Politieke mobilisatie door sociale media


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Presentatie bij het politicologenetmaal op 9 juni 2011 over de vraag of de Obama-campagne vergeleken kan worden met Nederlandse verkiezingscampagnes.

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Politieke mobilisatie door sociale media

  1. 1. Political mobilization through socialmedia Chris Aalberts Maurits Kreijveld Politicologenetmaal
  2. 2. Politicologenetmaal
  3. 3. Social strategy? • Obama used social media in his campaign • This campaign was a success • Professional advice from the industry • Dutch politicians should adopt a similar strategy • Question: can we make this comparison? • And if so: what can we learn from it? Politicologenetmaal
  4. 4. Online campaigns • Internet as a tool since ± 1998 • Web 2.0 as a tool since ± 2006 Some advantages for politicians • Control over media content • Costs of web sites • Better image: modern, human, etc. • Options for contact, feedback and mobilization Politicologenetmaal
  5. 5. Some trends • An enormous growth in internet access… But many citizens still did not have access • Political activities online became more important But they were only carried out by small groups • Internet gave citizens many interactive options… But party websites were not interactive at all Politicologenetmaal
  6. 6. New discourse Claims about Web 2.0 • Web 2.0 renewed the internet • Facts about Web 1.0 have become obsolete • Everyone has internet access now • Politics online has become a mass phenomenon • Politicians have learned how to use the internet • Mass mobilization has become an option Politicologenetmaal
  7. 7. Mobilization in the US (1) The Obama story • Obama became a brand: ‘change’ • Obama created a movement of campaigners • Online tools were essential to realise this – Social networking – Incentives to become active – Interactive campaign • This campaign was the basis of his success Politicologenetmaal
  8. 8. Mobilization in the US (2) Some results • 750.000.000 dollar donations • 13.000.000 email addresses • 2.900.000 citizens received sms messages • 200.000 local meetings • 35.000 online groups Politicologenetmaal
  9. 9. Mobilization in the Netherlands (1) Question • What is the role of online social networks for political mobilization in the Netherlands? Method • Email interviews with ‘friends’ of politicians on the Dutch social network Hyves Politicologenetmaal
  10. 10. Mobilization in the Netherlands (2) Some results • Friends visit these pages less than once a year • Friends do not have many opinions about these pages • Friends want to show their political preferences to their online network • Friends do not intend to become active at all • The only active members were active before • Mobilization seems very unlikely Politicologenetmaal
  11. 11. A useful comparison? (1) Similarities • Mobilization of a ‘small’ group • Social media have a rather vague role Differences • Specific media content and media use • Political culture and history • Many factors and interactions Politicologenetmaal
  12. 12. A useful comparison? (2) • There will be correlations between these variables • This correlation is the outcome of the selection of variables in the model • We can make many different comparisons • So what are these comparisons worth? Politicologenetmaal