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IMC Briefing of Bisleri caimapign


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A brief on Bisleri campaign "Jhoota karke pina hai toh apne bottle kharidna"

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IMC Briefing of Bisleri caimapign

  1. 1. Communication Brief On Bisleri Group C1
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  3. 3. ________________________________________________________ COMPANY : Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd BRAND : Bisleri water CAMPAIGN : Kiss to drink _________________________________________________________ REQUIREMENT: Print TVC Title Of Creative Work Other:______________ _________________________________________________________
  4. 4. BRAND EQUITY GUIDELINES CHECKLIST -EQUITY ___________________________________________________________ BRAND ESSENCE Distillation of core brand thought Bisleri - Safe and pure
  5. 5. TARGET PERSON Crisp portrait of our target audience ___________________________________________________________________ Bisleri mineral water People who want to have safe drinking water and think“The world is not as safe as they portray it to be, microbes and various other organisms are the invisible threats that we face. It is none other than the noble practice of sharing that has made us susceptible to these threats. “Screw sharing, I want my own bottle”.
  6. 6. BRAND CHARACTER Our brand’s persona ___________________________________________________________________ BISLERI-My personal water, as personal as my underwear
  7. 7. THE CONTEXT CHECKLIST -CONTEXT BUSINESS/BRAND OBJECTIVE The business objective and corresponding brand task ___________________________________________________________________ • To double the sales of the Bisleri 500 ml bottles • Currently contributes to 10% in bisleri portfolio • By persuading people to buy their own bottles.
  8. 8. CONSUMER BARRIER The key consumer issue coming in the way __________________________________________________________ Habit of consumers using someone else’s bottle to drink water and not carrying their own bottles.
  9. 9. CRITICAL INSIGHT The penetrating consumer understanding that will help unlock the way forward __________________________________________________________ Bisleri- A basic consumer behavior is that we don’t like to share water with someone who has touched the bottle with his/her mouth. People get maximum satisfaction when they drink with the bottle to their lips.
  10. 10. THE CHALLENGE The ambitious communication task based on the insight, to overcome the barrier __________________________________________________________ Bisleri-To make people buy their own bottle and not share
  11. 11. CAMPAIGN IDEA The communication idea for the campaign __________________________________________________________ Bisleri- Kiss to drink
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