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The kingdom plantae


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The kingdom plantae

  1. 1. Presented by : Ingrid Elvina (17)Nurul Rosyidah (25)
  2. 2. Bryophyta (Moss)
  3. 3. Classification of Moss
  4. 4. Role of Moss
  5. 5. Pteridhopyta (Fern)Characteristics :I. Fern included into Tracheophyta (vascular plant)II. Fern also called as CormophytaIII. Fern steam are creeping underground (rhizome)IV. The primordium leaf usually roledV. Fern leaves can be distinguished as sporophyll and tropophyll
  6. 6. Classification of Fern
  7. 7. d) Division Pterophyta Characteristics : I. Pterophyta has root, steam, and leaf II. Its dominant appearance is a thin and large leaf III. In tropical region, stem of this fern usually emerges above ground as trunk or mast IV. Spores are formed in sporangium. Which are located on the underside of fonds V. The germinated-spores will developed into gametophyte in shaped of heart VI. On the bottom surface of the gametophyte, there are rhizoid, antheridium, and archegonium Example : Adiantum, Asplenium nidus, and Marsilea creanata.
  8. 8. Role of Ferns
  9. 9. Spermatophyta (Seed Plant)
  10. 10. Classification of Spermatophyte
  11. 11. Life Cycle of Angiospermae
  12. 12. Role of Spermatophyte