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Suggesting social media contents for RAWROW

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Social media contents for RAWROW

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT FOR RAWROW Visual and Multimedia Design 1213362 Choi Sooyoung
  2. 2. INDEX 1. Introduction of RAWROW and Product Category ⑴ Brief introduction of RAWROW and product category ⑵ Overview of Facebook Marketing 2. Analysis of RAWROW’s Social Media Page ⑴ Overall observation ⑵ The best and the worst effective content ⑶ What are some good/bad examples? 3. Analysis of Two Competitor’s Social Media Page 1) Overall observation 2) The best and the worst effective content ⑴ Incase ⑵ Kangol 3) What are some good/bad examples? 4. SWOT & Insights ⑴ What similarities and/or difference did I observe when I compared RAWROW and its competitors? ⑵ What unexpected things did you observe? ⑶ SWOT analysis ⑷ In conclusion, what insights did I get? 5. Recommendation for RAWROW
  3. 3. 1. Introduction of RAWROW and Product Category ⑴ Brief introduction of RAWROW and product category RAWROW RAWROW, the domestic company deals with various kinds of bags. Even it has card-holders and accessories for backpacks. The price also varies from 10,000won to 150,000won. The products can be purchased in thirty-nine off-line stores, or on-line stores. It has only 3,090 likes although they always seek best quality. ⑵ Overview of Facebook Marketing RAWROW made a Facebook page in June 12th, 2011, and established the company in October 25th, 2011. To say, they made a Facebook page earlier than the foundation of the company. This means that, the RAWROW has interest in communication with consumers. It can be observed in their timeline. In the timeline of the page, consumers write thank you messages of the products. Also, they introduce their new item or information of the company’s trivial privacy information. On the other hand the company doesn’t AD on their timeline for this reason. They seek simpleness, Even their motto is ‘Less but better’. To them, the ad is ‘More’, so ads aren’t needed in their timeline. -1-
  4. 4. 2. Analysis of RAWROW’s Social Media Page ⑴ Overall observation General contents are the information of new item, or news of the company’s recent condition. It looks like consumers are mothers looking at her child’s growth. Also due to following the company’s belief that AD is not a necessary element, their time-line is relatively simple. ⑵ The best and the worst effective content Among the few contents, I pick a best/worst content based on ‘like’. The best content is out-door AD-cum-participation induced content. RAWROW install an out-door AD to a screen door in Hongik Univ. Station. Then, they updates the picture of the AD with additional explanation. -2-
  5. 5. This content has 94likes including me. Also, many people post their picture of the backpack on their shoul- derk in the out-door- AD to participate in this event. It is a very creative out-door AD, never looks like an AD as well as a completely interesting way to participate in the event. If so, what is the worst content in the page? The ‘How Can I Use?’ is the worst content in the page for the 23likes. In my personal opinion, it is also a good marketing content. However it has weakness that only the RAWROW users can participate. So it earned only 23likes despite 4winners were chosen. ⑶ The best and the worst effective content Above this, They effort to make close relationship with consumer. For example, Sometimes they post their consumers blog-posting to show their thanks. Like this RAWROW is the company that effort to communication their consumers and show their motto of the design of the backpack. -3-
  6. 6. 3. Analysis of Two Competitor’s Social Media Page 1) Overall observation I Choose two companies as competitor’s of the RAWROW. One is the brand Incase, and the other is Kangol. For an accurate comparison, I observe to Incase Korea, and Kangol Korea. Two companies have common postings of recruiting supporters. Also they update information of their products. Moreover, as a major company, they post famous stars who wear their products, and parties held by their company. 2) The best and the worst effective content ⑴ Incase -4-
  7. 7. Best content Despite it looking relatively common, the reward posted on the magazine ‘Spectrum’ makes a reason to par- ticipate this event. Consumer participating in the process of voting the best product is also interesting. Worst content Of course, these days Instagram is also new-media to engage consumers. However, it is not good content to promote in facebook page. Because people who use facebook and who clicked ‘like’ on the page are not heavy users of Incase. So they just satisfy by taking the news of Incase through only ‘facbook’. That is, promotion of Instagram can not be a good content. Because it has not adavantage for consumers. Exclude their heavy users who click ‘like’ on this content. ⑵ Kangol -5-
