HelloFax & Google: Should Businesses Care That They Can Fax in the Cloud?


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A lot of new startups are surprised to learn how important faxing still is in the small business world. Eventually, when the robots rise up against us and create a human-less DigiTopia, they will probably figure out how to get rid of faxing altogether. However, until that binary hellscape arrives, just about every entrepreneur needs a convenient and affordable email to fax service and fax number in order to exchange physical documents.

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  • Faxing it is still used in a lot of companies and corporations as it is safer, easier and quicker. I can recommend online faxing from Popfax -http://www.popfax.com, It is cheaper compare with other online fax providers and highly professional.
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HelloFax & Google: Should Businesses Care That They Can Fax in the Cloud?

  1. 1. presents:Why Am I Still Faxing? Sending Documents in the 2012 Business World
  2. 2. I Thought Faxing Was Dead?o A lot of new entrepreneurs and small business owners assume that the need to send and receive faxes died out with M.C. Hammer’s record sales.o However, a lot of companies that require signatures on documents still communicate through traditional faxes, and keeping your business optimized for those exchanges will save valuable time and prevent frustrating conflicts.
  3. 3. Easy Fax Solutionso There are dozens of fax companies whose primary function is making these exchanges easier and integrating fax machines into your email accounts.
  4. 4. Because Let’s Face It…This Happy Faxing dream world is more farther from reality than most recent Die Hard movie.
  5. 5. …in RealityUsing a traditional fax machine can be one of the mostuncertain and frustrating activities in your work life.
  6. 6. Receiving Faxeso If you can remember the graphic from three slides ago (we were so young!), you might recognize the most important part of online fax and email to fax services providers.o There are several websites that allow you to send documents to a traditional fax machine for free. However, most of them include advertisements and cover pages that aren’t particularly professional lookingo More importantly, you will almost certainly coordinate with a client who still uses a fax machine to send signed documents, and in order to receive those online you will need to be subscribed to one of these services.
  7. 7. E-Signatureso The need to sign documents is one of the main forces keeping traditional fax machines on life support.o Fortunately, several online fax companies allow clients to electronically alter and sign their documents, removing the need to ever print out a physical copy of these documents.o These companies include: RingCentral, eXtremeFax, eFax, TrustFax, and HelloFax
  8. 8. HelloFax + Googleo In April, 2012, HelloFax announced a new integration with Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage system.o Now HelloFax users with Google Drive accounts can upload, receive, sign, and send faxes without using any paper documents and without downloading the documents or saving them onto their hard drive.o A few other online fax companies, like RingCentral, have linked their services with cloud systems like GoogleDrive and DropBox, making document sharing easier from every location.o Customers will still need to purchase a fax number from a single provider, especially if you want a personal fax number to receive documents.
  9. 9. Together We Can Build a Better Tomorrow(Until Then We’ll Keep On Using Fax Services)o Eventually, the future will be here, and when that day comes it is very likely that our robot overlords will find away to avoid faxing their documents altogether.o Until that terrifying day, just about every small business owner needs a reliable online fax service that fits your budget, fulfills your fax volume needs, and provides the customer service to help you along the way.
  10. 10. We Would Love to Help!• FaxCompare.com provides detailed reviews and comparisons of more then 25 online fax companies, helping you find the service that best fits your company’s needs.• We also have preferred pricing with several companies that are not available everywhere on the web, but can be yours by simply following our links.