – – – – Climbing towers Slides Activity game panels Pedal pod Steering wheels Chit-chat balcony ADA access & More!
  21. 21. Outdoor Playgrounds
  22. 22. Playground & Outdoor Surfacing Rubber Tiles Synthetic Turf
  23. 23. Walking / Fitness Trails
  24. 24. Walking / Fit Trails
  25. 25. Walking / Fit Trails •Fitness Trails –Stretching stations –Exercise stations –Signage –Surfacing – see before •Outdoor Fitness Equipment –Equipment
  26. 26. Commercial TV / Monitors • Commercial TV’s • 2 yr. warranty • Simply ship back Size available 32” - 40” - 46” • Other sizes on request • Headphone jack, VGA connection • Advanced exchange warranty
  27. 27. Spa Solutions Steam Room / Sauna Tanning Bed Solutions HydroMassage
  28. 28. Pets Welcome… Really Welcome!
  29. 29. Pets Zen-Dog Tread
  30. 30. Game Rooms
  31. 31. Destination… FUN!
  32. 32. 32 32