  8. 8. Best content It has the most ‘like’ content on their page. This is made by their supporters called Kangolers. To be truth, I can not understand that why it has 193likes. Because I can not find creativity or special characteristics on this content. However it deserves compliment to understand their consumer’s taste. The users of Kangol’s have much interest with fashion, culture, and especially indie music. So the Kangolers who make it for this reason want to promote Kangol to existing consumer’s friends through their new-speed. Anyway, this content success to earn awareness. Worst content As you see, it earned only 26likes. It is very few participation in comparison with their page’s like. The cover image of a facebook page is important for the brand’s image. However consumers are not loyal enough to participate in changing the image, despite of the hunting cap prize. -6-
  9. 9. 4. SWOT & Insights ⑴ What similarities and/or difference did I observe when I compared RAWROW and its competitors? Overall, the three companies have basic information of their items. However generally, the two companies, Incase and Kangol have similarities of contents. On the other hand RAWROW puts emphasis on personal relationship with consumers. ⑵ The best and the worst effective content Especially two things caught my attention. One is that, RAWROW is very close with their consumers compared with other companies. To tell the truth, I do not have expectation of intimate relationship with companies. I had prejudice that company always seeks only their benefit. However RAWROW has strong confidence on their product, and respects the consumers who have strong loyalty to their products. They avoid commercial marketing such as inducing just like their creed ‘Less but Better’. This can be their strongness and weakness at the same time. Because a company, particularly a private company, has to promote their company to sell the product. Also the action of marketing has no choice but to have a commercial characteristic. ⑶ SWOT analysis Strong Weakness - Very delicate design for our body - Has intimacy relationship with their consumers - Using the best ingredient for product - Sell the wax for coating products like backpacks and card holders - Using special materia, the more use product, the more formed one's style. - Low awareness - Do not AD - Not cheap price Opportunity Threat - Nearly uniquely backpack's specialty - Increased demand of backpacks for lab-top or I-pad - Recently has a collaboration with Hyundai motors. - Already unwavering backpack's market - Threat of copycat like DOHC - Long purchasing cycle of backpack -7-
  10. 10. ⑷ In conclusion, what insights did I get? Conclusion I decide to use endemic two point of RAWROW as aforesaid. First is the relationship with their consumers. Second is their creed that ‘Less but Better’, that means I produce AD not looked AD. 5. Recommendation for RAWROW Dear, RAWROW I’m Sooyoung who’s been in charge of your company’s marketing for a month. I researched your facebook page on your request, and additional research on two companies that occupy most part of the backpack market. As a result, I have some advice that you can apply to your business. The first thing I observed through your page is that, you have a very close relationship with your consumers. Its a very strong point in the large commercial market. So I use this strong point when I produce a new content to post on your page. However, the relationship you have already has its weakness. The relationship is only applied to people who purchase your products. The people who do not purchase your product are important potential consumers too. The company should keep in mind and complement this weakness. The second point is your creed, ‘Less but Better’. Your creed is short and right to the point, giving belief to your consumers. Also you have not done commercial activity till now. Starting essential commercial activiy will make your consumers interested with different content compared before. Of course, I promise that the content I make has not only commercial characteristic, but contains interesting marketing along with your management rule. Now, I suggest three contents that will be posted on your page, bringing various advantage(ex. potential consumer, high awareness etc). 로워야 로워야 헌집줄게, 새집다오 1. 자신의 가방과 소지품을 1. 자신의 가방과 소지품을 코멘트에 자랑해주세요. 코멘트에 자랑해주세요. 2. 소지품에 비해 가방이 너무 2. 소지품에 비해 가방이 너무 작다거나 본인과 어울리지 작다거나 본인과 어울리지 않을수록 좋아요 않을수록 좋아요 3. 그러한 가방은 RAWROW가 3. 그러한 가방은 RAWROW가 수거하고 새 가방을 드립니다 수거하고 새 가방을 드립니다 4. 수거한 가방은 가방구매가 4. 수거한 가방은 가방구매가 어려운 학생들에게 돌아갑니다 어려운 학생들에게 돌아갑니다 * 수거되는 가방은 좋은 의도로 쓰이기에 깨끗할수록 좋습니다. -8-
