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Media Coursework Evaluation Questionnaire


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This is the questionnaire.

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Media Coursework Evaluation Questionnaire

  1. 1. Chris Dunn Media Coursework Evaluation Questionnaire Hey! Thank you for downloading the questionnaire. Please could you answer the questions below, be as honest as you can! Some questions require a simple yes or no answer, some a little more. Feel free to make any additional comments in your answers and state more than one to those questions applicable. Age: Gender: 1) Did you enjoy the trailer? 2) Is there anything that really stuck out to you in the trailer? 3) After seeing the trailer, if in a ‘real life’ situation, would you be interested in seeing the full feature length film? 4) Is there anything in particular that you liked about the trailer? 5) Is there anything in particular that you disliked about the trailer? 6) Would you recommend any changes/improvements? 7) How would you rate the trailer out of 5? (1 being poor etc) THANKYOUUUU!