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Helix is a MUST HAVE for Cardio


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While the Elliptical is behind the Treadmill category pushing it all the way... Both are a Forward Motion workout. That's where the Helix comes into play... Continuous Lateral Orbital motion works the Abductor/Aductor, ankles, hips and thighs like no other machine on the market!!!

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Helix is a MUST HAVE for Cardio

  1. 1. Unlike traditional aerobic machines, the Helix® incorporates all the muscles of the lower body while engaging core muscles. By working side‐to‐side, the Helix recruits the adductor and abductor groups, muscles which are virtually ignored on treadmills, bikes and ellipticals. Why Clients Love It: It saves time: The Helix delivers strength training-caliber results while blasting fat and calories. Your members get the equivalent of a 60-minute workout in just 30 minutes. Bottom line results: The machine’s new “lateral figure 8” motion puts emphasis on the entire leg, 360 degrees, not just the front and back of the legs like other machines. This means incredible results for the glutes and the inner and outer thighs. And it’s the only cardio trainer that works the core! Zero learning curve: Clients don’t want to have to learn a new skill or check with an instructor before they try a new machine: they want to jump on and start working out. The Helix is user-friendly and completely non-intimidating.