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Digital Banking and Lending Solutions for Communities


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Starting today, you can lend online to consumers and businesses. You can reach more customers, and better qualify them. Increase your ROI by lowering your cost of lending more than 50% and increase your revenue per customer more than 25%.

Be where your customers are, when they want you. It’s a new day in banking. Digital lending is here.

That’s banking without walls.

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Digital Banking and Lending Solutions for Communities

  1. 1. Digital Solutions for Communities
  2. 2. Key Challenges Facing Community Banks  Laying the Foundation for Digital Lending
  3. 3. Customer engagement models mean “life or death” for banks. Non-banks offering “banking” products Share of wallet & new customer acquisition are more costly. We see 3 trends that are creating an imperative for banks to move to digital lending in 2017.
  4. 4. New channels to acquire and engage customers, result in more opportunity and competitive threats. Losses greater than 50% of all New Potential Members
  5. 5. Non-banks offer a range of “bank products”, including deposit, borrow and commercial financing options. Experts suggest non-bank lending will become aTrillion- Dollar industry by 2025.
  6. 6. Meanwhile, branch banking is the LEAST profitable method of customer engagement. Migrating Branch Activities to Self-Serve Channels is KEY to LongTerm Profitability. As the AverageCost of a BranchTransaction Skyrockets
  7. 7. Banks must migrate to self-serve channels and boost profitability, or face threats of closure, or amalgamation. Total Banks & Credit Unions 1985-2015 Small banks are under constant threat by their larger counterparts.
  8. 8. Communities suffer as banks move away from unprofitable market segments.
  9. 9. ChoiceBnq# makes community banking more profitable, customer-centric & secure.
  10. 10. Banking without Walls is Here.  Digital Lending by ChoiceBnq#
  11. 11. Apply EVERYWHERE Fulfill EVERY TIMEDecision EVERYONE Secure EVERYTHING Digital Lending Design for Community Banks
  12. 12. Apply Everywhere  3-step application process for consumers and businesses  Omni-channel out-of-the-box  Borrower alone, or account manager assisted  In-branch, at home, at the ATM or “on-the-go”  “No-barriers” applications; new or existing customers get the same “1- step” experience  Multi-product application support
  13. 13. Decision EVERYONE  Lenders can use the broadest set of criteria to make sure they support ALL desired customer types – 500+ underwriting variables fromTier 1 reporting agencies  Matching engine offers IMMEDIATE answer; – Approved; offer ready to accept – Pre-approved; with more information required – Declined; alternate offers if available  Insured products offer automated government paperwork creation (CSBFP and SBA)  Support for all major types of credit products; consumer, small business and commercial
  14. 14. Fulfill EVERYTIME  Direct account management through secure personal communication dashboard and private chat  Account management portfolios and dashboards  White label customer service option  Multiple product fulfillment methods and multi-tier approval workflows  Digital loan files
  15. 15. Secure EVERYTHING  SAAS application built on Microsoft Azure  128 bit encryption  True white-label SAAS solution  Token-based security  Audit-ready, compliance prepared  Digital underwriting management  Data integration to core banking systems  Centralized Reporting and Review Portal
  16. 16. The Result? Digital lending done right.  Engagement, profitability, success.
  17. 17. Immediately increase acquisition of customers and opportunity. Omni-channel engagement = 100% Member Opportunity
  18. 18. Lower cost of acquisition up to 80%, + standardize cost of lending = more profit, better IRR. Reduce Costs, Increase Net Income
  19. 19. Technology is a strategic enabler.  We get you into the market in weeks, not years.
  20. 20. - Temenos Technology investment (by banks) skyrocketed from fourth priority in 2014 to first priority in 2015. -Temenos
  21. 21. Our exclusive service model was designed to work with your existing processes, and get you online in weeks. FourWeeks to Launch
  22. 22. ThankYou Contact Us Twitter: @choicebnq