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Recipe card ideas

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Recipe card ideas

  1. 1. Initial Ideas and FeedbackRachel Kent
  2. 2. Idea 1• Theme: Valentines Day.• Colour scheme: Brown and pink to tie in with the colours of the foods andalso represent love and valentines day.• Fonts: - Title font- Normal text font• Audience: couples spending valentines day together or adult/teen malestrying to impress their partners.
  3. 3. Idea 2• Theme: Italian• Colour scheme: Green, white and red to match the colours of the Italian flag.• Fonts: - text fonts- Title font• Audience: people interested in Italian food or wanting to try new things.• Print finishing – Varnish.
  4. 4. Idea 3• Theme: Christmas.• Colour scheme: Red and green• Fonts: - Title font.- Main text font.• Audience: Families or children and their parents.
  5. 5. Idea 4• Theme: Main Meals• Colour scheme: Red and yellow/orange.• Fonts: - Title font.- Main text font.• Audience: Vegetarian families or couples.
  6. 6. Idea 5• Theme: Children’s food and parties• Colour scheme: Red, blue and cream.• Fonts: - Normal Text font.- Title font.• Audience: Parents cooking for their children’s party or childrenwanting to help out.
  7. 7. Idea 6• Theme: Chocolate• Colour scheme: Brown, pink and cream/white• Fonts: - Normal Text font.- Title font.• Audience: Children or teenage girls