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The Mobile Revolution


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A presentation that should make our clients aware that mobile advertising will become huge in the near future and that they should start engage in it now.

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The Mobile Revolution

  1. 1. The Mobile Revolution.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 1 10-04-2009 09:02:23
  2. 2. “More than half of the world population owns a mobile phone (” The International Telecommunications Union “Women give precedence to their phone when it “A third of young adults rings while they are in bed aged between 16-24 would with their partner.” prefer, if given the choice, Nokia Supernova Phone Survey, UK to give up sex, chocolate, alcohol and hot drinks than their mobile phone.” Mobile Forum, UKMobile_Advertising_B.indd 2 10-04-2009 09:02:23
  3. 3. Mobile telephony on a global scale. There are more phones 350.000.000.000 text globally than PC’s. messages are sent every month. Last year more than 2.400.000.000 phones 350.000.000 people will have been sold. have access to wireless e-mail by 2010.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 3 10-04-2009 09:02:24
  4. 4. Mobile telephony in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands 52% of the users have a the penetration rate contract, 48% is pre-paid. is 112% (there are over 18.000.000 sim cards Kids get their first mobile active). phone at the age of 8 on average.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 4 10-04-2009 09:02:24
  5. 5. But the revolution is just about to happen… …already the mobile phone is more than a communication device.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 5 10-04-2009 09:02:24
  6. 6. Japan. Mobile Paying Cell Phone Check-in Whether it’s for purchasing Passengers using All Nippon a beverage or to use public Airways’ cell phone check-in transport, in Japan the facilities in Japan and China mobile phone is already don’t even need to flip open used as a bank card. their phones to show their ‘boarding cards’ when going through security.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 6 10-04-2009 09:02:24
  7. 7. Finland. Germany. Product Information Remote light switch In Finland, mobile phones An innovative system called facilitate consumers’ Dial4light allows mobile wholesome food choices people users to switch off by reading product their street lights at night information from barcodes. using their mobile phones.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 7 10-04-2009 09:02:25
  8. 8. United States. Pocket Projector Mobile health monitor Mobile phone projectors Keep your blood pressure are capable of displaying records on your mobile phone. an image of up to 50 to 60 Colored records will alert inches—an impressive size you if your blood pressure for a projector that’s only is normal, high or low. about an inch across.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 8 10-04-2009 09:02:25
  9. 9. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Three ingredients are boosting this revolution: Hardware Software InternetMobile_Advertising_B.indd 9 10-04-2009 09:02:25
  10. 10. Hardware.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 10 10-04-2009 09:02:26
  11. 11. Trends in Hardware. In 2013 more than half of the sold phones will be high-end smartphones Bigger screens Advanced cameras Bigger storage Faster internet Phones become like mini laptopsMobile_Advertising_B.indd 11 10-04-2009 09:02:26
  12. 12. “ Operating systems are the biggest battleground of the mobile industry.” International Herald Tribune Software.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 12 10-04-2009 09:02:27
  13. 13. Operating Systems Nowadays. 1. Symbian (Nokia, SonyEricson, Samsung, Motorola) iPhone OS 2. Apple OS (iPhone) RIM Symbian OS Blackberry 3. Research in Motion (Blackberry) Windows Mobile 4. Windows Mobile (LG, HTC) Linux 5. Linux, Palm and Android (HTC, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Palm OS, Brew Toshiba, Garmin) & Android (Linux) MARKET SHARESMobile_Advertising_B.indd 13 10-04-2009 09:02:27
  14. 14. Trends in Operating Systems. Currently these five types They become open systems. are incompatible. This makes it easier to But in the future operating develop applications for all systems will be compatible. operating systems and thus for all mobile phones. Just like Apple has become compatible with Windows.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 14 10-04-2009 09:02:27
  15. 15. Web Applications are the Future. Mobile Applications: are faster. But most importantly: They are a great marketing have no costs for tool because they are fun data download. and have a more attractive look and feel than most can be easily exchanged internet pages via Bluetooth beamers, web, etc.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 15 10-04-2009 09:02:27
  16. 16. Mobile Internet.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 16 10-04-2009 09:02:28
