PowerPoint For Red Letter Days


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this Is A PowerPoint To Try And Sell some Underwater Experances .

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PowerPoint For Red Letter Days

  1. 1. !!Use The Links To Navigate Your Way Round!! To Start Off click On a Pic you Like The Look Of !!
  2. 2. Submarine Trip This submarine Trip can give you the excitement your life needs . You can do it with friends , yourself or with children . This has a good price tag to it and we can guarantee that you will enjoy yourself to the MAX. If you seek adrenaline. this is the activity for you! Also, this trip gives the best sensation of being under water and to be able to see all of the nature there is there to see , and also this can give you the feeling of being able to breathe under water.
  3. 3. Scuba Diving If you love to be close to animals underwater and you are a good swimmer, then this is the experience for you. We can offer you the experience of a life time by giving you the chance to go under water with all of the fish there are to see. Included in this is package is the price of your instructor if you haven't done this before. you will be given all of the info you need to make the best of this experience !
  4. 4. Swimming With Sharks Swimming with sharks in a cage can be dangerous, but on the other hand, you can get the adrenaline kick your life needs or that you seek. You can do this by getting up and get close and personal with the sharks and although your body is telling you that you are, scared it can be so much fun !!
  5. 5. Warning :  You will undertake these activities at your own risk. In the rear event of an incident accruing we will not be liable for what has happened or the damage costs .  Thank You For Co-operating With Us  If you have any problems with this or you have a complaint of any sort please contact us on : 0800 998 8999
  6. 6. Review Of Submarine Trip :  This is a review from Nicole Worley who has done the submarine trip and this is what she had to say “ I absolutely loved it, and I wish that I could stay under the sea for longer I think this because it was a weird feeling on being under the sea level and it gives you a weird sensation and this is a good thing and it doesn't matter if you are scared because I was scared and now I want to do it again and again it is a bit like a roller coaster :D”
  7. 7. Review Of Scuba Diving :  We have spoken to some one that came along with us and went scuba diving and her name is Paige Burnett and this is what she had to say “I think that this was the best thing that I have ever done in my life at first I could swim but I wasn’t a strong swimmer and now I have done this it has made me confident in and out of the water this has also helped me become closer to the animals and since this I have been more confident around animals as where before I was not confident at all” :D
  8. 8. Review On Swimming With Sharks :  We have spoken to Chloe Lush and she has gone swimming with the sharks and this is what the thinks of it “ I defiantly think that I would recommend this to friends because it will be a fun thing to do together and that you do get a bit scared but you are in a cage and you are safe , but on the other hand I did go on my own and that can be a bit scary so I think that if you are going to go that you should go with friends so they are there for support.
  9. 9. Prices :  Submarine Trip = £900 pp  Scuba Diving = £400 pp  Swimming With Sharks = £1000 pp   We hope that you are keen no these prices  and that at the moment we have special offers on so check them out  ! We are also non nagotionable !
  10. 10.  Special Offers   If you have ever done and experience with us you will get the next 2 Half price !!  The submarine trip has now got 50% off !!  The Scuba diving – I there is more than one of you pay full price and the rest of the people get it half price !  The
  11. 11. “Pay Point”  Please Enter Your Details Below : Name : Surname : Address : Post Code : Credit Card Number : Name As Stated On Card : Sort Code : Bank : Contact Number : Home number :
  12. 12. For Participating With Red Letter  Thank You Thank You  Days,  And I hope That We Will See You Soon For The Experience Of A Life Time !!