The 7 Sacraments Introduction


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The 7 Sacraments Introduction

  1. 1. The Seven SacramentsThe Seven Sacraments
  2. 2. SacramentsSacraments  The word sacramentThe word sacrament comes from the Latincomes from the Latin word “word “sacramentumsacramentum”” which meanswhich means a signa sign of the sacred.of the sacred.
  3. 3. SacramentsSacraments The sacraments are:The sacraments are: A.A. Ceremonies thatCeremonies that point to what ispoint to what is sacredsacred.. B. Sacraments areB. Sacraments are channels of grace.channels of grace. C. They communicateC. They communicate thethe gracegrace of God toof God to those who receivethose who receive them.them.
  4. 4. What is grace?What is grace?  A. The divine life thatA. The divine life that comes from God alone.comes from God alone.  B. God’s powerB. God’s power  C. God’s strengthC. God’s strength  D. Grace makes us holy.D. Grace makes us holy.  E. Grace help us followE. Grace help us follow God’s will in every dayGod’s will in every day  F. The very life of God.F. The very life of God.
  5. 5. SacramentsSacraments  Catholics, Orthodox,Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglicansand Anglicans traditions practice alltraditions practice all sevenseven sacraments.sacraments.  Most other ChristianMost other Christian denominations onlydenominations only celebratecelebrate baptism andbaptism and communion.communion.
  6. 6. CatechismCatechism ““The sacraments areThe sacraments are efficacious signs ofefficacious signs of grace,grace, instituted byinstituted by ChristChrist and entrustedand entrusted to the Church, byto the Church, by whichwhich divine lifedivine life isis dispensed to us.”dispensed to us.”
  7. 7. Did you Know?Did you Know? Efficacious : meansEfficacious : means effectiveeffective, something, something that produces an effect.that produces an effect. It also meansIt also means something that is efficientsomething that is efficient (productive(productive) and successful.) and successful. The sacraments effect what they signify.The sacraments effect what they signify.
  8. 8. SacramentsSacraments The are seven SacramentsThe are seven Sacraments divided in three categories.divided in three categories. These categories are:These categories are: Initiation, Healing, Mission andInitiation, Healing, Mission and Service.Service. The sacraments of initiation—The sacraments of initiation— BaptismBaptism,, ConfirmationConfirmation, and, and Holy CommunionHoly Communion.. are the three primary are the three primary  sacramentssacraments on which the rest on which the rest of our life as a Christianof our life as a Christian depends.depends.
  9. 9. SacramentsSacramentsSacraments ofSacraments of Healing:Healing:  4. Reconciliation or Penace4. Reconciliation or Penace  5. Sacrament of the sick5. Sacrament of the sick The sacraments of healing areThe sacraments of healing are sacraments that are meant tosacraments that are meant to bring healing andbring healing and forgiveness to those who areforgiveness to those who are in pain. These sacramentsin pain. These sacraments are given hand in hand withare given hand in hand with the sacrament of anointingthe sacrament of anointing and sacrament ofand sacrament of reconciliation.reconciliation.
  10. 10. SacramentsSacraments Sacraments ofSacraments of Mission:Mission:  6. Matrimony6. Matrimony  7. Holy Orders7. Holy Orders Holy Orders and Matrimony,Holy Orders and Matrimony, are directed towards theare directed towards the salvation of others; if theysalvation of others; if they contribute as well to personalcontribute as well to personal salvation, it is throughsalvation, it is through service to others that they doservice to others that they do so. They confer a particularso. They confer a particular mission in the Church andmission in the Church and serve to build up the Peopleserve to build up the People of God.of God.
  11. 11. What is a sacramental mind?What is a sacramental mind?  A. The mind that isA. The mind that is able to sense God’sable to sense God’s presence through ourpresence through our daily experiences.daily experiences.  B. The mind that isB. The mind that is able to experienceable to experience God despite the busyGod despite the busy schedule of ordinaryschedule of ordinary
  12. 12. Examples of God’s presence in theExamples of God’s presence in the worldworld  Our ExperiencesOur Experiences  Family, FriendsFamily, Friends  Nature, CreationNature, Creation  The love of othersThe love of others  Good peopleGood people Justice, TruthJustice, Truth SacramentsSacraments
  13. 13. Catholics and the sacramentsCatholics and the sacraments  Catholics areCatholics are Sacramental people.Sacramental people.  The Catholic mind recognizesThe Catholic mind recognizes that God isthat God is at work in humanity and all of Creationat work in humanity and all of Creation..  Catholics believeCatholics believe that God reaches out tothat God reaches out to us every every day.  Catholics believe that the life of graceCatholics believe that the life of grace begins in baptism and continuesbegins in baptism and continues throughout our lives.throughout our lives.
  14. 14. A sacramental mindA sacramental mind Catholics believe the sacraments areCatholics believe the sacraments are channels of God’s grace.channels of God’s grace. GraceGrace helps us live the Christian life andhelps us live the Christian life and be faithful followers of Christ in this faithful followers of Christ in this world. Catholics believe thatCatholics believe that conversionconversion andand participationparticipation in the sacraments arein the sacraments are important steps in the process of spiritualimportant steps in the process of spiritual growth and holiness.growth and holiness.
  15. 15. A sacramental mindA sacramental mind Catholics are linked to the sacraments.Catholics are linked to the sacraments. From birth to deathFrom birth to death the sacraments markthe sacraments mark the lives of the Christian.the lives of the Christian. Jesus left us the sacramentsJesus left us the sacraments so that weso that we can be strengthened in our journey tocan be strengthened in our journey to eternal life.eternal life. Catholics believe that without prayer,Catholics believe that without prayer, conversion and the sacramentsconversion and the sacraments the call tothe call to HolinessHoliness is impossible.
  16. 16. Sacramental lifeSacramental life A sacramental life isA sacramental life is a good life marked bya good life marked by love, conversion, and service to God andlove, conversion, and service to God and one’s fellow men and womenone’s fellow men and women.. The sacraments make us one with GodThe sacraments make us one with God andand help us understand and follow hishelp us understand and follow his plan of salvation.plan of salvation. The sacraments make us whole.The sacraments make us whole.