  17. 17. Mobile Internet download speed is skyrocketing. 2G 3G 4G 1991 1998 2000 2002 2005 2010 GSM GRPS EDGE UMTS HSDPA LTEMobile_Advertising_B.indd 17 10-04-2009 09:02:28
  18. 18. …we are entering a new era: Mobile 2.0Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 18 10-04-2009 09:02:28
  19. 19. Implications for marketing and communication. “ Mobile advertising reaches “ In a down economy when out to the end user’s most every penny spent on personal of devices, the marketing needs to be one they consider not able accountable, no other to do without.” channel out-performs Technology weekly the mobile channel.” Mobile Marketing WatchMobile_Advertising_B.indd 19 10-04-2009 09:02:28
  20. 20. The potential of mobile marketing. TV Mobile Phone Online RadioMobile_Advertising_B.indd 20 10-04-2009 09:02:28
  21. 21. The 10 basic types of mobile marketing: SMS advertising Full-screen interstices Applications (appear while a requested MMS advertising QR Codes item of mobile content Mobile Web Banner or mobile web page is Local based services (top of page) loading up) (for example through Blue tooth) Mobile Web Poster Audio advertisements (bottom of page banner) (in the form of a jingle before a voicemail recording, or Mobile game, TV an audio recording played or video advertising while interacting with a telephone-based service such as movie ticketing or directory assistance) Let’s showcase the best examples…Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 21 10-04-2009 09:02:29
  22. 22. SMS. Send an SMS and within seconds you’ll receive an Audi R8 ring tone During the NBA All Star week in Las Vegas Adidas created a real mobile community within Las Vegas after By sending people sent “vegas” an SMS you can to ADIDAS An invitation download the to see Casino newest Christina Royale at the Aguilera hit movie theatreMobile_Advertising_B.indd 22 10-04-2009 09:02:31
  23. 23. MMS. Send a photo of yourself to a Local targeting specific number and with MMS messages, within 3 minutes which you receive you will receive the whenever you are photo back with you near a restaurant transformed into Send Nike a or coffee shop. an elderly. picture of any item you see with colors you like and Nike will send you a picture of a pair of shoes in the same colors! You can order them directly afterwards.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 23 10-04-2009 09:02:32
  24. 24. Mobile Bannering. Mobile bannering is in fact similar to PC bannering, only this type of bannering fits within any mobile browser. It’s possible to show a short commercial before entering a mobile webpage Video Advertising.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 24 10-04-2009 09:02:33
  25. 25. Applications. Mobile applications are extremely popular. Many brands use applications as a marketing tool either to entertain or to inform consumers. ING developed an application which Lynx allows you to find developed an the nearest ATM application for men, which they can use to seduce women. The application can be used as a personal love coach.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 25 10-04-2009 09:02:34
  26. 26. Quick Response Codes (QR Codes). To promote the new Kanye West album 808’s & Heartbreak QR codes on big screens were used as part of the marketing plan. By photographing the code Take a picture of a QR you could download ringtones and other (Quick Response) Code and free stuff directly afterwards you will be sent to a web page where you can make (discounted) purchases, download music, videos or applications. In the UK, during a specific period, every can of Pepsi Max had a QR code on it. If you took a picture of it you could download music, games, videos and other cool stuff or even get tickets to concerts.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 26 10-04-2009 09:02:35
  27. 27. Couponing. Consumers are able to receive discounts by showing the (bar)code on your mobile at the counter. Couponing is a great way to target customers in store. Wild bean wanted people to experience how great their coffee tastes. They sent consumers a mobile coupon for a free coffee. In order to receive the coupon you would have to visit their website and send an email to a friend. You and your friend could also win great prizes.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 27 10-04-2009 09:02:36
  28. 28. What the experts say. Mobile users aren’t Don’t use frames. PC users. Test your site for mobile Don’t ignore the mobile readiness. limitations. Actively promote your Exploit the capabilities mobile website. of the mobile device to the fullest. Don’t serve the same content in the same way Don’t use a .com name to every mobile device. for a .mobi experience.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 28 10-04-2009 09:02:36
  29. 29. Banking is at the forefront of the Mobile phones mobile revolution. and banking.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 29 10-04-2009 09:02:36
