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CDS Processes for Transparent LCD Refrigerator Applications


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Transparent refrigerators offering a unique and exciting way to promote a product or brand.

We offer a 49" finished product as well as glass packs and transparent LCDs for integration.

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CDS Processes for Transparent LCD Refrigerator Applications

  1. 1. Transparent LCD Application to Refrigerator Production Process
  2. 2. 1. Production Process 1) Refrigerator structure review and planning TLCD Size and Model decision 2) Custom Metal Guide Development 3) Custom TLCD Glass Pack Development 4) TLCD Door Development (Option) 5) Controller board installation 6) Mass production planning 1. T-LCD with Metal Guide 2. Thiokol calking 3. TLCD Glass Pack 4. Door Frame
  3. 3. 1. TLCD Model decision 1. Since every Refrigerator size and design is different, existing Glass size info. is required to decide Transparent LCD size to be applied. << Basically Glass width is important and Whole glass size (including the glass part inside of Door Frame) information is required. 2. Transparent LCD for Refrigerator application Supply format 1) Transparent LCD KIT (for Fridge) Standard or Custom Metal Guide(development) 2) Transparent LCD Glass Pack (development) 3) Transparent LCD Door (development) << To review 2 and 3 application, detailed Refrigerator drawing and actual Door frame sample is required. 3. Consideration required in the Refrigerator production site 1) TLCD Display controller board installation position and cabling plan 2) Compressor change of the existing Refrigerator <<-Bigger capacity Compressor may required if the light inside(to be brighter) is increased Whole Glass size
  4. 4. 2. TLCD Metal Guide for Fridge application TLCD Kit for Fridge application <<TLCD with Metal Guide +Controller board Kit Specially developed Metal Guide for Fridge application with T-Con position to the Top and with the slimmest bezel size in Portrait. With Metal Guide application, production loss can be minimized. ➢ Standard or Custom Metal Frame available. ➢ With Media board or Android board Kit ➢ Application Size : 23", 32”, 43", 49”, 55” OD320EUN-FTAS 32” Custom Metal Guide OD490EUE-FTAS Timing Controller (T-Con) position
  5. 5. 3. TLCD Glass Pack Space required for LVDS cable connection Thiokol caulking Transparent LCD Display with Metal Guide + Double Glass Pack << with Thiokol caulking treatment (Moisture-proof treatment) << Front: Low-E glass/ Back: Normal tempered glass ➢ To be applied to the customer’s own Refrigerator door production. ➢ Customized size development. ➢ Except active area of TLCD, other glass area to be Silk-screened. Detailed Refrigerator drawing and actual door frame sample is required for the development.
  6. 6. 4. TLCD Door_1 To apply TLCD to an existing Refrigerator model, modification of Door Frame is required. Since every Refrigerator size and structure is different, we need to review applicability through sample development. The following is a reference structure of a door frame and modification. 1. Shaft Development and Aluminum Angle Modification << To pass the LVDS cable through Shaft and Aluminum Angle, 1) New Shaft development (as the diameter LVDS cable wafer) is required. 2) Existing Aluminum Angle modification required to put Shaft << Door Frame of the refrigerator should be supplied for production. Existing Aluminum Angle Modification Shaft
  7. 7. 4. TLCD Door_2 Making a hole to door frame to pass LVDS cable of TLCD
  8. 8. 5. Controller Board Installation 1. Controller Board model decision between Media board(USB contents Plug & Play) and Android board 2. Based on the Refrigerator structure, controller board (including Power Adaptor) Installation position need to be fixed in advance. <<Speaker installation is also available(Option) LVDS cable connection to controller board
  9. 9. 6. Mass Production Planning 1. Planning and discussion for mass production based on the sample development process. 2. Door Frame modification planning 1) Shaft and Aluminum angle 2) Increase Door Frame width if required 3) Set up of mass production specification << Upon the design of each existing Door Frame, there might be a case new Door Frame development required to increase the width of Door Frame. In that case, it is effective and quicker to proceed with the manufacturer of the Refrigerator showcase model. So, it is recommendable we supply in TLCD Glass Pack format and Door Frame assembly is done locally.
  10. 10. 23” T-LCD Glass Pack 49” T-LCD Door (with IR Touch) 23” T-LCD Refrigerator 55” T-LCD for Fridge application 48” T-LCD Door (Freezer, AEON Japan) 48” T-LCD Door 7. TLCD application to Refrigerator Reference