Power Breezer Common Q&A and Comparison of Swamp Cooler


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The Power Breezer
Will play a vital role
in keeping your athletes
and staff cool and
The Power Breezer
is a multi-purpose
Health and Safety tool
that can be utilized
almost anyplace.

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Power Breezer Common Q&A and Comparison of Swamp Cooler

  1. 1. Main Features of Power Breezer  Cools over 3000sf  Designed to cool outdoor or partially covered spaces (anywhere with natural air flow)  Can lower the temperature over 27 degrees  Designed to not get equipment, clothing, weaponry wet  Compact, strong and easily deployable  Quiet  Extremely Energy Efficient – uses less power than a hair dryer  Not a swamp cooler - easy to clean; easy to move; no hoses; no bulky filters  Can run 10 hrs/day for 4-5 days off of one fill  Made in USA by Veterans Power Breezer - Most Common Questions & Answers  How long can it run? How much water does it hold? o Running at full speed for 10hrs/day, it can run about 4 days. 100 gallon tank.  How much power does it consume? o It consumes 900Watts max (about 7-9 amps). It can be ordered for 110V or 220V Power.  How much space does it cool? o It can cool over 3000sf and can lower the temperature over 27 degrees  Where is it made? o We manufacture in South Florida, just north of Miami.  Is this a swamp cooler or a misting fan like at football games? o No! You don’t need a hose connection or giant cardboard filter (like swamp) and there are no nozzles that can clog(like misting fans)  Would I get wet? o No. If you are 6 ft away, your glasses won’t fog up which means no moisture on equipment, weaponry, or uniforms.  Can you use solar panels? o Yes, we have a solar solution that allows the units to be powered completely off-grid.
  2. 2. Feature Power Breezer Swamp Cooler Coverage Measured up to 4500sf (418m 2 ) outdoors. Quoted at 3000 sf (278m 2 ) average Varies on size and cost. Typically under 2500sf (232m 2 ) Height Adjustability Fan height can range from 170 cm - 213cm None Oscillation 65 degrees of fast moving oscillation for maximum coverage None Gets users wet No No Outdoor Use Specifically designed for outdoor or partially covered spaces Works best in enclosed spaces Energy 5 amps - less drain on the grid. < 900W As high as 11 to 13 amps Ease of Use Virtually maintenance free ; easy to move Continual drying and cleaning needed. Cleaning Open access to easy cleaning. No cardboard that mildews. Enclosed areas mold easily. Cardboard filters mildew. Storage Fan head stores in base for compact shipping/storage. (106cm2 ) Very large and bulky - up to 218cm" H x 188cm W Air Quality No cardboard filters that mildew Health concerns if not continually maintained Hose Connection None needed - no slip/leak hazard. Bucket fill capable. Hose connection needed for refill. Slip and leak hazard. Water Tank 373 liters 121 - 150 liters Running Time Running 10/hrs a day, can last 4-5 days without a refill. Approx. 1/3 the tank size = much less running time Noise Very quiet Varies Main Differences between Power Breezer and Swamp Coolers