  30. 30. Mobile banking. Financial services companies have an opportunity to rebuild trust and differentiate themselves in the current difficult climate by having 22% 3% 12% their customers’ interests 41% in mind. 7% Attracting and retaining 22% customers is no longer just about what banks offer, 2% but how they offer it. 5% Mobile banking offers clients access to banking services wherever and whenever to their most personal device. Over 150.000.000 mobile subscribers will access banking services on their mobile device in 2011.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 30 10-04-2009 09:02:51
  31. 31. Countries where Banking the Mobile banking mobile banking is unbanked. offers opportunities already a success. for mobile marketing. Mobile banking is very popular in countries where most of their 80% of the Kenian people and It is an unobtrusive way population is unbanked. around 95% of the Tanzanian and of communicating. Ugandan people have no access There over people to banking services. Offers can be targeted at worldwide without a bank the specific needs of the client account, but with a phone. Therefore African countries like as a response of their current Sudan, Ghana and South Africa actions and location. Banking the unbanked will received this new commerce very become a $ well. Clients are able to give market opportunity. an immediate response. In Latin America countries like Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala and recently Mexico started with a huge success.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 31 10-04-2009 09:02:51
  32. 32. To save you reading all of that again… …here’s a recap.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 32 10-04-2009 09:02:51
  33. 33. 10 great reasons to join the revolution now! 1. Your phone is one of your most personal 6. Mobile banking creates opportunities items; you carry it with you all the time. for mobile advertising. 2. Hardware will become highly advanced; 7. Location based targeting makes it possible your phone will become your personal to get in store. computer. 8. Social networking will become a more 3. The software battle will end, and operating powerful tool; you can be part of a social systems will become more compatible. network 24/7. 4. The mobile download speed will skyrocket 9. Mobile advertising is an unobtrusive in the near future. form of two-way communications. 5. The accessibility of mobile applications 10. Now is the time to join the revolution opens new doors for branding. in order to get a head start.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 33 10-04-2009 09:02:51
  34. 34. Glossary. Mobile phone Smartphone SMS The second generation mobile network Any device that connects to a wireless A combination of the traditional Short Message Service is a 1991 GSM or Global System for communications network through radio PDA and cellular phone, with a bigger communication service standardized Mobile Communication waves or satellite transmissions. focus on the cellular phone part. in the GSM mobile communication (9,6 KB/s) Most mobile phones provide voice These handheld devices integrates system, using standardized 1998 GPRS or General Packet Radio communications, Short Message mobile phone capabilities with the communications protocols allowing Service (52 KB/s) Service (SMS), Multimedia Message more common features of a handheld the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices 2000 EDGE or Enhanced Data Rates Service (MMS). computer or PDA. for GSM Evolution (128 KB/s) Newer phones may also provide Smartphones allow users to store Internet services such as Web browsing, information, e-mail, install programs, MMS instant messaging capabilities and along with using a mobile phone in The third generation mobile network Multimedia Message Service is a e-mail. one device. telecommunications standard for 2002 UMTS or Universal Mobile Examples are the Blackberry, Apple sending messages that include Telecommunications System iPhone and Samsung Omnia I900. multimedia objects (images, audio, (384KB/s – 2MB/s) PDA video, rich text). MMS is an extension 2005 HDSAP or High-Speed Downlink Short for Personal Digital Assistant. of the SMS standard, allowing longer Packet Access (2MB/s – 14MB/s) Small handheld devices that combine message lengths and using WAP to computing, telephone/fax, Internet display the content and networking features. The fourth generation mobile network A typical PDA can function as a cellular 2010 LTE or Long Term Evolution Mobile applications (10 MB/s - 100MB/s) phone, fax sender, Web browser and personal organizer. Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services Some devices are pen-based, which more commonly accessed on desktop requires the use of a stylus rather or notebook computers, or help them than a keyboard for input. by making it easier to use the Internet Popular PDA brands are Palm on their portable devices and Blackberry.Mobile_Advertising_B.indd 34 10-04-2009 09:02:51
  35. 35. Contact Christiane Anell Wouter Houtman whoutman@grey.nlMobile_Advertising_B.indd 35 10-04-2009 09:02:52