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Solving the Childhood Obesity Problem... Should it Start IN the Classroom??


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Multiple studies show the more kids move the better their retention and test scores. So why haven't we incorporated more movement in the classroom?

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Solving the Childhood Obesity Problem... Should it Start IN the Classroom??

  1. 1. Email: / Skype: c.beckman1 LinkedIn: Twitter: @SeeBeckman HTTP:// HTTP:// Nashville, TN / (615) 669-FIT1 (3481) “Tennessee based Sales, Service and Accountability” Chris Beckman Childhood Obesity Solutions 2014
  2. 2. US Healthcare Costs Caused By Childhood Obesity Unrelated 21% of the United States Medical Costs are attributed to Childhood Obesity. Chris Beckman Wilkins Solutions Tennessee Contact us today!! 615-669-3481
  3. 3. The average child is in a sedentary position 4.3 hours during a typical school day. They are bored, unengaged and can’t wait for recess. Teachers are frustrated with their student’s lack of motivation, focus and cooperation. Since when did this scenario become an average day in the classroom? Kids are meant to move! When their bodies are in motion their brains are able to perform at optimal levels. Research has shown that kids who engage in physical activity do better in school. According to Dr. John Ratey exercise optimizes brain function in 3 distinct ways: 1. Physical Activity makes the learner ready to learn by increasing attention and motivation and decreasing stress and anxiety. 2. Exercise creates an environment within our brains to make our neurotransmitters ready to encode and change in response to learning. 3. Exercise promotes the growth of new brain cells in the brain. When students exercise it promotes brain cells within the hippocampus to change and become brand new nerve cells.
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