  11. 11. The First content is called “Give an Old House, Take a New House”. This content’s goal is a kind of social contribution, which can be only done by backpack’s specialty. The way to participate is simple. The consumer who purchased your product writes comments containing gender, job, and age with photos. They will take photos of their backpacks and the things inside them. Then, end! These are some examples. These images are very popular from teenagers to twenties, in other words, as well as SNS’s main users as RAWROW’s main target. And the participating consumer’s friends can look at the content, and can participate too. It is expected to have high participation rates than other content. Since it does not need any qualification to participation(ex. have to have RAWROW), and using photo comments is interesting to them. Most of all, now days people have desire of exhibitionism through Facebook. In other words, they like showing their own life through Facebook. And then, you choose several people who need a RAWROW product for their many belongings which have problem to take their own backpack. Next, The people who are chosen have to send their backpacks to RAWROW. After you receive their old backpacks, you send a RAWROW product to them. Now, the most important step is left. The backpack sent should be sent to children who can not buy for their economic state. Of course the condition of the backpack’s are good. This is the process I’m suggesting. Additionally you can make a secondary content with the process of sending the backpack, and the result using it. I can expect this content to bring two effects. First it can earn awareness through your acquainted consumers. Second, you can earn good-company image suitable to your creed with the distributions of backpack. The next content is “Holding cards through R”. People in their 20’s, who are potential consumers of RAW- ROW undergo many hard work like academic studying, search for employment, and activity for specs. Even be, coming careless to their friends, and family. If so, how about writing a card that cheers them up? Through ‘R Card Holders’ of RAWROW . -9-
  12. 12. R Card Holder와 함께하는 Cheering Card 힘들어하는 친구,연인,가족에게 응원의 코멘트를 달아주세요. RAWROW가 총 20분을 뽑아 R Card Holder와 함께 전해드립니다. 좋은 코멘트를 달아주신 분들께는 RAWROW의 제품을, 그 외에 댓글을 달아주신 분 중 20분에게는 응원의 메시지가 담긴 R Card Holder를 보내드립니다. People write cheerful comments to anyone like friends, partners, or even relatives. Some people ‘tag’ their friends to the content. It’s first advantage is that many people can look your content at your page, and can make them aware of RAWROW. Next, you can choose good comments based on numbers of like(about ten to twenty comments). Then, you write those comments in your own handwriting on the card which fit in the ‘R card holder’. Send the cards inserting in ‘R Card Holder’ to any people who write a comment on the content(To the people who write the good comments, send a ‘R card holder’ or other product). You can earn second advantage in this process. It can be shown as a ‘kind, and symbol of twenty’s company’ by cheering them. Also it matches your creed. By using only short comments, you can give cheers to people money can’t buy . The last content is “Self-waxing like a new bag”. You will have to post this content to your page. WAX For LEATHER RAWROW 매장 들리고 Self-Waxed 하자 오래 쓸수록 자신만의 스타일로 바뀌는 RAWROW의 비밀, 바로 Waxed leather 직접 체험하실 수 있게 Self-waxed Bar를 준비했습니다. 홍대 본점을 포함한 전국 30여개 매장에서 즐겨보세요. - 10 -
  13. 13. Consumers who look at this content can show two reactions. One is that they will be visitors to wax their product(including products not only RAWROW). The other is that they comment with tagging their friends or click like for potential visiting. Waxing products(especially leather) with an easy method can engage enough attention to consumers. The latter reaction can be viral to gain awareness of your company and waxing. If so, how about the former reaction? It looks like there’s no benefit through their visiting. However, this is the real reaction that we want. You can be satisfied with their reaction for two things. First, it you can give them something through few preparation. It doesn’t have a commercial characteristic and can be a foothold to close with original consumers and potential consumers. Second is that you can expect positive reaction by consumers and even to the media. To consumers, this has a reason to care about because waxed products are rare. So, if they post this in their facebook,, with tagging the place, it can be a chance to announce RAWROW, and the waxing process. It can give satisfaction to you and consumers both. Thank you for reading my suggestions, I can prepare them to fit your page’s condition and draw a distinction with other companies like Incase or Kangol. Please care to take a positive consideration, and call me when you have further questions or additional requirements. Thank you. - 11 -