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Ccw presentation richter

  1. 1. Choose Clean Water Conference June 3, 2014 Staunton, Virginia
  2. 2. Colorado River Hoover Dam All-American Canal and Colorado River Aqueduct Central Arizona Project Flaming Gorge and Glen Canyon Dams
  3. 3. Photo: Jonathan Waterman Colorado River Delta, Mexico
  4. 4. Who is experiencing water shortages, and where? What happens to people and other species when water shortages occur? Why do communities and countries run short of water? Is there some way to avoid shortages, or overcome them once afflicted? Chasing Water
  5. 5. Global Water Scarcity ~25% of water sources are heavily depleted Source: “Tapped Out: How Will Cities Secure Their Water Future? Richter and others, Water Policy Journal, 2013
  6. 6. Increasing Water Scarcity Low Moderate Significant Severe Minimal impacts Ecological impacts appear Impacts to ecosystem services appear Serious economic impacts Full natural availability 20% depletion of renewable annual supply Water all gone 50% depletion 80% depletion
  7. 7. Two Fundamental Problems • Governments are reluctant to set limits on water extraction
  8. 8. Source: US Geological Survey
  9. 9. Two Fundamental Problems • Governments are reluctant to set limits on water extraction • Remedies are directed at increasing supply rather than reducing demand
  10. 10. Six Ways to Fix a Water Shortage • Desalination • Water reuse • Water importation • Water storage • Watershed management • Water conservation Cost
  11. 11. We Live in a Water-Illiterate World Nearly 80% of Americans have no idea where their water comes from Far fewer know what a “watershed” or “aquifer” is Most water professionals do not understand the difference between “water withdrawal” and “consumptive use” (do you?) If we have any hope of empowering citizens to play a more active role in water planning and decision- making, we face a huge educational challenge
  12. 12. UVA video
  13. 13. Available from Island Press June 2014