Stories from Occupy


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Brief 3 for Young Glory: "The Occupy Movement"

This is our answer: Stories from Occupy.

Team Chope is made up of Chua Xiu Lu, Erdenechimeg Bat-Erdene and Amos Yeo, from Publicis Singapore, Ogilvy Singapore and Saatchi Lab Singapore respectively.

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Stories from Occupy

  1. 1. Team “Chope”Young Glory Brief 3
  2. 2. The Occupy MovementThe Occupy Movement is one of the largestgrassroots movements the world has ever seen.
  3. 3. The Occupy MovementProtesting against financial and social inequality,and perceived political control by Corporations,the movement has gained sympathisers from allover the world.
  4. 4. The Occupy MovementBut as Occupy grows larger, it is increasinglyseen as a faceless, leaderless entity which has nodirection and goals.
  5. 5. The Occupy MovementWith no clear direction, it becomes harder to convincepeople who are not involved in the movement to join in.
  6. 6. The Occupy MovementFor Occupy to further grow in strength and notstagnate, it needs to direct its energies better andmake its aims understandable to the masses.
  7. 7. The Occupy MovementTo do this, we go back to what Occupy was about atthe beginning: The people who are affected and theCorporations causing the harm.
  8. 8. Our Strategy
  9. 9. Tap into the grassrootsbeginnings of Occupy to bringback its human element.
  10. 10. Presenting
  11. 11. ‘STOrieS FrOM OCCuPY’
  12. 12. Stories from OccupyThere are thousands of people affected by the issuesbehind Occupy, each with their story to tell.
  13. 13. Stories from Occupyit may be about how a bank was not flexible enoughto let them modify their loan agreement, about howtheir employers do not grant them basic workingrights or how they are not allowed basic health caredue to their circumstances.
  14. 14. Stories from Occupyregardless of what the story is, inevitably it isa Corporation behind their troubles.
  15. 15. Stories from OccupySo far social media has primarily been used as anorganising tool for the Occupy Movement.
  16. 16. Stories from Occupyutilising the power of social media further, Storiesfrom Occupy creates a platform, where peopleaffected around the world can write their stories,share their problems and seek help.
  17. 17. Stories from OccupyWEBSITE | HOMEPAGEThe front pageshows the mosturgent story thatseeks immediatesupport fromOccupiers.
  18. 18. Stories from OccupyWEBSITE | PAGE OVERLAY ON STORIES SORTED BY TIMETo highlightthe urgency ofeach situation,every story has acountdown timer.Counting down tillwhen their housesget repossessed,when they haveto pay back animpossible bankloan or when theirmoney runs out.
  19. 19. Stories from OccupyWEBSITE | INDIVIDUAL STORY PAGEThis is not justrhetoric. Butreal people,with problemsthey can’tcope with duethe socialinequality they And peopleface. can help, either but offering actual assistance or with the click of a button. Occupiers will be encouraged to share the stories on their social networks.
  20. 20. Stories from Occupy |WEBSITE INDIVIDUAL STORY PAGE With each story, there will be a targeted number of shares aimed for, for effective spreading of the story online.
  21. 21. Stories from Occupyin today’s day and age, these Corporations would havetheir own social accounts online. With thousands eachday directing bad Pr at their social accounts, this‘peer pressure’ will force these companies to act onthese cases, or face the backlash.
  22. 22. Stories fromATOccupy |WEBSITE SHARE A STORY FACEBOOK A Non-Occupier friend reads the post. And chances are, he or she might sympathise with the person’s plight and shares the story further. At the same time, it also leads to better understanding of what Occupy is Now imagine really about. each story being propagated through it also refocuses the internet, as Occupy’s energies people read more on those specific about the mess offending and injustice these organistaions. Corporations are behind.
  23. 23. Stories from OccupyWEBSITE | SUPPORT WORLD STORIESBy furthersegmentingthe storiesinto different it also goescountries back to thearound grassrootsthe world, beginningsOccupiers can of Occupy:share the story Helping peopleor lend actual who need helpphysical aid the the peoplein their Showing thatcommunity. Occupy is not just about protesting, but giving help where it is needed.
  24. 24. CONCLuSiONeventually, as more and more voices emerge, both onthe internet and at actual rallies, the Corporations willhave to blink, or risk facing the ire of millions.
  25. 25. You might silence the voice of one,but you can’t silence the voice ofmillions – especially on the internet.
  26. 26. Thank You