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Social media presentation/Chloe Fiorese


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Social media presentation/Chloe Fiorese

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Chloé Fiorese
  2. 2. Shocasing your blog Final posts: 10 Total comments and views: 14 comments and 319 pageviews The days I had most comments and views was on the weekend My post about the case study was the one which got the most views, I think because it was an interesting subject, and not everybody knew this company.
  3. 3. Video& Blog  Video : - Hard to speak in front of the camera alone, without doing mistakes and closing my eyes - It takes me around 2 hours (text and video) - Views: 13 people watched my video - I will practice again and again to smile more and to be less stress Blog:I will not keep this blog because It takes to time and I don’t have ideas for now. But in the future I will can use it when I will be graduate from a major and I will look for a job
  4. 4. Facebook I didn’t learn a lot about facebook but my perceptions changed about it’s professional side: a good way to be in contact with customers and potential ones, to build loyalty It’s an effective tool because in this social media there are around 800 millions users so a lot of people to catch Analytics (in my real account)Friends: 653 / Brands Pages & Groups followed: 28
  5. 5. Twitter I learn how to use it efficiency for a company and to use the chat. I will continue to use it, it’s a good tool to stay inform about what we are interesting in I follow : - ABC: to have news about all around the world - IDRAC (my school): to know what happened, its evolution - Appstore: To know the new apps Strenght: easy and fast sharing information Weakness: too much information in the same time
  6. 6. LinkedIn I didn’t use use LinkedIn before but I use a similar social media called Viadeo so I just learn about the groups that we can join. My perceptions doesn’t change, I still think it’s a very good tool to be connect with people in the professional world and with the brands in using groups Groups: - Danone: I’ve done an Internship here and it’s a big group - ERAI: about the companies in my area in France to help me to find internships/jobsI will continue to follow them there are interesting and useful
  7. 7. Closingthougts Other tool: Instagram is a good tool to share pictures and can be used by companies (ex: Ben & Jerry’s asks their consumers to post pictures of them eating their products) Take away: Social Media is not free, but it’s a very effective and tool for companies today. In my future I will use them in the company I will work or advise to do it. I will know what social medias will be the best adapted for her. I will use for sure Facebook, to be connect with people, to share with them information, picture, games etc. to create loyalty, incentive. I will be on Twitter too Even if I’m not post tweet on it to know what is saying about us I will not use a blog, I prefer to do a website and use the others social media sites, more attractive
  8. 8. Thankyou for your attention and for this Social Media class!!